Found via a discussion about blogrolls and favorites over at mezzoblue, I’ve just started playing with — a browser-based blogroll/favorites organizer. After only a day, I’m hooked.

I just couldn’t get myself into a routine using an RSS aggregator, instead idiotically refreshing my favorite weblogs throughout the day. What a waste of time. With, it’s easy to set up a list of your favorite weblogs, ordered by how recent they’ve been updated. It becomes a portal of sorts — the first place to check before reading your favorite sites. It feels more natural to organize this stuff right in a browser, and I much prefer to read posts in their actual environment anyhow.

Also found on the same mezzoblue discussion — a link to Phil Ringnalda’s brilliant bookmarklet that’ll search for the current page that you’re on. Then you’re just one click away from adding to your favorites list as you browse.

Oh, and you can pick up your list via a variety of different ways (RSS, OPML, JavaScript). Pretty neat. I realize I’m probably way late to the game.


  1. Keith says: is great. For example, I just got an IM that told me you’d posted this. Pretty handy if you ask me.

  2. KuraFire says:

    I’ve started using since yesterday as well, and just now I got reminded by the Blogsbot over AIM (great feature that is) that SimpleBits updated. I’ve instantly put all my favorite RSS feeds there – ALA, SimpleBits, Mezzoblue, Zeldman, Meyerweb, StopDesign, etc. :)
    Dan, your site’s been of great use to me so far and I reckon it’ll stay that way, and is letting me know exactly when you’ve added something new again. Three cheers for! :)
    I’ve already recommended it to some friends of mine who are also interested in XHTML/CSS/Standards designing. ^_^

  3. vlad says:

    ya i use also. what’s the difference between and blogrolling, though? i haven’t tried the latter, wondering if anyone’s tried both.

  4. I like … not sure what the major differences are, in terms of features.

  5. Matt says:

    Joe, bloglines just reformats people’s RSS feeds into a default design and you read a bunch of blogs on a single page, or in a single view. is simpler, just a list of your favorites, sorted by last update. The great part is when you make a sidebar on your browser and can fly through blogs, just bam, bam, bam, one by one, and they’re in their fully designed glory. It doesn’t sound impressive, but give it a try, it’s a great feature.

  6. Micah says:

    I haven’t used, but like Joe I’ve been using Bloglines for the past week. Very neat, framed interface with weblogs in a tree structure and the ability to group them in folders, arrange them, sort them by name, read all of the new posts in a folder at once… it has cut down on the time I need to check “the usuals”.

  7. huphtur says:

    the sidebar xhtml for could use a little make over. its kinda bloated with tags.

  8. KuraFire says:

    To add to Matt’s comment: also lets you be notified of any updates in your Favorites list via AIM, ICQ or Yahoo Instant Messaging, and share your Blog-Favorites publicly so that you (and others) can access the Updates List of your favorites blogs via any RSS utility.
    I have the RSS feed of my Favorites Updates in my Trillian Pro. Works great, and it works in any RSS-capable program / browser / etc.
    Just goes to show that is not just simpler, it’s also more powerful. :)

  9. quis says:

    I use the RSS Reader Panel for Firebird and it seems to me to be the best of both worlds. It display a list of the feeds to which I’m subscribed, with icons to indicate which have been updated. One can then click on a feed, see the most recent entries and reading them is just like using bookmarks, you click and the page comes up in the browser.

  10. Sam Newman says: offers a Mozilla/Firebird sidebar which does much the same thing. The advantage of this is that your favorites are stored centrally at rather than on your local machine – very handy when reading both at work and the office. My only complaint with is that you can’t bulk-add entries.

  11. Ben says: is great, I have been using it for some months now. WordPress (the blog software I use for my new blog) has a great feature that imports my blogroll and checks for updates. So I have my blogroll on the side on codematters with update times in tooltips for the sites that have been updated within the last 12 hours.

  12. I am also slowly drawing myself away from FeedDemon’s. :-) I just think people designed their blogs for a reason, and reading their news on their site’s just seems polite. However, RSS does have it’s place in Headline Sharing, or whatever.

  13. Christian says:

    I use IntraVnews which is a free plugin for MS Outlook. It works great and makes keeping up with my blogs just another part of reading my email.

  14. James Paden says:

    I’ve created Bot A Blog which is a very similar service to The main difference is that Bot A Blog will actually download and parse RSS feeds while simply relies on Weblogs (and others) recently updated lists. Bot A Blog is currently in beta mode and I’d appreciate any comments and suggestions from anyone.