Twice in Three Years


OK, now I’ve forgotten all about the Red Sox of last October. Winning the Super Bowl twice in three years? This sort of stuff just doesn’t happen to New England sports fans. Or I guess it does now.

Carolina played a great game — the best we’ve seen all year, but seeing Adam Vinatieri’s field goal go through the uprights with 4 seconds left was unimaginable. It happened again.

The big news of course though, was Janet Jackson’s bare-breasting, which happened so fast, that I missed it. Evidence and careful investigation suggests that Miss Jackson and Timberlake knew exactly what they were doing.

Back to the Patriots though. I would say “Go Pats”! — but they’re already gone. An unbelievable team.


  1. web says:

    Unimaginable is the best way to describe this entire season.
    After a lackluster start to the year, winning 15 straight .. seven of them with unbelievable finishes like the last one, trampling the largest of foes, making superstars out of 6 round draft picks, flying under everyone’s radar, you cant ask for more. They are a role model for all sports teams to follow. C’mon sox, take some notes here.
    [tired] I need a reboot.

  2. An amazing game, for sure. Some really nice plays. I still wish it had gone into overtime.

  3. I honestly stopped paying attention to this season when the Chiefs started losing.
    Seriously though, it was a good game. As always.
    By the way, in light of Jackson’s breast, that ad that was rejected shouldn’t seem so “objectionable”.

  4. Benjamin says:

    in regards to the janet breast incident, it can be summed up in this short sentance (imagine with a german accent)
    “gahhh my eyez thez gogglez do nothink”

  5. GM says:

    Great game, I just wish Kasay would have done anything but kicked it out of bounds.
    Though something should be said for the Patriots, when they played the two best teams in the NFL (Panthers & Titans), it was their opponent that choked in the end (the holding penalty on the 4th and 1 in NE territory during their final drive).

  6. Sverrir says:

    On Benjamin comment I’ll just have to reference this >>

  7. Benjamin says:

    hehehehe sverrir quality stuff :D

  8. Colin says:

    Diehard Sox fan, but a Miami NFL fan by trade…
    Congrats to the Pats yesterday… Normally I don’t side with them, but thanks to Adam and his golden foot I’m $290 richer…

  9. Funkatron says:

    Congrats, Pats. Man, I wish I was back in bean town. Now, where to find a Pats hat in Miami…

  10. Will says:

    I was in Back Bay for the celebration that followed Super Bowl XXXVI, so I made sure to be there for Sunday’s game. It was a heart-stopper, but Vin delivered and I got to experience the chaos all over again. It’s too bad about the young guy from Northeastern U. who was struck by a drunk driver, though … he was classmates with my younger brother in high school.

  11. Tom says:

    The best part is the Pats might be better next year if they can fit everyone under the salary cap. Current team + plenty of draft picks + Roosevelt Colvin = good things.

  12. Zach says:

    Colts should have won against the Patriots anyways. :/

  13. Jeff says:

    Yes. The Pats are awesome! But I will say this…The Pats didn’t win the Superbowl, the Panthers lost it. That is all.

  14. Matt says:

    Save the Packers, I don’t think there exists a team that I dislike more than the Patriots. They get away with bloody murder in the secondary, and by and large catch more breaks from the officials than any other team in the league.
    But let’s not dwell on the NFL season, eh? :)
    /bitter Rams fan

  15. Catch breaks? I think that’s probably just perception. I could say the same thing about any other team.
    Besides, how can a team get lucky — 15 times in a row? ;-)

  16. Matt says:

    They are a fine team, don’t get me wrong. Call it sour grapes from ’01 when the Rams receivers were tackled on more or less every down. :)
    Is it next season yet?