Mexican Beer

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I’ve found a new favorite Mexican beer. Pacifico is certainly a better alternative to Corona, with, well… an actual flavor.

The few times I’ve had it have been in Mexican restaraunts, although I have spotted it at the liquor store (or “package store” — a term I still don’t fully understand) recently.

It’s a pilsner style beer, with a nice bite and champagne-like qualities. I’m having one now! Actually no, I’m not. But I’m sure I will soon enough — and any time I need to put out the fire of a habañero, or while fiddling with markup.

What’s your favorite beer?


  1. Dave S. says:

    My favorites are local, naturally, which always causes problems when I’m away from home. The only truly ‘portable’ beer I’ve found is Guiness. I suppose I’ll take Sam Adams in a pinch, but it’s no Sleeman or OK Springs or Shaftesbury or…

  2. Chris says:

    Has to be an icy cold Becks beer during the summer and Guinness or an english ale during the winter.

  3. myshpa says:

    pilsner urquell & budweiser budvar [not that american sewage BUD, the cZech one :]
    irish beers (although sometimes quite sweet) & corona are also good enough

  4. myshpa says:

    pilsner urquell & budweiser budvar [not that american sewage BUD, the cZech one :]
    irish beers (although sometimes quite sweet) & corona are also good enough

  5. Matt says:

    For mexican food, my personal fave is Negro Modelo, a rich full-bodied flavor. You’ll never touch Corona again.

  6. Neil says:

    You are correct about Pacifico, which is very, very good. Another great Mexican beer, though, is Negra Modelo. Trust me. If you like Pacifico, you’ll love Negra Modelo.
    By the way, does anybody actually consider Corona Mexican?

  7. Chris Clark says:

    You can’t beat a pint of Guinness, but I’m occasionally quite partial to Little Creatures’ Pale Ale (a local boutique brew), depending on the mood.

  8. what?! says:


  9. jazer says:

    Absolutely, Negra Modelo is great.
    But I’m from Wisconsin, and here in Madison we have no shortage of great local brews — anything from New Glarus (their Spotted Cow in particular), Great Dane, or Capital is pretty much a sure bet. Again, when I’m out of town, I’m out of luck.

  10. Paul says:

    When I can get it, I love to drink McNeil’s Brewery‘s Firehouse Ale. It comes out of a brew-pub in Brattleboro, VT–so their beers aren’t distributed very well. But it makes my night when I happen upon a bar that stocks it.
    When all else fails: Sam Adams, Harpoon, the occasional Red Stripe.

  11. p says:

    i dig micro brew stuff from vancouver (i.e. local beer). okanagan springs 1516 is my fav, but i don’t think it’s available anywhere but british columbia unfortunately.

  12. Kristian says:

    Hop Devil Ale is probably my favorite. I’m a sucker for IPAs and this is by far my favorite, with the distant second place going to Magic Hat’s Blind Faith. If you’re drinking to get drunk, the Dog Fish Head’s 90 Minute IPA is good, too.
    As for stouts — I’m not a huge fan of Guinness, honestly. I mean, it’s a solid beer and the only stout most people will ever drink, but it’s certainly not the best there is. My two favorites among stouts are Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and Lancaster Milk Stout.
    Finally, there’s always Arrogant Bastard, which is virtually impossible for me to find local but when I do it’s like Christmas.

  13. Paul G says:

    It’s always a lovely day for a Guinness, and I’m glad to see that Pilsner Urquell has a following, as those are probably my two favorite beers. Another good mexican beer is Dos Equis Dark, which any self-respecting mexican restaurant should have on tap (it’s really not worth drinking from the bottle). Other favorites are: Heineken, Newcastle (when I want a sweet beer), and Yuengling, which is generally cheap and surprisingly tasty for a domestic.
    Also, if you feel like watering down your Guinness with lesser fare, a Black Velvet can be quite nice. Basically the same as a Black and Tan, except that you float the Guinness on top of a hard cider instead of Bass.

  14. Web says:

    I really like a darker beer, rather than a light “hoppy” one.
    A few of my “standard” favorites that you can get pretty much anywhere. are Guinness, Sam Adams (usually seasonal), New Castle and Bass
    Other “undescovered” by the majority of beer drinkers (but should be investigated if your located in the northeast) are Smunny Nose’s Old Brown Dog, DogFish Head’sRaison D’Etre (or any offerings really), and Harpoon’s Winter Warmer are key right now.
    Shameless Plug: Did you know Guinness is Good for you

  15. Travholt says:

    Ice cold Newcastle. Yum!

