An Opera Reprise

Update: Thanks to a comment from “Mash” over at Stopdesign (thanks!), I’ve fixed the navigation problem in Opera7. He/She recommended hiding the float: left; left rule that is used on a:link elements in the #nav. This worked like a charm. I used Mark Pilgrim’s *7 hack that hides CSS from Opera7. The downside to this hack is that it also hides from other browsers — most importantly IE5.0/Win. So I then used a combination of the *7 and Box Model Hack to essentially let IE5/Win see float: left;, override with the Box Model Hack to float: none; then as a separate rule that is hidden from Opera7:

html*#nav a:link, html*#nav a:visited { /* hidden from Opera7 */
float: left;

Whew. So in the end it shows float: left; for IE5.0/Win, turns it off for everything else (with the BMH) and finally turns it back on for everything but Opera7 and IE5.0. It sounds more complicated that it looks — take a look at /css/inc.css to see it all in action.

I believe this solves the problem the best way, and should properly render the navigation in Opera7 now. It’s sitting about 2 pixels higher than it should, but is fortunately completely usable.

I should also clarify that I do care how a site looks in every browser as we all should. I was merely frustrated with this one small problem that Opera7 was causing. The rest of the site worked perfectly fine. So, thanks again to Mash (whoever you are).