SimpleQuiz › Part XIV: Hex Challenge

This one is purely for fun. There was going to be a prize for this quiz, however I realize I have no way of knowing whether you cheat or not. But it’s worth giving it shot without viewing source or firing up and image editor.

If you’re like me, you start to know colors by their hex code, picking them out on TV, billboards, album covers, etc. Is Oprah’s dress in #360? No, it’s more of a #690… yes, definitely in the sixes.

Match each color swatch to it’s web-safe hex code:

    1. #333366
    2. #069
    3. #369
    1. #630
    2. #993333
    3. #363
    1. #ccc
    2. #999
    3. #333
    1. #999966
    2. #9c6
    3. #693
    1. #963
    2. #c60
    3. #fc6


  1. Michael Nutt says:

    1. #069
    2. #993333
    3. #CCC
    4. #9C6
    5. #C60
    That’s just from memory and guessing, I think that this shows me that I use #1 and #3 entirely too much in most of my design work.

  2. Henning Seljenes says:

    I had nearly the same answers, but I’m gonna go with (C) for #5. #FF000 is red so I think an orange would be somewhat close to that.

  3. Keith says:

    Ok, let’s see. These are “educated” guesses, but I think I can get a few at least:
    1. #369
    2. #993333
    3. #ccc
    4. #9c6
    5. #c60
    I’m pretty sure about #1, #2 and #3.

  4. James Wheare says:


  5. Michael Nutt says:

    You’re right about #1. It must be my non-color calibrated monitors.

  6. Mike says:

    The only colors that good at doing on the fly are the greys, and I can assure you that the third on here is #ccc.

  7. soxiam says:

    Oh, come on. This is all just too sad. I mean… being able to tell the color by its hex code? Don’t you have a life outside the code? You all have fun. I’m gonna turn the light “color:#000;” puff up my pillows to “padding:100%” and go to bed “position:absolute;”

  8. Michael Nutt says:

    No no no…being able to tell the color from a hex code is relatively simple, provided you know that it’s of the form #RRGGBB. The difficult part is being able to guess the hex code from the color, without multiple choice options…

  9. Jonas says:

    According to my eyesight it’s:
    B – #069
    A – #630
    A – #ccc
    B – #9c6
    C – #fc6
    according to my photoshop it’s:
    A – #369
    B – #993333 (or #933)
    A – #ccc
    B – #9c6
    C – #fc6
    Considering that I only “dapple” in web design I consider 3 of 5 to be decent enough

  10. Bejoy says:

    A. #369
    C. #ccc
    E. #fc6

  11. B
    no clue
    no clue
    I extensively use the first three codes on my own website, that’s the only reason why I know them so well.

  12. Ben says:


  13. Dan says:

    Nice quiz :)

  14. 1-c
    Easy, but fun! :-)

  15. Abhi says:

    not sure about the green, never used that before. :)

  16. Danny Vegas says:

    It was too easy to cheat on this one if you have XScope, and who doesn’t, right? So instead, here’s a link to some article about hex rgb values. I didn’t really read it but I sort of guessed it might be relevant because it showed up in a Google search, and Google knows everything.

  17. Nirav says:

    The correct answers:
    1. C (#369)
    2. B (#993333)
    3. A (#ccc)
    4. B (#9c6)
    5. C (#fc6)
    Any Prizes?

  18. Timon says:

    1. c
    2. a
    3. a
    4. b
    5. c
    Second one is probable wrong… The rest i know for sure. Nice quiz by the way.

  19. Back in the days when I did more print design, I used to wish for the weather to be told in Pantone colours, perhaps now it should be Hex!

  20. Keith Hall says:

    I’m just guessing here, but from my experience I think I may do alright. This is a fun one.
    1. c
    2. b
    3. a
    4. b
    5. c

  21. Andrew says:

    Unlike most of your previous editions of the SimpleQuiz, there’s a clear-cut correct answer to this one, which makes a change. Certainly not open to debate in the same way. Fun, nonetheless. (CBABC anyone?)

  22. Chris says:

    1-c, 2-b, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c
    I cheated though. I checked my answers with this useful tool from Nattyware. Pixie

  23. Conan says:

    1. A.
    2. A.
    3. A.
    4. C.
    5. B.
    Now I’m off to look at the source…

  24. Conan says:


  25. James Craig says:

    So I’m curious, why did you use the shorthand (3 chars) on some and the extended version (6 chars) on others?