  16. Mike says:

    Like Dave S, the local stuff is good, and though I’m not there right now, the ‘local’ is the same – Vancouver!
    ‘Ugly Boy Ale’ – Fringe Cafe(?) Broadway, house brew.
    Otherwise, Newcastle’s real nice!

  17. Elias says:

    I like Guinness, Carlsberg and Super Bock Stout :p

  18. Vuarnet says:

    pacifico is a great beer… Corona suck. A pain that you cannot prove Indian, Victory, Negra Modelo, darks and very good beers.
    Una Caguama!!! I like it too much ;)
    “This is a really pleasant and smooth beer to the pleasure. It has but body that the famous coronita, but continues being of paladar smooth. The well-known presentation as “caguama” (900cl) is most popular in his pais of origin (Mexico). It really allows you to savor it without haste (and without pause), and without fear “

  19. I’d have to say that I like many of the ones mentioned. But the absolute fav in the household is Newcastle. A close second is Dos Equis Dark.

  20. Chris M. says:

    New Castle and San Miguel are my favorites. Some friends love Heineken, and I used to like it a lot, but not as much as I used to. In fact, I think I prefer Heineken Dark to the normal one. Other friends prefer Sam Adams.
    Pacifico and Negro Modelo are great beers as well.

  21. Zubin says:

    Hoegaarden Original White with a slice of lemon. Dogfish Head’s Raison D’Etre.

  22. bbr says:

    jay-z drinks heinekin! how much you think they paid him to do that commercial. bling bling.
    my faves are newcastle and bass but since i’m a cheap bastard you’ll usually see me slamming buttwiper or pabst.

  23. Sunil says:

    Tupper’s Hop Pocket Ale, Newcastle Brown and Anchor Steam. But I keep my fridge stocked with Yuengling Lager, simply the best beer for the money.

  24. Keith says:

    Pacifico is a great beer, I happen to be drinking one right now — don’t worry I’m on vacation so it’s ok. It’s my favorite of the Mexican beers, although I do like Tecate as well.
    My favorite beer is Guinness, but like others have mentioned we have quite a few great local beers is Seattle.

  25. Steven says:

    I’m with most of the crowd here on the Mexican beers: Negra Modelo is the good stuff. If you like that, but prefer a lighter (thought not “light”) beer, the Modelo Especial is good also. Otherwise, my favorite beers are Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada Stout (which I greatly prefer to Guiness). For cheap(er) beer, I like Shiner Bock.

  26. Mike says:

    Hoegaarden with lime is definitely up there for me. Living in the UK, it’s hard to find other Mexican beers, but you can’t beat a Corona with lime on occasion. Usually when Hoegaarden and Lemon isn’t available…
    I think I’m going to have to go and find some Pacifico though, with its great reviews here!

  27. Paul says:

    Ah! How could I forget Yuengling? It’s one of my favorites when I’m home in New Jersey, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in Boston.

  28. Faruk Ates says:

    OMG! How come Desperado has not been mentioned yet?
    I’d say if you don’t like Corona for being a bit too bitterish, Desperado is the solution.
    Personally, I always go for Heineken and Grolsch, but when I’m at a friends’ place we usually drink Corona.
    Palm, a belgian brown beer, is also bliss, but that won’t do well with mexican food and all, granted…

  29. Göran says:

    Mariestad or Falcon Bayersk

  30. Steven says:

    I didn’t know Web Developers drink!?

  31. matte says:

    Caffrey’s when it’s available, which is NEVER nowadays. PLEASE COME BACK CAFFREY’S!!! ahem.
    Love Pacifico too. Tetley’s when it’s available. I’ll slum it with Boddington’s but I think Boddington’s is to Ale what Miller Lite is to beer. Water. It’s better than nothing though.
    And then there’s always Beck’s and Sam Adams.

  32. Bj says:

    Can’t go past a Victoria Bitter or a Melbourne Bitter.
    But then for that genuine Aussie beer flavour there’s nothing quite like a Cascade or a Boags

  33. jezdez says:

    I like Köstritzer Schwarzbier, which is a dark, heavy-taste beer from my hometown in Germany. >
    It should also be available in the US, so you maby give it a try.

  34. Jonathan says:

    Redhook Blonde

  35. Max says:

    BJ, I was waiting for someone to mention at least one sort of Australia beer, but to put VB at the top of your list is just wrong.
    For the unitiated VB is the cheapest beer in Australia. Actually, scratch that XXXX is the cheapest beer in Australia and VB comes in a close second.
    I do have to agree though that Cascade and James Boags are two of the best in Australia. My personal favorite though, as far as Aussie beers are concerned, is Coopers. Nothing beats a Coopers Pale Ale (on tap) on a hot summer day.

