Netscape No More

As reported just about everywhere today, AOL has killed Netscape, canning most but shelling out $2 Million for the newly formed Mozilla Foundation that will allow development on Mozilla to continue. Phew. I suppose it’s not surprising, but still feels strange. Netscape leaves such a legacy.

So now what happens? IE/Win and Safari move on of course. Mozilla continues on, which means my favorite browser (Camino) will move on. Opera is still around. All fine and dandy, but it’ll be interesting to see what eventually happens to the browser in general.

One Comment

  1. Set says:

    Hah. They didn’t kill it. I’m still using Netscape. It’s my favorite browser. (Mozilla Firefox is second).
    Now they released Netscape 8.0, but I din’t like it much still using 7.2.
    Never heard of camino browser before (till today).