No sooner was the Thanksgiving turkey consumed than Kerry and I were packing to head up to freezing Montréal for the weekend. The cold weather and short trip made for not seeing all of the city that we probably should have, but we were there for one reason and one reason only: to see the Pixies play live.

The PixiesSecond on a list of “I didn’t think I’d get a chance to see that” (first being the Red Sox miracle of October 2004). Did that really happen? Did the Pixies reunite — and more importantly — did they sound great? Aside from the horrible acoustics of the venue (a hockey arena), the show was surreal — and only would be for a fan that never thought they’d be able to witness it. Heck, Joey Santiago was possibly the largest influence on me, in my old music playing days.

A highlight was seeing bassist Kim Deal play the entire set with a permanent smile. Evidence that the band enjoyed playing together again. And without saying a single word to the audience the whole way though, all four members took a good five minutes at the end to pace the front of the stage, waving and smiling to the crowd that was going berzerk.

Was it worth the six-hour drive? You bet. And I hope to catch another show here in Boston, where I’m told there’ll be many.


  1. Dale Cruse says:

    My girl and I will be there for the first show at Tsongas Arena in a couple of days. We’re looking forward to it!

  2. Rock on! I didn’t make it to the .ca concert, but you can believe I’ll make it to one of the Boston/NYC shows

  3. I saw them (for the first time) in Berkeley back in September. It was just as you described. They looked and sounded like they were having a great time.
    I don’t know if they are having a good enough time to make a new album. I know they are at least thinking about it because there was some joking around about how they were looking at labels but weren’t in a rush because they weren’t sure if they even needed one.
    Imagine the Pixies self-publishing…

  4. Neil says:

    We saw them perform in Atlanta last month at the Fox Theater. It was an incredible show as well. As you said, I didn’t think I’d ever see them perform and it was an experience I’ll never forget. Glad you had a great time!

  5. nedward says:

    We’re going to the Amherst and 1st Lowell shows this week… and I’m glad as hell to hear that you enjoyed the show.

  6. Wow thats so cool. I wish I could go see the Pixies. That would just be a dream come true. Oh well.

  7. Jon says:

    I saw them in Austin at the Austin City Limits Festival. Exact same scenario. Terrible acoustics with the occasional sound hiccup. Band seemed to be really enjoying it but did not say a word to the massive crowd to see them.

  8. Stephane says:

    What !?!? The Pixies in Montreal ?!?! and I missed it !!!!
    I use to be a big fan and I LIVE in Montreal, must have been under a rock, this one completely pass me by.
    The album Surfer Rosa and Alec Eiffel from Trompe le monde are still in my best album/songs list. Hope you enjoy the show for people not there.

  9. Farhan Lalji says:

    Sorry to go off on a – slight – tangent, but couldn’t resist the urge to plug a great Canadian city as well… Montreal’s a great town, might be a little cold right now, but you definitely should go back to experience the city. Great nightlife, pubs, cafes, people.

  10. Aww man! I love the Pixies! Hope they make it over to the UK some time. Hope you had a good time at the concert mate.

  11. Andy Stones says:

    The Pixies played in Manchester (UK) not so long ago…
    A friend of mine got tickets through a ‘contact’, unfortunately for me I wasn’t at the receiving end of one of these tickets :(
    Shame, The Pixies Rock!

  12. Alan says:

    I saw the Pixies play T-in-the-park in Scotland this summer and they were just fantastic. They were the only reason I went, (getting to old for these concert :-) )

  13. M.e. says:

    I had my fill of the Pixies in high school. It seems I completely missed the boat on Cathode, though! I just downloaded everything. I think I’m in for a very productive day at the office.

  14. RE: The Pixies played in Manchester (UK) not so long ago…
    A colleague of mine just mentioned that to me… dunno where I’ve been burying my head! :)

  15. Sverrir says:

    I watched them play in Iceland last may and they were great no doubt about it.
    Go see them if you can :)

  16. shawn says:

    i had the privilege of seeing them in columbia, missouri a month or so ago. wonderful show.

  17. luxuryluke says:

    i saw them at the first lollapalooza back in the eighties. definitely worth the cash!!!
    -a frank black worshipper.

  18. Stephane says:

    I follow your link about your old music playing days yesterday. I’ve been listening to your band since, it’s really good, it sounds a little bit like Tortoise witch is a really good thing.
    Really good.

  19. We flew from Vancouver/ca to LA and drove out to the “Springs” see the Pixies and The Cure at Coachella… best show i’ve ever, ever been to! The Pixies sounded great, and Robert was amazing! All in all it was an excellent show, with many an awesome band to see.

