Sort of Unplugged

Click to view larger photoI’m on vacation this week and have just returned from a few days in Nantucket. Already, I’m missing the island lifestyle. We had an excellent time biking, kayaking, swimming, eating and drinking courtesy of my parents who were staying on the island for the week. I thought nothing of web design while I was there and it’s always good for the mind to take a break.
Now that I’m back though, I’m starting to think about things I’d like to write more about — here and elsewhere. I enjoy providing little tidbits that could potentially be of value to others, but I’d also like to tackle something a bit larger regarding the FC and Inc. redesigns. It can certainly wait till after vacation though…


  1. Are you interested in a partner in any new projects?

  2. Isopixel says:

    Forgets Internet and everything web design.
    It enjoys those vacations…
    And sorry my poor english :)

  3. andrea says:

    when I see the photo i remember that over one year ago that I make hollidays