Bananaphone and New Sidebars

A few days ago I brought a banana with me to work and subsequently forgot that it was in my bag. Later, when I rediscovered it on the way home, I had a funny thought. What if I pretended to talk into the banana like I was on a cell phone while walking through the train station. A real conversation — and something possibly a bit louder than normal, like:

“Yeah… The McDougal file is all sorts of messed up. Smitty from accounting entered some bogus numbers on the DL5 forms… Right… We’re screwed! Listen, I gotta go, I’m about to get on the train…. Right… see you tomorrow.

The key is to make it a legimate conversation without cracking a smile. I didn’t actually try it, of course. I guess you’d have to be there.

New Sidebars

You may have noticed the new color sidebars. Thought I’d add some definition over there. If you liked the minimalism of the old-school sidebar — don’t worry. The third icon under “Switch Theme” will bring you back.

I’m still working out some final kinks, but for the most part things should be normal. I’ve found that longish pre statements cause the sidebar’s background to get stuck in IE6/Win. Longish pre statements seem to cause other problems in general. Maybe I should avoid longish pre statements.

Get ready for the next quiz question, coming soon.