Austin to Boston (by way of Bangor, Maine)

I’ve just spent 10 and a half hours on a plane. One would think I returned from Europe, or South America, or Hawaii or some other far-off exotic land. Nope. Just Texas.
My flight left Austin (only a minor delay) rerouted to Chicago because of the insane snowstorm in the northeast. I figured I’d be spending the night in the windy city — but instead, I had to stay on the same plane, and take off for Boston. We hovered over snowy Boston for about an hour and a half with no word from the captain. And then had to land in Bangor, Maine. Sit on the runway for 2 hours, refuel, then fly back to Boston. What a nightmare. I took a $50 cab ride back to Salem at 2:00am.
What I’m most annoyed at (besides surviving the entire ordeal on a single bag of pretzels) is the lack of information we were given. A simple, Hey, this your captain, we’re circling logan, running out of fuel. We may need to fly up to the far reaches of Maine soon, would’ve been nice.
But I’m not going to let the trip back put a damper on a great weekend.