A Garden Apart

In an effort to help the CSS Zen Garden grow, I’ve submitted my own theme, and Dave Shea has kindly accepted and posted it. It was fun working on this — mostly because the structure was already there. You only need create your own CSS file.

While I didn’t set out to create it in an A List Apart style, it did turn out that way. Perhaps the stroked fonts…

Anyhow, I was inspired to contribute to the garden — it’s already a great resource to point people, and hopefully it continues to grow.

On a related note, there’s an interesting post regarding XBL and the Zen Garden over at Dave Hyatt’s blog. Dave even demonstrates in plain English a simple example using XBL and CSS. Looks interesting, although only supported by Mozilla. I’m still a fan of XSLT because it is more standardized — but realize its limitations.

Part of the comments to this post talk about the extra span tags throughout the Zen Garden’s XHTML. They are there so that the multitude of designers that work on it can have the utmost flexibility. Sure they’re not necessary — in fact I didn’t use many of them. But that’s not the point of the excercise.