CSS { is-really: cool; }

Eric Meyer has a thoughtful post on the fact that many designers give up on CSS because it is too difficult. Interesting note.

I found it the complete opposite. For years I had been constructing nested-table-and-spacer-gif nightmares (herby called NTSG). Sure NTSG worked, but the nightmare part when it was time to tear the layouts apart and build anew. CSS allows you to create a basic, human-readable HTML structure and apply rules to the elements. Simple. I think it may be easier for those with any programming background to ease into CSS as well. It’s like “object-oriented styling”. Ok, enough preaching — and I’m certainly over simplifying. There have been plenty of times I wished to drive a hammer through the monitor because of a CSS quirk. But there are far more important matters going on in the world right now anyhow.