The Search

So I’ve been looking for a new job — and so far it hasn’t been going well. It’d be silly for me not to announce something here, in the event that the esteemed readers of SimpleBits might be of some assistance. While my brief unemployment has allowed me to get some great things done, I don’t intend to stay that way.
I’m looking for a full-time web design/development/UI/webmaster type role at a cool company in the Boston/Eastern Massachusetts area (I just moved, so relocation is out for now). There are so many directions to head within these categories, so for the right company, I’m certainly willing to mold. Most of what I’m seeing out there so far is either contract work (which I’ve decided against for now), entry-level or crap.
So feel free to contact me if you know of anything, hear about a cool company that might be in need, if you work somewhere already that is looking to hire, or if you just want to chat about American Idol. I would be forever grateful.