Just Curious


  1. Andrew says:

    Analogue… any particular reason?

  2. Sue Crocker says:

    One of each.

  3. Two analogue…

  4. MikeyC says:

    Digital. Timex with the DataLink feature. You can transfer phone numbers and update the time from your PC. You hold the watch up to the monitor (it has a light sensor) and the monitor sends the data in flickering pulses of light. The instruction booklet warns of possible epileptic seisures! It sounds cool and all, but in the 2 years I’ve had the watch, I’ve used the feature not more than a handful of times as it’s just easier to enter information manually. Btw: I am not not “watch gizmo” fanatic or anything as I got it as a gift.

  5. DaveE says:

    Don’t wear one. My cell phone’s “screen saver” is setup to display an analog clock, but I suppose the time piece itself would still be considered digital.

  6. p says:

    no watch for me. i have my cell phone’s clock or the one on my ibook.

  7. rick says:

    I have no watch, but if I was to get one it would be digital.

  8. Adam says:

    they don’t make analogue phones … so my ‘pocket watch’ is digital

  9. d says:

    no watch – used to wear an analogue until it stopped a year or two ago.

  10. David says:

    Digital. Congratulations on such a random question :)

  11. sergio says:

    Analog. One of Swatch’s “skin” ones. Like it a lot.

  12. Luke Redpath says:

    Wristwatch? What’s a wristwatch? ;)

  13. James says:

    Digital watch on cellphone, and when i wear a wristwatch, I get one that has both a digital and an analog. I like the looks of analog, and the easier reading of the digital.

  14. Micah says:

    Digital; but not on the wrist, it’s kept in the right front pocket. It is a cheapo made-in-China plastic watch that I picked up for two dollars from a street vendor on my trip through San Jose, Costa Rica. It sets itself back to noon about once a week.

  15. Scrivs says:

    Analog, because looking classy is always key.

  16. Egor Kloos says:

    I alternate between four different wristwatches, one is digital and three are analogue. And I’m still always late. Never mind having an alarm clock, a clock on my cellphone, microwave, video player and my computer. Somehow I never seem to have any time at all.
    And why is it when I’m not wearing my wristwatch people all of a sudden come up to me and ask me for the time? Maybe it is because that only then do I look like someone who has all the time in the world.

  17. Dave S. says:

    No watch, I’m always five steps away from a damn screen it seems. But if I did, it’d be analogue…

  18. Goran says:

    Analogue. Doesn’t even show seconds…..

  19. Conan says:

    Analogue. With seconds and everything! :)

  20. quis? says:

    Analogue on wrist, cheapo digital cunningly attatched onto my pushbike because the analogue one is too heavy and rattles all over when I ride my bike.

  21. Shaun Inman says:

    Digital, if an iPod counts as a wrist watch. But like Dave I’m always a quarter rotation of my task chair away from a screen anyways.
    It’s funny because I was thinking about this question the other day. More often than not when you ask someone the time, instead of rolling up their sleeve and glancing at their wrist their response is to reach into a pocket or purse and dig out some sort of personal information manager, be it a cell phone, PDA or iPod. The wrist watch seems to be going the way of the sun dial and hour glass.

  22. Shaun Inman says:

    Is this going to be on the SimpleQuiz or are you just filling time before the bell rings and everyone gets to their seats? ;D

  23. tomjleeds says:

    Digital. I always tended to have Analogue ones but I thought I’d try something different. Generally I only buy a new watch when my current one breaks, and my £30 vibrating Casio hasn’t broken for the past three years. I wonder how long it’ll go on…

  24. Digital, although I do own an analog one, but I hardly ever wear it.

  25. 2 Analog, 1 Digital. The digital (a Casio G-Shock) is more rugged. It is used at times when I can completely forget about fashion and only care that my watch won’t get destroyed. The digital is typically displayed while biking or hiking. The analog watches are for more everyday use.

  26. vlad says:

    analog. fossil. i rarely wear it, but when i do, it looks better than a digital =]

  27. buyot says:

    analog. got it after my high school graduation. dropped it, sat on it, threw it on a wall, and it still works after 5 years.

  28. kazi says:

    no watch, ask people for time!

  29. Mike says:

    Both. Timex analog with a digital inset, with timer and all that other crap noone uses.

