Hi-Fi Design With CSS Slides

I had promised a few at SXSW that I would post my slides from the panel. As part of “Hi-Fi Design With CSS”, I talked specifically about the accessible image-tab rollovers that I designed for Fast Company last year.
I thought this would be a nice example of the flexibility that CSS can bring — and that image-based rollovers can be achieved with far less code and zero JavaScript, using CSS and a simple unordered list.
The drawbacks of image replacement were also mentioned — that we’re still searching for the perfect way to handle replacing text with images. But while keeping those drawbacks in mind, this method (as an alternative to table/image/JavaScript options) can work in certain situations.
The slides aren’t terribly exciting without me blabbering on behind them. But I thought it’d be good to post for those who attended the panel, wanting to take a closer look.
Be sure to also check out my fellow panelists’ notes and slides that are posted as well (Bowman, Shea).


  1. Davezill says:

    Sorry I missed it. Maybe next year…

  2. Web says:

    After reading about 2,500 sites over the past 3 days in regards on how awesome the SXSW was I would be a fool to miss it next year.
    Maybe there is some way I can get “the boss man” to pony up the cash and convince the girlfriend I really am going to “geek fest 05’”
    Should be interesting to say the least.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi Don, It’s very nice to meet you in SXSW. I didn’t see you in the last day conference, Hopefully we have chance to try Austin BBQ next year. :)

  4. Brad says:

    Sounds like a fun time to me!

  5. Jeremy says:

    I really missed something this year. Next year, I really hope to make the trip.

  6. Kevin – Really nice to meet you as well. Next year, BBQ is a must. Time flew by…

  7. Tim Parkin says:

    :-) its all too far away for me to get to and there doesn’t seem to be a similar style event in the UK.
    As an aside, someonese just pointing out that our web site design looks a little like your site. I think there might be some subliminal serendipity going on as my colleague recommended your site last week and I didn’t look at it. I hope you don’t think it’s pinched, although when I put the little boxes on ….

  8. Dan August says:

    The mouseOver-part doesn’t seem to be working in my Firefox on WinXP.

    Does anyone have the same experience?

    And it loads somewhat slower than in IE6 (completely un-scientific measure).

  9. Daniel says:

    Just an aside–it’s interesting that you say, “The slides aren’t terribly exciting without me blabbering on behind them.” Are they, then, terribly exciting with you blabbering on behind them? ;)

  10. Designer says:

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