I suppose this is supposed to make sense, it being MSN, and I being on a Mac–but sheesh…
Operating System Not Supported


  1. Rob Cameron says:

    I just got one of those a few minutes ago trying to download Rhapsody!
    I tried to cheat and get past that page in IE then go back to Firefox, but they were too smart. :(

  2. Martey says:

    You can always change your user agent in order to make it seem that you are using IE or Netscape. There is a Firefox extension called User Agent Switcher that should help you.
    That Rhapsody page needs to be updated; they claim you can register using Netscape 6 or higher, yet they do not allow Firefox, which is based on the same (or in most cases, newer) Mozilla codebase as recent versions of Netscape.

  3. Remi Prevost says:

    Damn Bill (Gates) … :-P

  4. John says:

    VH1 has a similar operating policy…
    Just (try to) check out one of the music videos for your favorite artist:
    Sorry, video is not supported for Macintosh computers at this time.
    Click here for more information.
    Booooo! Why do people insist on creating apps for the *Internet* that should have just been written in Visual Basic from the get go?

  5. David House says:

    Related, Matt Mullenweg is also having problems of this nature. Ironic, really.

  6. Rob Mientjes says:

    Funny thing is, I never see Windows and it’s family of Microsoft Prods as an upgrade :op

  7. Joel says:

    It’s almost as bad as Senator Mac Collin’s website.

  8. beto says:

    And to think that most of the times this is just annoyance for its own sake, since there are many web-based multiplatform technologies, including video, that can be distributed flawlessly across many browsers.
    Not exactly talking about the example above… ;)
    Reminds me of my bank’s evil, evil and just plain evil web interface that curses me for using a Mac. Oh, when it will be the day when cross-platform web apps and decent interfaces become part of a bank’s publicity assets?

  9. monkeyinabox says:

    Downgrade to watch the video? Please! The truth is you need to aquire a cheap second-hand PC so can can experience the wonders of Windows, plus it’s easier to bitch and moan about all the viruses and security patches when you have to deal with them daily. Of course, being able to distract yourself with the video might ease the pain.

  10. Clay Johnson says:

    Mac Collins is a Rep who recently lost a senate primary contest to johnny issakson.
    But what’s ironic is that his website for the campaign, is an Apple parody!
    P.S. And he’s a crazy man.

  11. compuwhiz7 says:

    I’m a Windows user, and, indeed, a .NET (meaning Windows) developer, but…
    I’m split between the fact that Microsoft (MSN) has a right to control who has access to its services, and the fact that Internet information should be available to all who seek it, regardless of platform.
    I have a feeling the latter will be more popular with this crowd. ;)

  12. Alex says:

    I understand the average joe’s reaction to that, but when you figure out how to implement that application on a Mac, then maybe you can really complain about it. When people will understand that there are certain technologies only available on Windows that provides great value for windows users. That’s why people choose Windows and not Macs. Macs are good on average but they lack lots of software support. Apple is too busy marketing their products as cool products, but they don’t develop their operating system well enough. Instead of accusing others if their user base had forced Apple to produce a better OS, then Apple users would be much happier. But I think part of being a mac user is ranting online and showing how proud you are for being a mac user, and nobody cares about that. That’s exactly why windows users use Windows, because Microsoft is much better than Apple on providing value and that it listens customers. Apple users are ready to buy piece of crap as long as Apple puts its brand on it. That’s really the issue here.

  13. Sean Devine says:

    I had a similar “what the &*$*” moment today at work…
    For me, there’s nothing more frustrating then WebEx. On their downloads page they say that they support “Mac OS X or later” on a G3 with “64MB RAM Virtual Memory on Netscape Communicator 4.5 through 4.7, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5″.
    This isn’t even true! With 10.3 (Panther), there is no way (that I know of) to run WebEx. I’ve tried all browser combinations and WebEx clients that I could find.
    Unfortunately, there’s nothing that I can do about it. Until clients stop using WebEx, I’ll keep borrowing my colleagues’ PCs. sign…

  14. Harlan says:

    Alex, when making arguments regarding value, it is generally helpful to include such things as prices, features, reliability, warranty, and the like. Simply saying Windows is better, with nothing backing it up, is a much stronger argument for part of being a windows user is ranting online and showing how proud you are.
    So until you at least name one thing that makes internet video on a pc any better than on a mac, you probably shouldn’t say much.

  15. hartmurmur says:

    Alex, are you out of your freaking mind?
    That is likely the most ignorant Windows vs. Mac comment I have heard in the last 5 years.
    When people will understand that there are certain technologies only available on Windows that provides great value for windows users.
    Vice versa.
    That’s why people choose Windows and not Macs.
    Really? That’s why a select few choose Windows. Others have no choice. Corporate standards dictate many of these choices. Home users who have little computer knowledge get what is cheapest, what they use at work, or what is readily available at their local Best Buy, etc.
    Macs are good on average but they lack lots of software support.
    Name some.
    Apple is too busy marketing their products as cool products, but they don’t develop their operating system well enough.
    Marketing is a part of business…an important part of business. Apple actually does a small amount of marketing for it’s computer systems and software (mostly print). They do advertise for the iPod, but that shouldn’t be confused with the effort (or lack of effort as you suggets) in developing the OS.
    OS X has evolved into something far more advanced than Windows in the same timeframe. I don’t get your point.
    But I think part of being a mac user is ranting online and showing how proud you are for being a mac user, and nobody cares about that.
    Then why did you write something about it?
    Microsoft is much better than Apple on providing value and that it listens customers.
    Listens to customers…or did you mean security advisors and the government? Or was it the open source movement? Couldn’t be Open Source because as you said, people buy Windows because they need software that you can’t get anywhere else.