  30. Dan says:

    Digital (with a polished metal bezel)

  31. alex says:

    Analog, both of them.

  32. jazer says:

    I used to wear a Timex watch with both analog arms and a digital face, but the band gives me a rash, so I gave it up for my cell phone and computer watches.
    So, digital.

  33. Digital, and dirt cheap too.

  34. Fazal Majid says:

    An IWC chronograph, 100% mechanical and analog.

  35. simon says:

    I use my mobile instead instead of a watch.

  36. Jason says:

    Analog for everyday, digital for running. Something about analog is just romantic in a Renaissance man sort of way.

  37. analogue of course. at least it has a certain amount of craftsmanship involved…

  38. Malic says:

    Don’t wear one. I came to feel that always wanting to be conscious all of the time is an anxiety promoting thing to do. But just to be a hypocrite, I do take a look at my cell phone when I need to – that takes more than just “raising your wrist”
    Gee, remembering Douglas Adams, eh?

  39. Sharif says:

    An old Fossil analog…but I’m definitely lusting after one of these.

  40. Analog. I think they’re classier, although I have seen some extremely nice digital wrist watches lately.

  41. Dan says:

    Swiss analog. The first 6 watches I had were all digital, but then I noticed people with analog watches could read them much faster, and from all sorts of crazy angles. Through my own experience I’ve found it interesting how an analog display allows me to deal with time in a more cyclic fashion — a less precise unit-based way.

  42. Red Wolf says:

    They’re all analogue — I like analogue watches, lots of analogue watches. Currently favouring the Certina, its metal bars across the face make it me-proof, but I have a lust for Art Deco pocket watches and the loveliness of TokyoFlash‘s fine array of shiny goodness. Last time I had a digital was in highschool and I found that using it made me forget how to read analogue clocks, so I gave digital watches the boot

  43. Jason says:

    Analog all the way. A Swatch chrono at that.

  44. Ben de Groot says:

    Analogue – a gift from my mother, and I like it’s style.

  45. César says:

    Analog, both of them. I find it much easier. The cellphone (which doubles as alarm clock, but not as pocketwatch), is both: analog screensaver, digital when in use).

  46. I look around me, and there’s a clock EVERYWHERE — on my G4, on my PC, on my G3, on the radio, amp, TV, kitchen, microwave, two in my car, on my mobile (cell) phone, in my bedroom, etc etc. Do I really need another one on my wrist??? No way! FWIW, they’re all digital except for the one in my car’s dashboard and the one in the kitchen.

  47. nando says:

    Digital. With big numbers.
    But right now I’m looking for an analog one – with big numbers too.
    No tech-related reason, it’s just because I felt the new wave of the analog wristwatch is more beautiful. I mean, those with big numbers. ;)

  48. M.Kelley says:

    No watch….I have enough around me, from cell phones and pagers to one on my pc and work phone.

  49. Matt says:

    I am the anti-watch. No watch for me. BTW tabbing out of this comment box it would make sense to go to the “Preview” or “Post” button instead of your header graphic.

  50. Rowen says:

    One analogue, and one digital which I am able to read :) But I also have a proliferation of clocks about the place. Which brings me back to that old aphorism, “A man with one watch knows the time, a man with 2 is never sure”. I assume it is also applicable to women, but I have long since learned to never assume… :)

  51. michael says:

    Analog. A sorta cheap Timex. But it does the job. And actually, I’m not sure where it is at the moment. Hmm.

  52. Lea says:

    Don’t have a watch. Whenever I did, I’d fidget with my wrists and ruin the bands. I use my cell phone as my Timex. :)

  53. dr.u says:

    Analog x 3. No digital. I like watches as they can be an extension of one’s self even when dressed for a corporate boardroom. Tokyo Bay makes a very fun watch. Kenneth Cole makes a very nice watch. And of course the pimp daddy of all watches, including Bond.

  54. redjade says:

    i use my mobile/cell phone for the time of day
    so… digital & frequently synched to UTC time, so there.

  55. Travholt says:

    Analog — because it looks more classy. I’ve had digital before, and I read digital times faster, but when I needed a new watch some years back I knew exactly what I wanted; a watch to go well both with casual and formal wear, and a digital watch just doesn’t cut it.

