Stockholm™ Stock Web Icons for Sale

I’ve just made available a set of 35 stock web icons for sale (through PayPal), dubbed Stockholm™ (stock icons, Cederholm… yikes) . They come in just one size: 16×16. They come in just one format: GIF. But at $45 (USD), they’re an inexpensive way to add a little pixel goodness to your personal or commercial web site or application.
Stockholm icons
You may recognize many of the icons from this very web site. I had started working on the set some time ago, which in turn inspired a mini-redesign, which in turn inspired me to standardize a full set at 16×16 pixels and make them available for purchase (royalty-free), in response to frequent requests from readers who wished to reuse my icons.
There are of course other destinations for buying fully-featured sets at various sizes and formats — and I’m certainly not looking to get rich off of selling these. Nor will I be focusing entirely on icon design. But creating small icons is fun, and a part of interface design that I’ve always enjoyed and put a lot of effort into. So here’s to trying new things.
I’ve turned comments on for this post, should there be any questions about the icons, purchasing, etc. I expect there to be kinks to work out in the whole process.


  1. Chris Gwynne says:

    Great icons, may have to purchase some in the near future.

  2. Chris says:

    Great icons Dan, just what I’ve been looking for to use with my CMS.
    One question – Can we use these royalty free?

  3. Ryan McBride says:

    Royalty free would be awesome. Then you would definitely have a customer.

  4. Chris and Ryan – Oversight on my part – yes indeed, they are royalty-free. :-)

  5. Chris says:

    Now all i need is my paycheck…
    tick-tock – tick-tock
    *Thanks Dan

  6. anthony says:

    Very nice icons.
    I would love to see someone post a tutorial on tools and techniques for icon design.
    Any recommendations?

  7. Yannick says:

    Very nice icons. Even though you don’t plan on focussing on icon design, I actually think it would be cool to see more. :) Keep up the good work Dan.

  8. Dan says:

    “I would love to see someone post a tutorial on tools and techniques for icon design.”
    Well, here’s Microsofts tutorial.
    When I used to dink around with them myself, I’d use PS to make the design (a vector program would be better- Here’s a free one I’ve never used) and converted it to ico in GIF Movie Gear.

  9. jeton says:

    mmmm, lovable :)
    These are a great set of glyphs, which remind me of some 16×16 icons from .
    One auggestion.
    If you plan to “protect”(like in the icons from being ripped directly via save ‘Image As…’ i suggest you add some more ‘lines’ to that preview because all a person needs from that screen is to remove the only ‘line’ that passes trough the icons and voila , a new set for free ;)
    I hope i won’t be misunderstood.

  10. compuwhiz7 says:

    Great icons, especially for people like me who crave icons and then more icons.
    Really beautiful.
    I assume that they’re not exclusive? That is, more than one person may purchase the set?
    At $45.00, I just may have to.

  11. Remi Prevost says:

    Great icons set! :)

  12. Dan Benjamin says:

    I’m a beta-user of this set, and I think they added just the right look and feel to the CMS I built for a client.
    Even better, the client loved them.
    I’ve already told you about 100 times Dan, but these icons rock!

  13. Scott says:

    Those are very nice. I think you should maybe plan on doing some more even though you don’t want to. You are very talented!

  14. Olly says:

    Are there bigger ones or just 16×16. I would probably buy them if there was 32×32 as-well. Vector would be even better.

  15. Olly says:

    Sorry, forgot what the post said, before posting.

  16. shalin says:

    Excellent set!

  17. Jacob says:

    Does anyone here know of some sort of index/portal containing all top-notch icon designers? As far as I know, the only really nice web-focused icons are Dan’s (which I’ll buy as soon as my boss allows me to) and Firewheel/IconBuffet’s.

  18. Yes, nice indeed! Please let me know, anyone of you have used it in your CMS? I need to see a preview of these icons on real system.
    Thanks Dan.

  19. lo says:

    Jacob, try The Iconfactory but i don’t know if it what your looking for though.

  20. We have a free (for personal use) TrueType font with 9×9 icons for webwork: PixIcons.

  21. Jay Levitt says:

    I notice with sadness that the quotemarks.gif you use is not included in this set.. is that your own design, or is it public domain from somewhere else? I’d love to use it, but of course I don’t want to steal it from you.

  22. Jay – That little image was actually created from a font. It escapes me at the moment which one. But you’ve given me a good idea for an additional icon

  23. Kevin says:

    Dan — beautiful work. Very contemporary and nicely rendered. I have been working in icon development for years, and really enjoy the challenge of trying to squeeze as much information as possible out of a 16×16 frame. In fact, awhile ago I created a CMS-specific icon set that would complement yours well without duplicating ideas. (Which are still available, for those interested.) Anyway, great work, and look forward to seeing more.

  24. Keith Bell says:

    Couldn’t resist them, Dan — paid up and downloaded with nary a second thought! Very nice.

  25. Keith – Hey, thanks so much!

  26. Jim says:

    “I would love to see someone post a tutorial on tools and techniques for icon design.”
    Me too.

  27. Joseph says:

    Dan — what about donating a copy for use in a Firefox theme?

  28. Tama says:

    I think i’ll buy a copy for my CMS as well. If you’re after more icon ideas I’d love to see a plain + and – icon, an up and down arrow and maybe some kind of link icon.