  20. Will Baer says:

    I saw ‘em at the Aragon in Chicago. Living history never sounded so good! I don’t think I’ve ever watched anyone play and enjoy themselves like they did. It was a blast. All this, and I got to see the show for FREE!

  21. monkeyinabox says:

    I got to see them back in September when they played in Bend, OR.
    It was a huge enough thrill getting to see the Pixies after they broke up. It was one of those “when hell freezes over moments”. The second major treat was they came to my town! Normally I have to drive 3 hours to any good shows. 3 hours there and 3 hours back, can make a fun concert, a little less fun, but this time I didn’t have to drive anywhere! The next best thing was I got free tickets to the show. It was truly, one of those “life doesn’t get any better than this” moments. Ahhhhh

  22. Stephen says:

    Wow, I have no idea you ‘rocked.’ Sounds like an awesome time, although I think the Pixies were way before my time…

  23. Dalibor says:

    How is Montreal during this time of the year? I went there in July and had an awesome time. It certainly is a great city.

  24. Stephane says:

    I can answer to Dalibor, Montreal in november is cold !
    No more festival but the pubs are still full :-)

  25. Bryan Buchs says:

    I saw them about 2 weeks ago in Milwaukee. It was their first show back after taking a break halfway through the tour. Oddly enough, our acoustics sucked, too. But it was a great show. Lots of old material, not so much of the later stuff.
    I had the same feeling; I missed them the last time they came through, and never thought I’d get a chance to make up for it. It was just great to see the songs live.

  26. Lyrad says:

    Following the link to your old band…
    Which one’s you?

  27. Benfal says:

    I was there too, in montreal. AMAZING

  28. While I’m not surprised to find out that you drove six hours for a concert, I am surprised to hear that you were in a band. What else are you keeping from us? ;-)

  29. Hein Tore says:

    I saw Pixies at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark this summer. The show was great, and I almost fell to the ground when they performed my all time favourite Pixies song: “Dead”.
    I miss summer.

  30. Nikole Jolie says:

    Agree! The Pixies Rock!! :)

  31. brian says:

    Austin City Limits, the long running PBS music series, will feature a performance by the Pixies on January 29 (check local listings). The PBS web site will soon include a Pixies song list, a post-show interview and video clip of the performance. http://www.pbs.org/klru/austin/

  32. Phil Paskvan says:

    I saw the Pixies at the Fox Theater in Detroit a few weeks ago. A GREAT venue. Its a very baroque theater and it set the mood perfectly. Kim sang “Heaven” and I still feel it in my head. Simply dreamy. The band said not a word but I find now that is pretty normal.
    I can’t believe I heard Gouge Away, Gigantic, Hey, and so many faves in person.
    I had the fortune to see the Cocteau Twins at the Fox too and these are my best music memories. Find a Pixies’ venue, get a ticket and drive as far as necessary.

  33. Megan says:

    Saw the Pixies Monday 12/6 in Norfolk, Va—-INCREDIBLE! I almost didn’t go because in the past when I’ve gone to reunion shows I ended up disappointed and my youthful nostalgic memories are screwed by a bad experience. I’m so glad I didn’t miss out. They talked to us after the first set, they seemed to be having a great time and were really appreciative towards the audience.

  34. Ben says:

    Your comment about Kim smiling all the way through reminded me of of the last time I saw the Pixies. It was in London, 1989 and I was 18. Kim smoked a cigarette for an entire track (I forget which one) without taking it out of her mouth once. I fell immediately in love.

  35. Tim Jarrett says:

    Regarding the Pixies, I could write a thousand words or more about their December 2 show in Lowell. (Wait, I already did…) Most amazing show I’ve seen.
    Regarding Cathode, I’m looking forward to checking out your old band, but I’m noticing that Track 2, sleepingandbreathing, is 404ing.

  36. Al says:

    Cool story! I am heading to see them tonight in NYC. Bought the tix 3 mos. ago but couldn’t wait this long. Sooooo…..my girlfriend, Jettari and I flew to Boca Raton to see them in Oct. Was thrilled. All should see them. Even if it means travel.

  37. Moosh says:

    Oh why won’t they come to Australia??? There’s plenty of fans over here, we’re all waiting and hoping and waiting and hoping!!! Please can someone with influence tell them there is reason for a trip to Oz??!! I beggeth of you!!!

  38. Caroline says:

    Come to Australia.

  39. jeremy says:

    come to austalia pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. KAG says:

    I wish they would come to Australia too. *pouts*

  41. chango says:

    I saw ‘em in Montreal, they were alright, the Datsuns rocked the most