  36. vlad says:

    i’m not yet 21, so officially it’s vanilla coke for me =]

  37. Stephane says:

    As someone already said, Sleeman’s beer are good but when I really want to enjoy a beer it’s either a McAuslan Cream Ale (Smooth Ale in the US) or a Boddington (almost a cream ale).

  38. Martin Miles says:

    Amen Max. Coopers Pale Ale it is. Coopers Sparkling Ale is also sweet. Cloudy sediment, top fermentation, no additives or preservatives…mmmm

  39. Mark Worwood says:

    Hoegaarden White. Well worth a trip to your local Belgian-themed bar.

  40. ACJ says:

    I can’t stand the taste or smell of beer. This has been the case since beer got me alcohol poisoning when I was 15 years young. Although my dislike of it has decreased over the years (at least the smell doesn’t make me barf nowdays), I think I’ll be sticking to the ‘heavier’ stuff for a looong time.
    I particulary enjoy single malt Scotches (Glenfiddich, Oban, Bushmill, etc).

  41. jonah says:

    As Mexican beers go, I’m a pretty big Bohemia fan, and it comes in a cool bottle

  42. deutschman says:

    the only real beer comes from germany. i even go with the czech beer. all the american/mexican so called beer are only flavoured water…

  43. sergio says:

    Yeah, Pacífico is very good. It may sound dumb, but it’s at its best in Mazatlán (where they make it). Bohemia, Indio and Montejo are also very good. If you’re also into Tequila you should try Don Julio or Corralejo. They’re great.

  44. Benjamin says:

    my favorite beers are
    stella artois
    and carlton draft which is actually a very good yet suprisingly cheap beer

  45. Scott says:

    I’m partial to several tasty brews including, anything from New Belgium Brewing, Sierra Nevada, and Boulevard.

  46. Clayton Scott says:

    ChurchKey Northumberland Ale
    I love it.

  47. msgre says:

    Radegast (czech beer)

  48. Tore says:

    Belgian beer is by far the most diverse and intense tasting beer in the world. Sure kills thirst like a cool pilsner on a warm day – but they all taste the same more or less.
    For a really unique tasting experience I’d go for either a Rochefort 10 or a Duvel

  49. Web says:

    I love beer, but my true vice is Jagermeister. It hugs you from the inside giving you a nice warm feeling all night.

  50. Chris Clark says:

    Always available would be Guiness. But The Stouts and Porters from the local brewery are quite good, and would be our usual.

  51. jeff says:

    i think my favorite beer might be the seasonal Harpoon Winter Warmer. The slight hints of cinnamon and nutmeg (I think that’s what it is) make it a winter delight. Other than that, I’ve been known to enjoy Red Hook and Sierra Nevada.

  52. Strandoo says:

    Here in the eastern part of England (East Anglia), you can’t get much better than Adnams. All are ‘real’ (cask-conditioned) ales and the Bitter is pure lip-smacking hoppy goodness!
    But I’m originally from San Francisco, so I must mention that for much of my adult life a pint of Anchor Liberty Ale or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was never far away. As for lagers, the aforementioned “real” Budwiser, Budvar, is certainly one of the finest.

  53. Ed says:

    Always been a Guinness fan. Far and away by favorite beer. Beamish is another good stout. If I’m not drinking stout, I usually opt for Sierra Nevada, as many other commenters do. And for Mexican beers, Jonah hit it right on the head — Bohemia is just fantastic. Very full-bodied for a Mexican beer.

  54. I. G. says:

    I hate beer.

  55. dusoft says:

    I like either the Czech ones (Plzensky Prazdroj or Pilsner Urquel if you want it in English, then Smadny mnich – Slovak dark beer with rather sweety flavour and also Gubernias Kvietinis, Lithuania Beer.

  56. Jason Mevius says:

    I spent a few weeks in Guadalajara, and Pacifico is a good one.

  57. dusoft says:

    Yeah, and I forgot to mention that from all the beers I tried in the States, none was really a beer. Each so called US beer is just watery shit. So forget about them, drink really good original beers (from Europe)

  58. Scott says:

    Dave S., surprises me to see that someone out in BC enjoys Sleeman, although it’s brewed out here in Guelph, Ontario.
    My favourites depend on where I am. I enjoy Rickards Red or Sleeman Cream Ale at home, Guiness out at a pub, or Bud out at a bar where I’m looking to get a lot for my money and throw back quickly.
    Stay away from Molson Canadian.

