Regarding the Porta-Poti in Maine

Porta-PotiThe highlight of a relaxing weekend in Maine is best illustrated by a photo I took just outside a Porta-Poti in downtown Damariscotta. By clicking the thumbnail, you’ll notice the large sign in front of a pair of portable toilets which reads, “Porta-Poti Contributions”. I got more than a mild juvenile chuckle after reading this, figuring that after I used the Damariscotta Porta-Poti, perhaps my name should be added to the list.
I felt honored that alongside Barnswallow Bed & Breakfast, Narragansett Leathers, and even McDonald’s (perhaps a catch-all for the entire family?), I too have used these convenient public restrooms.
This also reminded my how clever the naming is for these foul places. “Porta-Poti”, “Porta-John”, etc. — it’s as if the goofy name will somehow lessen the terrible experience of having to use one.
DamariscottaBut to say this was the highlight would be actually far from the truth, as we had a wonderful time just north of Portland, hiking and checking out small-town Maine. A nice way to say an early good bye to summer.