  29. Piers says:

    Love the icons, and would also love to see them used in a Firefox theme.
    Nudge, nudge…. ;)

  30. Love the icons! Two questions:
    1. Do the GIF images have transparency set for the background?
    2. If I want to use them on two of my websites, do I need to buy them twice?

  31. Dominik says:

    I must have them ;)
    Hope you accept paypal :)

  32. Michael – The icons do have transparency set for the background. There are actually two sets (included with purchase), one that’s suitable for white backgrounds (slight shadow), and one that’s suitable for colored backgrounds (no shadow). Both are transparent though. After purchasing, they are royalty free, so you’re free to use them wherever you’d like. Thanks!

  33. Chris says:

    you need to do more Dan, no question.

  34. Dan – thanks and sold!

  35. Charles G says:

    Very nice icons Dan, I’ve been wanting to get into designing my own icons for a while just never had the time to get into it. Do you use photoshop to create these or is there a better program suited to creating icons from scratch? Does anyone know of any articles that explain what goes into creating icons? Just curious, would like to take a stab at it, just want to do a little research on it first to see if I can find any tips/suggestions, etc.

  36. Jay Levitt says:

    (re quotemarks) Dan – right, of course ! I should have thought of that. PhotoShop to the rescue. Thanks. In other news, I have begun selling blank GIFs for $5/square pixel…

  37. Charles G – I do indeed use Photoshop. There could very well be something that makes it easier — although I’m just using the pencil tool, zoomed way in, to draw each icon. Just the way I’ve always done it, and I’m most comfortable with PS. Would love to put together a little “Anatomy of an Icon” type of article when I have some time.

  38. Jina says:

    I bought a set… Couldn’t resist the pixel-y goodness.
    off topic: Almost done with your book – I’ve learned so much!

  39. Thank you for sharing. I bought a set immediately. I need to make a set of tiny quilting icons and you are an inspiration. Now, I’m off to read your book…

  40. Ryan McBride says:

    Just purchased my set. They’re great. Thanks, Dan!

  41. Jaime says:

    hey Dan – i have a question that’s sort of on the topic of icons. How do you get your icon in the address bar?
    I know of this method – - LINKREL=”SHORTCUT ICON” HREF=””

  42. Thanks again for the purchases and kind words.
    Jaime – Check out They have all the info you need regarding favicons. Also, if you’re on OS X, I’ve had good luck with Iconographer (awkward name, good software). It makes creating different sizes with transparent masks easy. Photoshop or your favorite image editor will work as well of course.

  43. Keith Bell says:

    Jaime – if you’re looking for how to make a favicon, I’ve written up a method here. You can do it for no cost if you are on Windows; if you are a Mac user you’ll have to shell out a modest amount for a program to create the .ico file.

  44. Jaime says:

    Hey guys- thanks for the reply! The last half of my post was cut off for some reason. Maybe it was too long. Anyway – I wanted to say – I’ve noticed that Dan and others aren’t using the – linkrel=”shortcut icon”…. tag anymore. I’m on a mac and I’ve got the photoshop plug-in so i can save the img as .ico but I was wondering if there maybe another way to get it into the addy bar. thanks for the tips. Keith – I’ll check out your write up.

  45. Jaime says:

    Also – this is the first time I’ve posted here but I’ve been a simple bits reader for a while now. I’ve learned a lot from Dan and the other usual suspects of standards and css design. I’m in the middle of building my first css based movable type driven site – when it’s done I’ll let you know. I still need all the help I can find so any tips or other resource ideas would be appreciated.
    Thanks again guys – keep on truckin’!
    Happy Canada Day! 8^)

  46. stylo~ says:

    Very nice. Considering a purchase myself.
    How about a little shopping cart, though? That would be a great addition and broaden the appeal of it!
    Also, just curious, what do you envision using some of them for, such as:
    -the page with the green right arrow? Next page, I guess? If so, a previous would be good too. We can flip it, but the shadow then goes the wrong way. (And might I ever so humbly suggest enlarging the arrow slightly to match the plus and pencil size on the preceding icons?)
    -page with the one red then blue stripes in the middle of it?
    -the two of a page with a header (one with a blue body, one without)?

  47. stylo~ – The page with the green right arrow was originally thought to be “upload file”, but one of the reasons I left descriptions off was so that it wouldn’t pigeon-hole their use. The icon with a red stripe on top of green stripes is meant to say “system activity” (good for CMS stuff). And the page (blue and grey) could be used for denoting “web page” or “application window”, etc. Thanks.

  48. James says:

    If you’re going to start adding to this collection; and if I buy them, do I get upgrades? What if I discover a security vulnerability? Are they open-source, does the Pope approve?
    P.S. At some point next week I will cough up and buy them I think.

  49. Luka Pensa says:

    wow, nice icons for the bitmap (raster) ones, interesting :)
    as i see there’s a talk about icons, i’ll share something with you guys – it’s no competition, of course. we’re just launching (in process) a vector icons website. first collection of 84+1 icon is available online, review it.
    ah, right. url:

  50. Roy Dovaston says:

    the icons are great for website designers who need a great little addition but i suggest selling them in psd format too for a bit more flexibility.
    Roy D