Bubblegum Altoids? (or… A Post Containing No Acronymns)

I’ve just thought of a great new Altoids flavor: bubblegum. Not mint, but bubblegum as in the kind that used to come with baseball cards — but it wouldn’t be chewing gum. It’d be an Altoid.

I’m not sure what “curiously strong” bubblegum flavor would be like, and more importantly what is bubblegum flavor? Why is it pink? It’s not fruity or minty or chocolaty. It has its own unique taste. And this taste would compliment an Altoid very well, I believe. I should also point out that the Wintergreen flavor that Altoids already markets has a hint of bubblegum flavor in it. Hence the idea.


  1. nunyerbiz says:

    There are certain soft drinks (soda) that have exactly the bubble-gum flavor, usually called “champagne” flavor. Typically Spanish brands like Goya. And they (the soda and the bubble gum) taste very similar to a kind of small mango called champagne mangoes (when they’re very ripe).

  2. Twink says:

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