Overcast™: More Stock Web Icons for Sale

Creating an icon set proved to be fun enough for me to want to do it again. Overcast is a new set of royalty-free stock web icons — this time I’m offering each icon (28 in all) in two standard sizes: 16×16 as well as 32×32. The whole set is just $65 (USD).
Overcast icons
Like the previous set, Overcast comes in GIF format (transparent) only. Sticking to this one format and just two sizes allows me to keep the price down (additional formats and icons are of course available by way of custom work).
The sharp edges and greyscale palette intend to separate them from the Stockholm set, while also adding a little more flexibility by appearing in two sizes. Hope you like ‘em.
Comments welcomed for any questions regarding the icons, payment, etc.


  1. These icons are lovely. Finding a set of icons is hard, but finding one that matches the color scheme of the site they’ll decorate is even harder. Since Overcast is grayscale it goes with a multitude of color schemes without conflicting.
    The price is very reasonable, too!

  2. Rick says:

    Seeing all the icons you have here make me want to make my own collection. Nice, but I don’t think I could afford them for the time being.

  3. Scott says:

    Kool. I Wish I could affords them though… =( I could probably make my own though. I am pretty good with fireworks and photoshop. What did you use to make these?

  4. andrew says:

    Sure you could probably make your own. If you spent five or six hours doing it–in other words did it pretty quickly–that’s five or six hours of non-billable client time. If you bill clients even as little as $50 an hour, it’s clearly worth it to buy stock work like Dan’s.
    Dan, the grayscale icons are nice, but being able to tint them to match an existing pallette would be ideal. Would you consider allowing that?

  5. Scott – Photoshop.
    Andrew – Tint away. Once purchased, the icons are yours to do whatever you’d like with them in your own projects.

  6. Yannick says:

    Once again, nice icons Dan. Keep up the good work.

  7. Ryan says:

    Awesome. I’m glad you decided to make another set. They look great. Can’t exactly afford them right now, but great job all the same!

  8. Vegard says:

    I’ll say… A very nice set indeed.

  9. Ian Firth says:

    Following along on Andrew’s thoughts, while it’s an interesting set of icons, they all suffer from a “disabled” look, sort of how Apple failed with the UI for QuickTime (and your current Home and About links).
    I would recommend selling them as Photoshop files instead with color overlay layer effects so users can customize them as they see fit.

  10. Chris says:

    There very nice but i liked the colors of your other icons.

  11. Matthew says:

    Great Icons, you have inspired me.
    How about selling both Icon Sets together for say $100 saving of $10 ?

  12. Rob Mientjes says:

    Nice. Your icons have something typical, just as your designs.
    But what’s the name’s origination? I hope it’s different from ‘Stock Icons – Cederholm’ ;)

  13. David says:

    Another set of great icons. It looks like 28 icons to me, not 26 as advertised. Am I right?

  14. Matthew – a very good idea. I’ll look to add a bundle option.
    Rob – On the origination, not a clever as the first one :-) — Just goes along with the grey theme.
    David – Great catch. It is a total of 28! Thanks much.

  15. Jina says:

    very nice. I like these moreso than the other ones, even though those were great, too. Gonna have to get them. :)

  16. Alex Lofaso says:

    If I may make a small suggestion, for your next set of icons maybe you could include some standard e-commerce items (like a shopping cart icon)?

  17. jon says:

    Loving your icons Dan!
    It would be great to see a little tute on your site to show us ‘less capable’ how to achieve these things!
    Without off course ruining your livelihood ;)

  18. Roy Dovaston says:

    Nice set of icons! The only suggestion I could make is that you sell them as gif and psd aswell to cater for all tastes.
    Roy D

  19. brian says:

    dan, great icons.
    now this is a question i’ve had regarding the gradient/shade used in these icons. do you just use the standard photoshop gradient tool? or is it something else. (or more specifically the gradient from the button/navbar of the site)
    i’ve been dying to figure out some of these little photoshop tips in order to play around with it. sorry if this isn’t exactly on topic.

  20. Remi Prevost says:

    Very nice icons, again :) Great job!

  21. compuwhiz7 says:


  22. Very nice indeed Dan. I am planning to switch over to macs for good so saving every cent possible or I would buy a set. Did you use Icon Factory? I think offering the master PSDs with a little extra $$ is a great idea too.

  23. Cool, another nice icons set. I sometimes try playing around with Photoshop to create some, but have never reached a usable set, heh.
    What would be the icons needed in a set for a website? What would you say is the list of items that should be included without fail?

  24. Christian says:

    Any reasons on why you’re going with GIF rather than PNG as the file format?

  25. Scott says:

    Don’t some browsers still render png’s wrong?

  26. Trent Huhn says:

    Yeah IE as we all know still has a few issues with PNGs … GIF is also a nice file format that is recognized by just about every type of graphics program out there, both Mac and Windows.
    As to offering the PSDs, I like the suggestion of giving them for a few extra bucks. Then the people that would actually need them (in order to, for example, tint them) would be able to do so, while people who wanted to use them as-is would have that choice. But in any case, great work on those icons!

  27. GIF also gives smaller file sizes than PNG usually does for this kind of graphics, which is most desired in websites.

  28. Rabbit says:

    You don’t need the .PSDs to change the color of any image in Photoshop.
    Create an adjustment layer and select Hue/Saturation. Play around with the options presented and you’re good to go.
    That aside, nice icons. :) (Love the site, btw.)

  29. Josh King says:

    Nice work. Pixel pushing in a 16×16 box only gives you 256 pixels to play with. If anyone out there thinks it is easy to come up with things that look reasonable I suggest you try it. Personally I think pixel art is a very enjoyable passtime.