SXSW Notes

One of the most surreal parts of the trip to SXSW in Austin was that “bookmarks come alive”. Putting a face to so many people I’ve admired and known only online prior to this trip has been pretty amazing. I think it was Dave Shea that said “everyone is pretty much as you imagined”. Fully agreed. And now I need to do a severe update to my XFN-friendly blogroll. I was going to attempt to list everyone I’ve met over the course of the weekend, but it’s impossible to remember everyone.
It feels nice to have my first speaking engagement under my belt — learning much from my fellow panelists. It’s been fun, and hopefully the first of many. Sharing a panel with Doug (who prepared two amazing presentations — be sure to see him speak next time), Dave (who will need to book an extra seat on the way home for all his awards — congrats!) and Christopher (very tall, very nice, very smart) was absolutely the highlight of the trip.
The weather in Austin was somewhat grey and rainy, until Monday when the sun finally came out. But even in the rain, it was far warmer in Texas than Massachusetts.
So tomorrow, it’s back to Boston. More comments to come… Oh, and I missed the ceremony, but SimpleBits won a Bloggie for “Best-Designed Weblog”. Wow, thanks to all who voted!