Changes to the design of SimpleBits have always come in small, incremental tweaks. I’ve had to restrain myself from making a complete departure from the basic theme. This is partly due to time, and partly due to always coming back to the same concept. Is it perfect? No way. But for now (and for a long while) it has worked, leaving time for other things.

This little update is very tiny. I’ve removed the icons from the navigation. The site as a whole was in danger of being consumed by icons. Icons everywhere. So I thought I’d strip down the design, and let it flow around the work, rather than force the work into the design.

screen shotGone are the (rather pointless) color theme switcher buttons, replaced by a new default frosty blue. Instead of changing header colors, you can now toggle between a centered, fixed-width layout and a widescreen, fluid-width version. This was a bit tricky, in order to keep design elements in the header and sidebar consistent. I’ve used the “Sliding Faux Columns” approach (1, 2, 3) in achieving a flexible, yet full-length sidebar.

For me, it’s difficult to stop tweaking. To know when to stop and when something is done. And at times, it’s fun to remove things, distilling a theme or idea a bit more than originally planned. Here’s to the constant ebb and flow of web design.