  56. I have to say that I don’t wear a watch for the reasons listed below and above. I usually consult my pda or cellphone. But I plan on getting one soon and it will definitely be analog.

  57. pixelkitty says:

    analog, of course. digital always looks so tacky to me.

  58. Sunny says:

    Analog. Scrivs is right..gotta look classy.

  59. Kristian says:

    Analog. I’ve got a clock fetish something fierce, and I only accept analog. Time doesn’t feel quite so precise with analog, it’s more open to interpretation…

  60. pUnk says:

    Digital – Timex Ironman… but this is what I really want.

  61. tm says:

    Analog. I prefer the classics, but I’m sometimes confused for a moment when I try to read it. When somebody else asks me for the time I tend to crack under the pressure.

  62. corin says:

    I use my phone

  63. Stephane says:

    I always wear analog, until they break :-(
    You might not believe me but they stop working on me after a while, they’re ok in my drawer though… I must be too magnetic ;-)

  64. Danny says:

    No watch. I did have a digital (generic plastic with alarm/stopwatch) but when my wife’s broke she had mine.

  65. Martagnan says:

    Analogue – tells the correct time in whatever country i’m in, accurate to within a minute or so (depending on how well i adjust it). It also works when i’m underwater – as long as I take it off and leave it on the side. :)

  66. ronin says:

    I use my phone too. I find using a computer whilst wearing a watch uncomfortable. But I do have a nice looking digital.

  67. Jess says:

    Analogue, but I don’t wear it. I use my mobile phone or the computer to keep track of time.

  68. john says:

    Analog. A Rolex Oyster Perpetual from 1984. Other than some lense scratches, still going strong.

  69. Egor Kloos says:

    That’s funny Ronin, well kind of, I take off my wristwatch when working at my computer. Not always, but very often nonetheless. I too find it uncomfortable somehow.

  70. jC says:

    pocket watch : analog

  71. Aaron says:

    analog wrist watch

  72. All are analog, have 2 working right now – 1 work and 1 hiking, 2 others temporarily out of commission. Next watch will be a higher quality self winding version so I don’t need so many.

  73. Gavin Laking says:

    Don’t normally wear a watch, but when I do it’s analog- and showy (my going-out watch). Tend to rely on the clock in the bottom corner of my screen. Or the slow moving hands of the wall clock.

  74. Mike Rhodes says:

    Mine does both. But I mainly use the analog display…

  75. terence says:

    a seiko analogue, a nokia phone, an iPaq PDA.

  76. Salted Wound says:

    Analog of course.

  77. Chris Shieh says:


  78. supercrisis says:

    Both. Analog hands, digital seconds.

  79. Gilles C says:

    Digital for the precision,
    Analog for the look :-)
    So it’s Digital at work… and Analog in the week-end.

  80. web says:

    In order to consolidate electronics, my watch is my cell phone. And its digital, although a snazzy looking analog cellphone face may be a kool cellphoen feature, and maybe not.

  81. juanpol says:

    digital… :)

  82. BacMan says:

    1 analog bulova and 1 analog fossil. I don’t like digital watches. They look cheap.

  83. Panagiotis says:


  84. Patricia says:

    Digital. I like analog but they always freeze on me and have to be demagnetized. Too much magnetism ;-)

  85. Analog. I like the way it feels on my wrist and the classic aesthetic of it.

  86. Goynang says:

    Analogue – winds up just by wearing it. Also happens to be the best looking watch money can buy IMHO. Simple and clean. Digital watches are horrible!

  87. steve says:


  88. josh says:

    2 Analog. 1 auto-winding Kinetic, because it’s cool to look inside from the back. :) Plus it’s interesting to note neither watch has numbers, just tic marks for the hours. I like them for the “classic aesthetic” mentioned before, as well as the usability aspect of being able to glance at it without “reading it” and know the time.

  89. Emperor Zelnox says:

    Mine is analog.

  90. Gary F says:

    Analogue – One kinetik, 2 plain vanilla.

  91. alan taylor says:

    No wristwatch, haven’t worn one in decades. I carry an analog pocket watch as a keychain, but rarely use it. I now have a serious desire for this office-toy from Brookstone – a digital – analog clock, pins are physically pushed in/out to make up digital numbers.

