More SXSW Notes, Photos

Austin is nice. Didn’t get to see as much as I’d hoped of the city, and didn’t get any BBQ while I was down there either (does The Salt Lick at the airport count?). What’s nicer is meeting everyone in person — seeing people get excited about the web. It’s inspiring.
Check out Matt Mullenweg’s photos of the event. He snapped some great ones. Also, Dave Shea has been keeping an ongoing update of all things SXSW.
Congress St.For whatever reason, I didn’t end up taking that many photos during the weekend, but put together a slideshow of a few that came out decent. My favorite is undoubtedly the mirror shot inside a pizza stand somewhere on 6th Street, with (L-R) Josh Williams, D. Keith Robinson, Ethan Marcotte and myself (with camera). The pizza was amazing — although I believe this to be due to the timing of it all. Being extremely hungry makes so-so pizza taste incredible.
If you know of any other photos posted from the conference, feel free to leave in the comments.

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  1. The Salt Lick at the airport does, indeed, count. The food, apart from being just about the best food you’ll get at any airport on earth, is very authentic to its namesake restaurant.