  59. My personal pick is Franzikaner. Erdinger is a very good second choice also. Don’t choose kristal klaar variants. Go for the darker ones (dünkel/weiβbrau).

  60. supercrisis says:

    Fave small-brew: Boddington’s
    Fave big-brew: A Marca Bavaria

  61. Chris M. says:

    Ah, how could I ever forget Bohemia? Apparently I did.

  62. Benjy says:

    I got Puerto Vallarta every year for 2 weeks of vacation (leaving on Sat!) and all those years I typically drank Corona. Maybe a Negra Modelo with dinner.
    But last year, my friend and I met a couple cute Mexican girls who scoffed at us ordering Coronas and told us that Mexicans drink Pacifico. So we tried it and it is a much, much better beer. I’m sold! Now I’ll have to stock the fridge of our condo with a case of Pacifico upon arrival. Hope it’s the same $7/case the Corona is…

  63. Killian’s Red. Contact me for an address to send a case to.

  64. My favorite Beer is Beer.

  65. Heath says:

    I swing back and forth between Harpoon IPA and Red Hook ESB. The Red Hook is prolly my fave. As far as Mexican beers go, I like Dos Equiis, but mostly because in college, I thought it meant “two horses.” By the by, my Australian friends tell me that Foster’s isn’t Australian for “beer.” It’s Australian for “crap.”

  66. Mark Boszko says:

    If I have to pick a beer, then it’s Guinness or Murphy’s Stout, but if it’s fizzy alcoholic beverage you’re after, I’ll go for Woodchuck Amber cider or Dark & Dry 66.7% of the time.

  67. Mark Boszko says:

    Whups– forgot Widmer Hefeweizen with a wedge of lemon. That’s… I dunno. Some percentage in there.

  68. Dan says:

    Wow, some really excellent suggestions going here. Lance, I may just take you up on that.
    Some of my favorites (some of them mentioned already): Tucher Hefeweizen, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Red Stripe, Beck’s (summertime) — but probably the best beer I’ve ever tasted has to be Allagash Tripel Reserve (Tripel, not Triple). It’s an amazing Belgian-style beer brewed in Maine, complete with champagne cork top and high alcohol content. Highly recommended.

  69. VICCAR says:

    Negra Modelo and Bohemia are greats. Corona, good, but I recomend Montejo from Yucatán.

  70. brian says:

    Kokanee for those BC residents. Sam Adams is a safe bet with good distribution, Arrogant Bastard for when you need to get “funked up”, and Fat Tire Amber when its available. So many beers, so little time!

  71. Dave S. says:

    Oh, Dan…. Sierra Nevada? (hangs head) The first SN I ever had was the last.
    I’ll try and get a case of Okanagan Springs down to Austin with me in March. You’ll have to move to Canada afterward. ;)

  72. tlack says:

    40oz of O.E.

  73. Tom Clancy says:

    Just wanted to agree on the Pacifico thing– I first tried it at a Mexican restaurant in Vermont and have been hooked since. Hard to go wrong with beer. It’s the good ones I find while travelling that I can’t get at home that bother me: Point, Pyramid, some white wine-ish beer I found in Montreal . . .

  74. Tom Clancy says:

    Oh, and be careful to get the right “flavor” of O.E.– this has a very sweet taste, but leaves such a hangover.

  75. Bronwen says:

    Mmmm… I love Belgian beer. My fave is an ale called “Gulden Draak”.

  76. mikebikemike says:

    Near beer, but not too close.

  77. Bj says:

    VB is far from the cheapest on the market, and is a great drop! Far better than that cat’s piss XXXX or anything wearing the Tooheys label, but i do tend to agree with you Max that it really shouldn’t be the prime choice of beer when there are some excellent Aussie beers out there. But you can’t beat a cold VB straight out of the fridge on a hot summers day (which is what it’s like at the moment!) Matter of fact i want one now…
    And Heath has hit the nail right on the head in regards to Foster’s… god i think i’m going to throw up now just thinking of it!

  78. MICHELE says:

    Boddingtons! Yum.

    I quite like REAL Irish Guiness too. You know it’s made with German hops in Ireland and in the US it’s made with Canadian hops. Nothing against Canadian hops, but Irish Guiness goes down so smooth!

  79. Chimay, Erdinger or Guiness. And of course the local Super Bock :-)

  80. patrick says:

    let’s see…
    there’s negra modelo, red stripe, murphy’s irish red and my ultimate favorite, fat tire, brewed out of colorado, usa.
    there’s also a winter lager sam adams that is only released during the holidays which i really like. i don’t normally like sam adams, but the winter brew is excellent.

