Smart Bookmarks

I’m sure someone has already been thinking about this. I’m too lazy to use an RSS reader on a regular basis. I love the idea of RSS and feeds — but I want it to be easier.

I need the sidebar from NetNewsWire, built-in to Camino or Safari or Mozilla. Having a browser that has support for RSS built right in would be incredibly convienent. I imagine “Smart Bookmarks” for weblogs and news sites that display a number next to the bookmark’s title signifying an unread post or story.

Maybe I’m too lazy, but XML feed aggregator support in the browser would be a feature I would certainly pay money for.

Update: Well it seems I was right — someone (many) have already though of this :). Thanks to all that have sent in pointers to various Mozilla extensions and sidebar apps that already exist. There’s also a few things in the works that sound interesting as well. Here’s a list of what’s been sent in. Many are courtesy of John Beimler:

This is why I love the web.

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  1. Jon Gales says:

    If you’re on OS X, just use the services menu to “subscribe in NetNewsWire”. Very handy.