  16. Scott says:

    Wow, hartmurmur made a great point! I also think that too many people have no choice when they buy a computer. If I had my choice I would definately have bought a mac.

  17. yafujifide says:

    Alex is a kind of user I didn’t actually know existed. He thinks Windows is better, and he actually prefers it. Personally, I think the latest versions of Windows are solid operating systems, but they simply aren’t as good Apple’s, for many reasons.
    I’m stuck with Windows because the software I use has locked me in. I’m bitter because of it.

  18. Krasimir says:

    What is the similarity between LINUX and the Indian tent?
    No GATES, no WINDOWS, only one Apache inside!

  19. amd says:

    yafujifide: try out some Linux distros… They have wine program which enables you to run Windows programs in Linux. I played half-life using it :D

  20. Farhan says:

    I have a dream that one day this world of the wide web will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all OSs and Browsers are created equal.
    I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Redmond the sons of former apple developers and the sons of former PC owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
    I have a dream that one day even the likes of users like Alex, a user sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
    I have a dream that my browsers and operating systems will one day live in a www where they will not be judged by the ability to play windows media player files but by the functionality of their character.
    I have a dream today.

  21. Chris says:

    Heh, that’ll teach you. You could always use a real computer ;)

  22. Bryan Peters says:

    Alex is funny…
    I’ve been a PC guy my entire life. I’ve got 2 MSCEs, am a Windows web developer, and even I know that a Mac is a superior OS. Windows is the McDonalds of computers. Pick your analogy…

  23. Nick P says:

    The one that always gets me is the USA cable channel Showtime ( You can only access their site if you’re in the US – despite being able to buy various DVD’s of their shows no matter where you are!

  24. compuwhiz7 says:

    “He thinks Windows is better, and he actually prefers it.”
    I’m one too! I certainly respect the Macintosh platform, but that’s not to say I prefer it. ;)

  25. Darrel says:

    Alex clearly works in IT. He has the ability to fake believability in his own statements to ensure his organization will continue to use Windows to protect his continued job security.
    The reason IT departments embrace IE-only ‘web’ applications is that it guarantees that the desktop OS will continue to be Windows, which will continue to need constant IT support. ;o)

  26. beto says:

    Darrel, talk about a vicious circle!

  27. Foofy says:

    Windows Media 9 is now available for the Mac, sure, but not all the individual technologies are supported yet. And last I checked, the browser-embedding stuff is one of them.
    That could be why they’re denying Mac users access. It just won’t work, at present at least. Or maybe they just haven’t gotten around to fixing it for WMP9 on the Mac yet.
    There is a small possibility that MSN just wants to punish Mac users for being Mac users, but really, I try to believe in the inherent goodness of mankind and all that rot. :)

  28. I’m split between the fact that Microsoft (MSN) has a right to control who has access to its services
    We all have the right to do a lot of things. Does that mean you should? No, and in fact, I think any reasonably mature person would deride such logic as, “I did because I can,” in this context as hopelessly short-sighted.

  29. That first line in my previous comment was intended to be blockquoted. My comments follow.

  30. Joe Clark says:

    Serving video, even Windows Media, can be reliably done to Mac users with correct coding (but usually, if not always, different from what IE/Win takes). Making everything standards-compliant is a separate issue.
    But to jump from that to Microsoft’s claim that *only* Windows users can, and indeed may, see the video is quite the leap, don’t you think, Alex?

  31. Sadish says:

    If they say you need a ‘Windows Media Player’ to access the video., I may be ok with that. but I dont know how they would come up and say it works only on Windows.
    I guess MSN Video will eventually be a ‘pay per view’ thing. In that case, they do have to support other Operating Systems as well.
    let us see.

  32. compuwhiz7 says:

    Seth: That’s why I said I was split. ;)

  33. Dante says:

    I was mortified and enraged when I found out Gmail doesn’t work in Opera.

  34. lavalamp says:

    I’m a windows user and I like it, what’s the big deal? I know it’s not Apple’s fault, but the basic fact is that Windows has all the games and I’m a gamer.
    Because Windows runs on a PC, I can upgrade whichever bit of my system I want at any time I want. Sure Windows has security holes and virus’ creep in every so often, but I format every 3-6 months anyway, that way my HDD stays clean and reasonably defragged.
    One question though, if Windows does suck so much, why do so many people use it? I know that it’s been said that people will just buy whatever they use at work and stuff, but how did Windows get so big in the first place?
    Windows does everything I need it to, I don’t like IE (obviously) but the rest of it is OK. I’ve just picked up a copy of XP Pro, now I can use IIS which is built into it to run my ASP code when I’m testing. I cannot for the life of me install Apache, call me retarded or whatever because to me it’s just a brick wall.

