An Old Stove

An old stove

When I say to someone, we bought a new house, what I really mean is that we bought an old house. Case in point: the stove.

This thing is ancient — but it’s so old, that the style is almost hip in a way. I love the typography on it. Typography? Wait a minute… a stove is much more about function than form. I should care about how it performs — the heat it produces, cooking time, etc.

An old stove

The stove works just fine, and I remember the realtor saying that it was made so long ago that it’ll probably last another 50 years. Manufactured at a time perhaps before planned obsolescence.

I’m sure we’ll replace it someday, but for now it’s a matter of convincing ourselves that it’s just fine.

Anyhow, warm wishes for a Happy Holiday Season from SimpleBits. I will be sipping eggnog while priming, painting and spackling my way to a New Year.


  1. Wow, you’re right, the typography is awesome! I love the type under the knobs, how cool! :)
    Anyways, happy holidays to you, and best of luck fixing up the “old” house. :)

  2. sox says:

    I really like that stove, but then again I love just about any household appliances from that era. Something about their color and size (and weight!) appeals to me. I have my grandmother’s 90-yr old Singer sewing machine that I lug around wherever I moved to. I consider it a piece of cast iron art that justifies the saying “they don’t make’em like that anymore”.

  3. Anthony Brien says:

    This is a test comment.

  4. Troy Enke says:

    My wife and I just bought a house built in the 40′s. We too have a pre-Disco era stove in our place. And we too will be priming, painting and spackling our way into the new year. Hope yours goes well!

  5. Chris says:

    That is one clean stove!

  6. Ed says:

    Ahh, the joys of home ownership. :} I’ve got home projects to do over the holidays, too.
    I personally can’t wait for the day the wife and I can afford a refurbished stove from the 30′s – the big freestanding units on legs with lots of nickel-plating? Totally sweet.
    Take care!

  7. MikeyC says:

    Hang on to that stove for as long as it’s in working order! Appliances today suck so hard you’ll regret getting rid of it the day the pilot light in your new stove dies a day after the warranty expires and the replacement part costs you $150. The same goes with washing machines. The old ones were work horses that lasted for decades, now they crap-out just after a few years.

  8. Ryan C. says:

    The typgraphy was the first thing that caught my eye — beautiful! My current place of residence actually came complete with it’s very own (strikingly similar) oven.. unfortunately we had to replace it because of some serious electrical problems it had.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  9. John says:

    That stove is in amazing condition for its age. (Just how old is it exactly?) I have one anicent stove in my apartment and it looks like a truck hit it in comparison. ;)

  10. mBoszko says:

    Awesome font! I look forward to the day my wife and I can spackle our way through the holidays.
    Congratulations on the house, and Happy Holidays!

  11. jerry says:

    Sometimes old stuffs are better than new ones.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  12. Dean says:

    Nice old stove…I have always liked the quality of light the range hood casts at night on our old stove:
    My Old Stove
    Unfortunatly the old oven is a bit dodgy and we have a new fangled one waiting to be installed…

  13. Gambit says:

    Rad… I love old kitchen appliances. I went to a house the other day that had one of those 1960’s fridges. It didn’t work but it was so cool to see. Happy holodays.

  14. Interesting post indeed. When we moved into our house two years ago, there was a vintage Frigidaire oven/stovetop combo in there. It was in perfect working order and very cool. Had side by side oven bays that had a clear glass door which opened by rotating up like a gull wing door. The stovetop sits under the even, cleverly hidden until you pull it out into view.
    We redesigned the kitchen and moved the stove out into the garage for safe keeping. One day, I’ll get around to putting it on eBay.

  15. Mr O says:

    i want just that stove :D

  16. Barbydahl says:

    We just purchased an old house with an Old Stove, Frigidaire, Made only by General Motors. My first thought was get rid of that thing! But it has double ovens, a deep fryer built into one burner lots of chrome and everything works. It is in the 1940 area. About as old as I am! Do you want this one too Mr. O?

  17. Margie says:

    I am trying to locate some info on the value of a stove which sounds a lot like the one you have. The one we have is model RT6025420417 and is a “pale mint” color. Have you had any luck in determining the worth of your stove and if so, who did you contact? Thanks.

  18. Cindy says:

    Does anyone have any good ideas where I can purchase replacement parts, coils, fuses, etc., for old stoves. Probably not antique, 1960 maybe. Only one burner works and only on high. The oven works tho. Found out from someone elses message here that mine might have a built in deep fryer except there is a hole at the bottom…??? Direction would be very appreciated. Thought I would sell it but if I can get coils, etc., and it works as well as the one burner already does, it’s probably going to last longer the new ones!