Open for Business

You may or may not remember that I was searching for a job back in February. I’m not searching anymore. Have I found a job? Sort of.
business cardSimpleBits will still be the site it’s always been — but in addition, it’ll now act as the umbrella for my consulting business. After searching for the perfect job for awhile, I came to the realization that I might as well give it a try on my own and see what happens.
I found it interesting that many companies (in the Boston area, anyhow) often farmed out their design/interface work to contractors. Many “web designer” positions have been cut in favor of hiring outside help. Not everywhere of course, but it certainly seemed like a trend.
But I think that’s OK. My hope is that I can work on more of a variety of different projects — and that the variety of stuff I’m working on can reflect more of a variety in the content of this site.
So for those that I’ve told “no, I’m not interesed in contract work right now” in the past — I was lying. Although, it’s funny to end a post about giving self-employment a shot with this: I’m really busy right now. Working on some cool projects that have me occupied at present. But I’m banking that being busy is not always going to be the case — and that’s the reason for this post.