Faux Columns at A List Apart

In response to the most frequently asked question that I receive here, I’ve written up my first article for A List Apart. Faux Columns intends to let everyone in on the little trick: to extend positioned or floated columns to full browser heights using CSS — regardless of each column’s contents.
It’s dead-simple to implement, yet it works like a charm. There is already some great discussion brewing on the article, which at one point starts to sway toward a CSS vs. tables for layout debate. That is certainly not the intention of the article.
It’s merely a way to achieve a certain design using structured markup. I won’t go into all the benefits of using structured markup over tables, but here is one reason for you: non table-based layouts can be viewed easily and more predictably by text browers, screenreaders, PDAs, phones and other devices.
Would you like to present full-length columns for modern, visual browsers — while still making your content easily accessible to the aforementioned list? Then this is (one) solution.