A Gathering in Boston

I know you’re out there. I’ve even heard from some of you. And so, Ethan and I have decided to put together a little informal gathering July 13th at 7:00 PM at the Cassava Lounge on Boylston Street in Boston. Incidentally a place claiming to serve “tea with balls”. Not sure where to go with that one.
Regardless, there’ll be Wi-Fi available and we can chat about web standards, web design, and well… whatever we’d like really. It’ll be a nice chance to meet fellow Boston-area folks that are into the stuff that we all type about every day.
So we hope that you can make it — feel free to leave a comment here or over at Sidesh0w.com if you’re interested.


  1. Scott says:

    Well, that’s cool. I live about 45 minutes outside of Boston. Although I am only 14 and my parents probably won’t let me go.

  2. Aaron G says:

    Will you be making the rounds at MacWorld? Either way, I will try to swing by.

  3. web says:

    Thats the same night of the MLB All Star Game that for some reason the AL Home run leader isin’t in, I wonder who that is …
    Time to be social … Ma! break out the polyester suit.

  4. Yannick says:

    Sounds like its gonna be fun, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it as I don’t live in the US and won’t be able to travel either. Have fun. Would be nice to get a round up of some of the discussions after you guys meet.

  5. jonathan says:

    I’ll try to make it. Providence is still sort of Boston area, right? (If not, can I use my born and raised in MA (Chelmsford to be exact) status to get in?) Living and working in RI, I’ve got virtually no one to talk to about standards compliant design, et al.

  6. Ethan says:

    Hey, Jonathan — we’ve apparently got folks coming from Connecticut, so “Boston-area” is pretty loosely defined. ;)
    If you can make it, it’d be great to meet you.

  7. Keller says:

    I noticed that you said Newbury St. but the address on the their website says Boylston St. Did they move? I’m pretty familiar with Newbury St and I don’t recall Cassava being on it.
    Thanks for the great site too, I’m a software engineer in Boston but I do websites on the site and I picked up some great tips from this site.

  8. Hans says:

    I’d come over there, even if it meant just an autograph or something. After being an avid reader for many months, I’d be happy to put a (current) face to the SimpleGuy.
    …Yes, even though I live in Chicago.

  9. Basil Crow says:

    Although I won’t be in town that night, I’d definitely look forward to attending if the event is rescheduled in the future.

  10. Tyson Tune says:

    Crap, I used to live three blocks from there on Beacon. Now I live two thousand miles away.
    I say, go to Trident and get a sandwich with your wi-fi.

  11. Any age restrictions? I’m 14…

  12. Brad says:

    Wish I lived up there or would be in the area but I’m down here in Georgia right out side of Atlanta. You guys should come down here.

  13. ~bc says:

    Would love to come, but two issues: MLB All Star Game, and my shift goes to 8pm (Cambridge). However, any of the next three days would be better! Additionally, I bet I can get my old roommate to come up from CT, if I really twist his arm… it’s about time something happened in Beantown. For all the design that goes on here, there’s no community, if you’re not in AIGA.

  14. ~bc again says:

    Sorry, me again? How many people are you expecting? Is this place big enough? (see pics)

  15. Keller – right you are, it is on Boylston St. I was thinking NewburyOpen.net, which is the Wi-Fi company that sponsors the area. Thanks for the correction.
    Brandon – no age restriction I’m aware of at this particular place (they just serve tea and food I believe).
    And also for those that can’t make the date, if this is successful and people enjoy it, I’m sure we’ll set up more in the future.
    ~bc – It may not be big enough depending on how many people can actually make it. We’re told there’s room for 8 in one section. Anything over 8 and we may need to seek an alternate location.

  16. Keith Bell says:

    Gothenburg, Sweden is a bit too far to make the trip, but if you’d all like to jump in the time machine and turn the dial back to 1986 when I lived briefly in Lowell, MA (yes, I used to work for Wang, if anyone still remembers it…) I’d be happy to join you. Oh, wait — the venue didn’t exist then. Hell, neither did the web, so we wouldn’t have much to talk about. And some of you weren’t even born…
    Ah well, have a good soiree, and enjoy the boba.

  17. Ben Brophy says:

    I’m planning to come with two of my colleagues from MIT (we’re web designers, not W3C reps or anything). I’m looking forward to it.

  18. web says:

    From the looks of the number of responses already, we may want to consider an open field somewhere.
    Plus whiffle ball rocks.

  19. web says:

    #5 Jonathan, I concider myself Boston and I’m from Providence as well. We are like the corrupt little brother of Boston.

  20. NateL says:

    Any chance you’ll move it to Boise? ;)

  21. Dan says:

    I should be able to make it. I maybe a little late though.
    #19 If Providence is the corrupt brother of Beantown, does that make Manchester, NH the creepy 50 year old single Uncle?

  22. Karl Benson says:

    I’ll try to come. I would hate to pass up a chance to talk about web standards.

  23. alan taylor says:

    Well, count one more in – I’m planning to swing by. Being new to Boston, it’ll be good to meet other local webheads.

  24. Jeff Ledoux says:

    I live in RI about 30 minutes outside Boston. A friend & I will probably end up coming up. Can’t wait!

  25. Daigo says:

    Hey Dan. Long time no see, I would love to come but I am scheduled for the ASG… Bummer. Maybe next time! Have fun. Daigo

  26. Mike Czepiel says:

    Wow between the the Iron Chef of Web Design at Macworld(I think it’s on the 13th..) to a Web Standards gathering at night the 13th is shaping up to be one interesting day.
    Me and a friend are interested in coming. Not sure what to expect though. Taking all the geeks out from behind the blogs sound kind of risky.
    Sadly, we’re not professionals yet so I’m not sure how much we can contribute aside from our love of XHTML & CSS.
    Of course if you are gearing this to a more professional crowd let me know. but I was happy to see people even younger than myself expressing interest. (Just a week or two shy of 21 myself.)

  27. Michael Brunetto says:

    I’ll try and swing it, I’d love to check it out and hopefully learn some things!

  28. sounds like fun. i’m a web designer from boston, and i will certainly try to make it.

  29. nick says:

    would love to make it, but the album leaf is playing at TTs that night. bummer.
    maybe next time?

  30. Drew Taylor says:

    I also plan to be there. My background is more on the programming side (mostly perl) than design, but I’m always interested in better techniques for developing & distributing web applications.

  31. Damn, if I can get my car off-island for the day (I’m stuck on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer) I’ll be there.

  32. I think this going to need a considerably bigger venue… This is very cool!

  33. Dan says:

    Hmm, I just picked up his book… very good book. I am newburyport ma. Is it just a gathering or are people presenting?

  34. Hey guys, I had a blast at gathering. we should have those events more often. I got to meet Dan, Keith, and few experts in web-standard development. I’m just a beginner willing to learn. It was really productive for me. Thanks guys in stay in touch. Let me know of upcoming events. See ya guys later!

  35. Ooops, saw this a day too late. I’d love to come if you guys gather again (I live in Watertown, work in Needham). Though somewhere with handy parking would be nice. Maybe somewhere like Porter Square, since they have both parking and a T stop.

  36. Everyone’s invited to the Boston Blog Meetup on Wednesday at 7 PM at Marche in Boston.
    details here

  37. Jimsheng says:

    You did an awesome job with each and every header for your site even if it meant cropping out the shifty guy.–Jimsheng

  38. Well, I wanted to come, but I ended up in the hospital for the entire week of the meeting. How did it go? Will there be another meeting in the near future?