Southwest Florida


Had a nice visit with family this past week in Southwest Florida. I snapped a few photos of the trip, including manatees (the sea cow), a lizard, a beach, fossilized shark’s teeth, a few flowers and other Floridian items.

My camera is only 2 megapixels, yet in low-light, in can get some pretty neat results. The last three photos were taken from a moving car just around dusk. Didn’t know how they’d come out, but any one of them could make a great album cover… maybe.


  1. sox says:

    You mean to tell me that all of your photos are taken with a 2 megapixel camera? Amazing. I guess that answers my question; “will my crappy photos improve if I buy a more expensive camera?” Nice shots, as always.

  2. Mike says:

    Were those shots taken around Sanibel Island? Beautiful places down there.

  3. sox – it is true, although I’m guessing with more megapixels the shots may become more consistent.
    Only about half of the phots ever come worthy of looking at. Whether they’re blurry, or unfocused or whatever. Then again, this could have nothing to do with MP, and I just get lucky some times.
    Mike – Pretty close! Around the Englewood, Boca Grande area… very near Sanibel. Didn’t make it there, but have heard it’s beautiful.

  4. eric says:

    I’ve got a 2mp nikon 775 that’s pretty awful – it can get nice shots on occasion, but I get far more consistent results with my Pentax SLR. I think a lot of it isn’t necessarily the amount of pixels, but the aperture size on the lens. The nikon’s lens is maybe a centimeter tops; the SLR is 4 or 5 easily. With a higher mp camera you will probably get a larger lens as well.
    From what I understand of photography, the more light you’ve got, the more consistently crisp the photos will be (provided that’s what you want in the first place, it’s easy to fix ;). Megapixels are just level of detail, really, and that’s why Dan’s shots look fine – he’s shrunken them down so the detail quality isn’t relevant, but the overall composition still works.

  5. eric – funny, the 775 is what I have. But like you said, it works well on occassion. I think I’ve figured out when and where I can get decent shots.. and then when I shouldn’t bother.
    Interesting on the lens size. When I upgrade, I’ll look to take that into account.

  6. Paul says:

    How strange… I’ve been reading your weblog for a while now and am currently in the Englewood area at the moment (on the Rotonda)
    The Boca Grande is a pretty nice island, though very expensive.
    I found that my older Isus 2mpixel camera used to take clearer pictures than the Olympus Stylus 4mpixel camera I resently got, but that could be just me not reading the manual yet to work out if it’s setup right :-)

  7. Joerg Schaum says:

    Hi Dan,
    nice pictures by the way. I can see/feel the emotion/moment of the shoots very well. It is not always the MPs. I.e. my Sony T1 has 510MPs with incredible detail, but its lens is small, so the pictures appear to be darker. Has to retouch a lot. On the other side, my Canon G2 has only 400MPs but a created lens and zoom, and the shoots are usually very balanced. The T1 is small in size and I carry it around daily, whereas the G2 is only use on travels and know events. And as Paul said: A lot depends on the setup of the camera.

  8. Khoury says:

    Those last one’s were nice and would go well on something like an album cover.

  9. Dan R. says:

    Nice shots Dan, especially with just 2mp to work with.
    It’s a pity you didn’t get to Sanibel, it’s a lovely place. At least you were able to spend some time in Florida (though you were on the wrong coast — you could have come to Fort Lauderdale and joined me for a beer on the beach :-)
    My quartet has sung a few shows in Englewood (of all places), and the first place my father lived in Florida (back in the sailing days of his youth) was Boca Grande — that’s just a nice area of the State.