  92. Ken Schafer says:

    Analog, but I’ve taken to using the (digital) clock on my cell phone and leaving my watch at home. Simplify, simplify…

  93. Analog. And it’s rectangular, not square, which makes it hard to read the minutes between 0, 15, 30 and 45.

  94. Keith Mc says:

    One watch that displays both analog and digital. The main face is analog but there’s a digital shutter behind it which opens on the press of a button and displays the digital time.

  95. Keith Mc says:

    In regards to my previous post, here’s the watch I own.

  96. nick says:


  97. Zaaba says:

    Both! The main face is analog but it’s got a small digital display for dates, a small phonebook, world time ect. Neat little thing.

  98. Bob says:

    It’s a calculator watch, of course it’s digital!!

  99. Benjamin says:

    I have an analogue watch that has no battery so I dont wear it
    but my mobile has a clock

  100. Wicked says:

    Check this Pimp Daddy of all watches!

  101. Ryan C. says:

    Watches? You mean, people still wear those? :)
    My cell phone is my constant time-keeping companion.. I’m lost without it!

  102. TOOLman says:

    Analog and digital (small digital inset showing date, timer, alarm, or alternate timezone; always set to show the date; I keep forgetting what day it is :).).

  103. Citizen K says:

    Analogue. Even worse, one of those things you need to charge manually every morning… But I suppose that as a Swiss I need to keep up with our flokways and traditions, or something like that, since apparently we live in symbiosis with watches…

  104. droo5ki says:

    Analogue, Omega Seamaster GMT. Automatic movement, date display.

  105. Lea de Groot says:

    Ummm… the one with the broken pin and dead battery in the drawer is analogue.
    Havent worn a watch in, oh, at least 3 years.
    Watches? We dont need no steenking watches! :)

  106. ollie says:

    Analog, and so is my blog!

  107. hofo says:

    Watch? Most of the time I don’t wear one because either I’ve got the time all around me – on the laptop, desktop, phone, pda, car dashboard – or I just don’t care.

  108. Abhi says:

    I wear an anolog+digi watch – Timex Expedition with dual time.
    The ana+digi part is synced up to Indian Standard Time (i live in India) while the second time is set up to EST.

  109. the girl says:


  110. Analog. If I were to wear a digital, it would HAVE to be a calculator watch.

  111. Paul says:

    Analogue, it looks more elegant IMO.

  112. KuraFire says:

    Geez that’s a lot of comments in 2 days! :D
    Analog here, btw…

  113. I. G. says:

    Analog mechanical (Nomos Glashütte). I hate silicon chips and batteries.

  114. Will says:

    Both. Digital for around the house and a fancy analog when I am out and about.
    BTW, cool site.

  115. ACJ says:

    I have various watches (which are all analogue, I think), but I do not wear them… nor does my cellular phone have time display.
    The question “what time is it?” is one that rizes to me less frequently than “does time exist, and if so, how?”, but that’s me.

  116. Chris Owens says:

    1 brand-new, all singing, all dancing digital watch and 1 non-working Analogue.

  117. Jeremy Flint says:

    Analog. Fossil Aluminum. Doesn’t even have a date on it. just the time.

  118. Analogue. I’m number dyslexic (can’t distinguish between various combinations without lots of concentration) so basically rely completely on the hand positioning to tell the time.

  119. Tobias says:

    I have a nice analog wristwatch lying around somewere, but I have not used it for ages.
    Recently I bought an old pocket watch – very analog! But this also tends to stay at home…

  120. Tony says:

    I smashed my wristwatch months ago breakdancing. Never bothered to get a new one.

  121. Karen says:

    Digital. I never could read an analog watch, so I end up buying the same cheap digital watch everytime the battery runs out. I have been wearing the same model since I was 10.

  122. Brian D says:

    I have 4 watches. A storm Invada (battery analog), an accurist (mechanical analog), and 2 Klaus-Kobec (both battery analog with date). I can’t abide digital watches, probably because there was a rash of them appearing in my youth – all plastic-y with fiddly buttons and an oh-so-useful backlight that was only visible in absolute darkness – evil things.
    I would like to get a mechanical pocket watch – very elegant.

  123. Tim says:

    Analog. My parents bought it for me 28 years ago and my father still services it for me every few years.

  124. Gambit says:

    One digital, one analoge. I like digital but hands down analog speaks more for style.