  26. Eric says:

    I have to work on my yellow recognition. I can get all but the last; but yellow is non-intuitive to me.

  27. 4 out of 5: BBABC.

  28. monkeyinabox says:

    So, didn’t anyone just hit View Source? :)

  29. Paul Smith says:

    1. A
    2. B
    3. A
    4. B
    5. C

  30. ceejayoz says:

    I’m tempted to bring this up in Lynx and complain about the lack of colors… :-p

  31. Jason Pearce says:

    With Pixie always running in the top-right-hand corner of my monitor, I’m begining to forget color values. It’s akin to storing phone numbers in your phone, there’s no longer a need to remember them.

  32. Nick Finck says:

    c, b, a, b, c
    maybe the simple quiz was too simple this time around?

  33. dusoft says:

    thanks about that Pixie link, I haven’t heard about it, but it’s really awesome!

  34. lars says:

    I always use the DigitalColor Meter which still ships with Mac OS X

  35. Jesse Gavin says:


  36. Hans says:

    Yeah, Pixie is running all the time for me too, so there’s no point in me even posting any of my answers.

  37. Jeff Minard says:

    I am rather amazed that people continue to give their guesses even though the correct answers have been posted several times. :-/

  38. Brett Epps says:

    Do you ever do SimplePolls? A good one would be: What’s your favorite hex color to use (in web design/graphics/etc)?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t that be “its”, rather than “it’s” in “it’s web-safe hex code”?

  40. Alex H. says:

    Number 3 is definitely #ccc. I use way too much grey in my color schemes ;)

  41. arjenvr says:

    If you like guessing websafe colors, check out the (endless) JS version:
    It’s been around for ages and unfortunately does not work in Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla).

  42. Sean says:

    C, B, A, B, C.

  43. Sean says:

    I just check if my guess was right. Boy, I really surprised myself.

  44. Matt Warren says:

    No cheating :)

  45. Tim Hell says:

    I got 4/5 right.
    If someone else thinks that PS is a bit too much for this task: use “Color set”. (Yes, there is no link, I’m sure you know how to use google.)

  46. Fredrik says:

    1. C
    2. B (Wouldn’t write it that way though, considering that a trick question)
    3. A
    4. B
    5. C
    At the top of my head. Went into Fireworks to confirm it all though…
    Next please?

  47. Corryn says:

    My guess was
    a look into the source confirmed 3 of 5
    nice idea ;)

  48. Anonymous says:

    My original guess was A,B,A,B,C. (Darn that first one!)

  49. 1. C
    2. B
    3. A
    4. B
    5. C

  50. Ed Hidden says:

    I was curious and checked the view source. I love the fact that he used RGB Values in the source so you couldn’t cheat!

  51. Tim Parkin says:

    I’m not sure if this is a well read article? If not it should be, very well thought out. If anyone has any comments on it I’d love to hear them.
    in summary, there is also a different websafe pallette for 16 bit color so you need to use the color set that is the union of both. This leaves you with 22 colors :
    .. most of which are yellowy green with a couple of reds, a really dark blue and obviously white and black. I’d assume the number of people on 16bit color to be higher than those on 8 bit color (“High Color (16-bit) at about 56 percent; and 256-color users are at about 6 percent.” from article) and so perhaps we should be using that pallete. (

  52. Chris says:

    This is a side note, but I’ve moved away from using hex values for color, and now use rgb values in the CSS. It’s easier for me to create quick color schemes that way, but my question is this: is there a performance difference between the two methods? Or is it a personal preference issue? I don’t consider myself an expert and would like your collective expert opinions.

  53. L-Mo says:

    1. c
    2. b
    3. a
    4. b
    5. c
    kinda cheated but I did my best I only messed up on 5
    (Plugin: FireFox Browser Plugin | ColorZilla)

  54. Andrea says:

    Here I come, only one year late in the game… everybody else has left, of course, but as comments are still open, here’s my go:
    (I confess that it’s only after looking at some of the other comments that I changed my mind on number five, after remembering the code of some orange used recently). Now, let me check… if I win, I do owe myself a coffee.

  55. Kondiiter says:


  56. mairo says: