An Update (finally)

Lots of work = very few posts. I’ve been working on some cool stuff, some of which will be public sometime next week. Hopefully regular posts will resume soon.

Some random items:

Hats off to Doug Bowman on his redesign of Adaptive Path. Another fantastic example of great design coupled with web standard, structured markup and CSS. Be sure to read Doug’s comments on the new design. Great work — and I especially love the tab-esque navigation, something that Doug came up with privately, months before I posted my CSS Mini Tabs example last month. Great minds think alike? That might be giving me too much credit.

Octodog: The FrankFurter Converter. A device that turns an ordinary hot dog into an octupus. Incredibly genius. I can only hope to invent such a thing someday. Imagine the cocktail party smalltalk response to “What do you do?”:

Well, I sell Octodogs — a device I invented that turns an ordinary hot dog into an octopus. A fun, simple, safer way to eat hot dogs.

Safer? That’s the part that kills me. How is a hot dog safer when it takes on the form of an octopus? (thanks to kevin for the link)

Brandon wrote in and convinced me that there is something to the “dry heat” thing. We just emerged from a sweltering 94+ degrees per day heat wave here in the Northeast US that was certainly more uncomfortable than the 110 degree weather we endured in Arizona. The difference? Well, the humidity. I guess it’s true, as I don’t even remember sweating in AZ, despite the insane temperatures — or at least it evaporated immediately. For great photos of Arizona, check out Brandon’s great collection.

Oh, and there’s now a “green” theme over there in the right column. Yay.