Done Fiddling (for now)

What started as an attempt to cure this site of its over-use of grey, turned into more of a site design update than planned. So after several weeks of refinements, I’m done fiddling. And having done several subtle updates over the last several months, perhaps I don’t know when to stop.

In addition to new colors (the blue sky and green grass lend further evidence that I’m trying to be the Ben & Jerry’s of web design) I’ve chopped the home page down by displaying just excerpts of the recent Notebook entries. Because of this, the recommended link list has been moved to the main Notebook page. It’s not that this list is now unimportant — it just doesn’t fit on the shortened page anymore.

It’s been just over a year since I turned SimpleBits into a full-time job, and throughout this time, I’ve often struggled with the personal weblog vs. company portfolio vs. everything else balance. There was a time when I debated creating a separate site for business only, but then realized that it may eventually go largely unvisited. So I’m committed to keeping everything right here. A mix of everything it’s always been, and it’s certianly convenient this way.

Here’s to bold, bright colors in 2005 — a year that’s already looking to be filled with fun projects and exciting work and (hopefully) less global tragedy.