  35. Dan Martin says:

    I am totally floored by the amount of big business websites that ignore some browsers, or don’t implement certain features for every browser.
    Imagine the greeter at wal-mart saying we don’t like your shoes, so you can’t come in. Or you can come in, but you have to hop on one leg with a blindfold on aisles 12, 23 and 26.
    It is truly ridiculous, and actual store fronts would face discrimination lawsuits if they used these same tactics in their stores.

  36. Rake says:

    Heh, I tried to install a trial version of McAffee Anti Virus. I’m using FireFox, amongst others for security reasons, but it actually required me to install IE! Well, they lost a potential customer…

  37. Dan Martin says:

    Gee there was thought provoking comment. As long as we are drawing metaphorical parallels between humans and computers… Being a 13-15 year old macaphobic or not…how exactly do you come to the conclusion that Windows ME is the best? I’ll admit OSX has a lot of eye candy features, however any system administrator can appreciate what is under the hood. I recently just started delving into the mac world with a cheap used iMac to go with the PCs running win2000 and Linux, and I can definitely say my next new computer purchase is going to be the G5.
    There is no clear “better” computer it is just what best fits your own personal needs. Thoughtful Web developers and designers don’t discriminate between different platforms, they make sure nobody is left out.

  38. nick says:

    The most annoying “denied” message has to be the infinite loop of “You need at least a 4.0 browser” javascript warnings at I guess it doesn’t like Firefox’s 0.9ity. (If you plan on visiting that site, you need to be real quick on the close button :) )

  39. Eric Hortop says:

    It’s the clippy syndrome again. Serve me the damn content and I’ll figure out how to make it work if it’s worth it to me… if Safari gives me a broken-object icon, so it does, but locking people out of content is bad form.
    Helpfully redirecting people for compatibility reasons will make me turn off JavaScript and assail the site the old-fashioned way. Making JavaScript-dependent navigation while helpfully redirecting me will aggravate me to no end.
    It’s not about Macs being better or worse, it’s about leaving user agents to be generic user agents and letting them do the graceful degredation (less pain and suffering for overworked designers, and making me happy!). Sites that do otherwise are too clever by half, and will wind up being subverted 90% of the time by a determined user with an unwanted UA anyway.

  40. Denis says:

    Alex is lost maybe a fresh-acquaintance with a Linux distro might make him learn the true meaning and potential that computers can achieve & also by their users.
    Sorry for commenting on this quite late in the conversation.

  41. Paul says:

    I’m a s**ty Windows user, but only because I’m too stupid to use Linux (yet) and because I currently rely on my Windows knowledge to make money.
    Windows is a product designed to make money – it happens to be sort of an operating system. Linux is designed to be a computer operating system – it happens to make some money :p Hmm… which will work, be reliable, powerful, etc?
    Macs are cool, without them MS would be even more powerful. And we wouldn’t have Eudora (if you use Outlook {express} you are gay).
    Windows (2k) has lots of good things (you realise more as you develop) and has a gentle learning curve, but Microsoft just set out to be evil. They will do you over, and by selling out to the easy route the general user base helps MS do more evil.
    About most ppl using Windows: Ppl can choose any OS, but most ppl don’t know how to install an OS (why would they?) so they get what they’re given. Yes they can choose Macs, but if they want x86 architechure, and they go to an OEM (say Dell), they get Windows. OEMs would love to supply dual boot systems (with say Linux) – what a value add! Unfortunately they have been blackmailed into not doing it. If they supply anything but the exact version of Windows that MS say, they lose their OEM discount = no business = no jobs = not going to happen.
    MS bully their way through everything – even if Windows actually worked I’d still slag MS.
    Sorry for saying the same old stuff, but I wanted to get it out of my system.
    Big up the POSIX complient OS’s!

  42. Jay says:

    Ppl can choose any OS, but most ppl don’t know how to install an OS (why would they?) so they get what they’re given.
    Frankly, I believe it’s less not understanding how to install a different OS, and more not even being aware that other OS’s exist. Think about your non-computer savvy relatives and co-workers (assuming you don’t work for a design firm or computer company, of course) – the vast majority are barely aware of the fact that Windows is an “operating system” and not the entire computer itself. The thought they have other options never enters their minds.
    “hartmurmur” has it right. We (as in readers of sites like Simplebits) just don’t get it because we’re in fairly select company, when you get right down to it.
    Then again, maybe I just live in the sticks. ;p

  43. Dim says:

    Apple makes its products either art-design, or fashion oriented. If you’re not into graphics, publishing, etc. Win is whole way more appropriate platform for a professional. Just look around and compare how much software available for Win and Mac. This is what makes it truly versatile. With all the due respect to Apple, I don’t usually enjoy limits. Windows, with all its issues set you free.