Comments Are Disabled

After waking up to over 200 comment spams this morning, I’ve had to disable comments on the site for now. For a while, I wasn’t getting any spams — but then about a week ago I started getting maybe 5 a day. Until last night, when someone just dropped on bomb over here. So commenting is broken for now, and (maybe) will be back soon. Clearly I need to take better measures in preventing this stuff. Thanks.

Update: Commenting is now restored. I’m hopeful that, along with MT-Blacklist which I’ve had installed for a long time, the following will help combat future spamming: renaming mt-comments.cgi and removing the “Post” button from the entry page (forcing a preview of your comment before posting). These tips and more, explained. It also appears that MT3.1 has a vastly improved editing interface for comments, hopefully easing the process of deleting 200 comments all at once. An upgrade may be in order.