Firefox Tabs

It’s been brought to my attention that the Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers do not work properly in the latest version of Firefox (0.8). I’m inclined to think it’s a small bug in this latest build and will see if the next one catches up. Other :hover problems are apparently being reported as well.
Jeremy Flint was kind enough to try and get the tabs to work in Firefox, and by doing so may have uncovered a duplicate overflow: hidden; rule. He finds that by removing the duplicate rule, the tabs work fine in Firefox (and others).
I can’t remember why the overflow: hidden; rule was assigned to both declarations, nor can I remember when my last oil change was. Either there was a good reason at the time, or it was just duplicated by accident. Regardless, more testing is in order — as well as finding out if there is indeed a small bug in Firefox (which by the way looks to be a great version of a great browser).