Faster Company

At last. Following the lead of sites like Wired
and ESPN, we ( web team) have redesigned
and relaunched the Fast Company web site today using
web standards. This time, the site runs on valid, tableless
XHTML for markup, and
CSS for 100% of its presentation and layout. I was fortunate to be able to co-design much of the interface, with Art Director
Daigo Fujiwara and it was nice to really exploit the features
of CSS throughout.

Some things to note:

  • The page size has been cut in half over the previous, nested table layout.
  • The entire site’s color pallete can be changed instantly each month to coordinate with the current
    issue’s magazine cover (something we were doing subltly before with images)
  • Accessibility for devices such as phones, PDAs, speech browsers, etc. has been greatly
  • Over 70 issues
    of magazine content were cleaned up and validated. Perhaps 20% of the site still needs
    work, of which we’ll clean up over the coming months.

I’m pointing this stuff out not to toot our own horn, but to back up standards-based markup
with some real facts. I’ll certainly be sharing more findings as they come in (and yes, I’m
expecting many users to be upset — especially those still using version 4.x browsers).

Shout outs are in order for those whose previous efforts and public tutorials have helped the direction of the
new site: Douglas Bowman (Wired),
Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer
and Mark Pilgrim (accessibility).