  81. monkeyinabox says:

    Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter.

  82. kirkaracha says:

    I like Fuller’s London Pride and ESB in addition to some of the yummy choices mentioned. And a michelada is an excellent, tasty addition to Mexican beer.

  83. dday says:

    Staropramen…It’s a czech beer, very similar to Pilsner Urquell, but in my humble opinion, less bitter. Excellent, but hard to find.

  84. Bill says:

    On my last, and only, trip to Ireland I found a new love for Guiness – it really does taste better there. However, my favorite beer is Smithwicks (pronounced without the ‘w’). You can’t get Smithwicks in the US (though you can in Canada). In some places Smithwicks is sold as Kilkenny (according to the probably unofficial Guiness FAQ).
    Sadly I live 8 hours drive from the Canadian border so Smithwicks is a rare treat indeed for me.

  85. manu says:

    Champagne-like ? You’re talking about a beer, right ? Oh well… :)
    French Boomerang beer is quite nice. You should try it if you find some.

  86. Dan,
    If you like Pacifico, try Sol. I prefer it. Anchor Steam is decent as well.

  87. davelo says:

    Yes, I agree with you.
    As Mexican beers go, I’m a pretty big Bohemia fan, and it comes in a cool bottle

  88. Tom Poston says:

    Best beer ever: a now-defunct microbrew just off the town square in Gettysburg PA. Six styles, each of them so amazing I feel incredibly sad that the town and tourists preferred a snazzier place with inferior product to a hole in the wall with unmatched quality.
    Favourite commercial beer (draft): Belhaven Scottish ale
    Favourite commercial beer (bottle): Bass (but open to suggestions for superior bottles in the same style)

  89. Jason says:

    My favorites are Guinness and Fosters. Both full-bodied beers that pack a wallop.

  90. Daniel says:

    I’m so positively surprised at how many people drink Negro Modelo. I’ve got a full six and half of another waiting for me at home. I tried Corona a few times, but it’s no better than (barely as good as) Budweiser, which is passable at best. I also didn’t care much for Tecate. Foster’s is okay, Guiness is better, and Guiness Extra Stout is better yet. I’ve only had the chance to have one or two microbrews locally (Cincinnati), but go with darker, bolder-flavored varieties.

  91. Adrian says:

    Red Stripe from Jamaica and Guiness, especially when in Ireland.

  92. Chubu says:

    Here (in Argentina) people drink mostly local beers (being Quilmes the most famous outside the country). They’re mostly Lager beers (about 5% alcohol).
    My favourite in that subject is Quilmes, but the best i’ve ever tryed, besides some local breweries specialities, is Chimay Blue, a belgian one with an awesome taste.

  93. So much beer, so little time. I’d just like to offer up my favorite beer label.
    (The beer was good too. As was the choucroute garnie that was the occasion for drinking said beer.)

  94. D. says:

    Hi from the far Italy!
    i’m new in web design, but i’m an expert in drinkin’beer’mood!!
    I prefer german beer like Swartzbeer or Weissbeer. I don’t love so much ale or mexican things. Hear me, try Italian “Peroni Gran Riserva”!
    excellent website, congratulations!

  95. jake says:

    what beer is most like budwiser in mexico

  96. Don Schwarzenbach says:

    I agree–Pacifico is the best Mexican Beer I have ever tasted. Had it last night at a local restaurant. Had a light flavor with NO aftertaste, and it went better with lime than a Corona. A must drink!!

  97. Cachito says:

    Modelo Negra (a grammatical mismatch) is my fave, but I buy Corona because Modelo is not available in 12 packs!

  98. k says:

    does anyone know where to get Coopers Pale Ale in either New Jersey or North Carolina?
    i just got back from OZ and loved coopers!

  99. tony rank says:

    A guy i play chess with on-line who lives in Australia says no one there drinks Fosters – they just send it to us.
    Pacifico, founded by German immigrants in Mexico in 1900 is my favorite beer, Negra Modello is second, New Belgium Brewery and Sierra Nevada Ale tie for third.
    Beer is high in silicon, and its good for you so drink up.

  100. Jeff says:

    I really need to buy a couple of cases, or more, of Superior beer. I have been unable to find it anywhere, but it was the beer that my dad, and future mom, drank when he proposed. Christmas is here and he said he has not had one since that day. ANY HELP?

  101. Milky says:

    Hi I was just wondering if there’s anyone who knows where I can purchase Dos Equis (pref. special) in Melbourne other than at a resturant/bar.