Hello It’s Todd

I like Todd Rundgren — especially his 70s masterpiece, Something/Anything?. Fantastic pop gems that always seem to get overlooked. What’s interesting is that he is also a diehard techie, as discussed in an article in today’s Boston Globe. He’s right on in saying:

“It’s time for the labels to go, in the sense the way they’ve done business is based on a commodified model, and they’ve no experience in a service model — which is what the Internet is. Only someone like J.Lo needs the labels, because she can’t go out and build an audience from scratch with the quality of her singing. The future for real musicians is, was, and always will be performing.”

He’s right on the money in that only people like J.Lo (will eventually) need record labels. As soon as this whole digital copyright issue is improved, I expect we’ll see a lot more artists — well known artists taking their distribution to the web and saying adios to the labels. Maybe. What do I know…