Flicker-Free PGA.com

The uncomparable Todd Dominey has recently implemented the accessible image-tab rollovers technique for the main navigation of PGA.com — and it’s probably the best example to date.
PGA.comFirst, it successfully solves the IE/Win flicker problem that surfaced for those employing Pixy’s single image rollover trick (IE/Win flicker has also been thoroughly documented by Ryan Carver).
One way of getting rid of IE/Win’s flicker (an issue when background images are hovered) when using Pixy’s rollover method with an unordered list, is to assign the background-image to both the <li> and <a> elements.
In addition to eliminating the flicker, Todd also made a few tweaks to please IE Mac OS9/Classic users — and of course the navigation also looks stellar. Nice work!
If you’ve tried using image-based CSS navigation in the past and have run into IE flicker and/or IE OS9 problems — be sure to check this design out.
Go tabs, go.