Two Photos of a Cabbage Leaf

While Kerry and I were making stuffed cabbage for dinner, I suddenly had the urge to try a new camera that was purchased just before the holidays. Artistic attempts at capturing edible objects ensued.
Here are two of the results:
cabbage leaf closeup
cabbage leaf closeup
As you can see, a cabbage leaf makes quite a nice, natural bowl — a perfect receptacle for more food to be placed within. You could even serve soup out of one of these. Never underestimate the receptive qualities of a good cabbage leaf.


  1. Carla says:

    I guess this is how you learn that the opportunity for awesome digital pictures strikes when you least expect it… even in the kitchen. It all depends on your ability to focus on something and compose a good frame. Of course it is always good to also carry a camera around :)

  2. kadavy says:

    Wow, a Zeiss in such a small camera!? I got a Konica Minolta Dimage Xt for its portability, but I don’t know if its optics are so outstanding. Yes, it is good to have a camera at all times.

  3. That first pic is seriously crisp.
    //checks out camera specs…
    7.2 megapixels??! Holy ****! Coming from a professional photography background, I’ve always avoided digicams because of their lame treatment of skin tones, but this little sucker seems too packed with features not to try out.
    You’re not getting payed by Sony for this post, are you?

  4. Nice. 7.2M for that small size is not bad at all. Waiting to get my 20D soon. Well, hopefully!

  5. JD says:

    If you posted a quiz using the second photograph and asked us what the thing is, I would not have identified it as a cabbage! The 2nd pic absolutely rocks! :)

  6. Those are really neat photos. I love the textures of the leaf – especially the bottom side of the leaf in the second picture.

  7. Jehiah says:

    I’m glad you like your sony. I just purchased the same one, though mine is black :-P
    It does take really nice pictures of which you can see in my photo album. My favorite so far is of central park from my trip to new york.

  8. Jeff Werner says:

    A cabbage leaf makes quite a nice, natural bowl – a perfect receptacle for more food to be placed within
    Such as–oh–cabbage rolls? Mmmm, Ukranian cabbage rolls.

  9. Jeremy Nimmo says:

    Remember the “effective” between 7.2 and megapixels. Maybe four million real, working, honest to god pixels. But those are some very nice pictures you’ve taken.

  10. Phil Sherry says:

    Right. That settles it: I’m going to sell my Sony P10 and buy one of those!

  11. Julian says:

    Very nice pictures! I’d like to buy this camera for myself… But maybe I’ll purchase an iPod first ;-)

  12. Philipe says:

    I’ve bought this camera for cristmas and i’ts the best cam i’ve ever had. I love the M mode where you can set the opening time of the lens (good to make nice shoots at night).

  13. The Narrator says:

    Any chance we’ll see some cabbage desktops … or any desktops from you for that matter?
    C’mon, give it up!

  14. Bryan says:

    My wife and family think I am crazy sometimes, because if its a holiday occasion like Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have my Canon with me, and the next thing you know, I am taking pictures of turkey, closeups up chocolate cheese cake, stuffing, etc…
    There is something about capturing the detail of food, it just feels right :)

  15. Bryan says:

    Oh yea, from my understanding, the only difference you will see between a 4 mp camera and a 7 mp camera is in the printed photographs. They say that the difference in on screen quality doesn’t come necessarily from the mega pixels, but other things with the camera, but with a 7.2, you can print much larger pictures.

  16. Bryan says:

    Canon Powershot is what I have. Only 3.2 pixels, but it took some nice shots of an apartment fire in my complex the other night from about 500 feet away at night.
    Apartment Fire pictures.
    Some are a little blurry, probably because it was night and the camera has a hard time auto focusing.

  17. #13 said: “Any chance we’ll see some cabbage desktops… or any desktops from you for that matter?
    With the increased resolution, I’m thinking I could make some decent ones now. The camera I was using before was only 2MP — worked fine for smallish shots, but desktops were blurry. Good thinking.
    #15 said: “the only difference you will see between a 4 mp camera and a 7 mp camera is in the printed photographs.
    I’m sure you’re right — I loved my 2MP Nikon, and the only time is showed its lack of power was when I wanted to blow some up for printing. Printing at 5×7 worked great, however. I mainly bought the Sony for its size, speed, better display, etc. and now…. erm…. desktops!

  18. Offtopic: I finished the first two chapters of your book last night Dan. Good book so far and now I know how to make a nav bar using CSS and and tags :D.

  19. dave.defmech says:

    Excellent shots. I’ve got the Sony P120 5 mega pixel camera. Came with 2 batteries. Very handy. I’m super impressed with the shots. Recommended.
    BTW: I got my Simplebits tshirt in last week. It’s super nice, top quality cotton too. :)

  20. Kim Siever says:

    Mmmm…cabbage rolls. My aunt made an entire roaster full of those every New Year’s Eve. I haven’t had any for a very long time.

  21. n8 says:

    how’s the battery life on that bad boy?
    i have a canon G3, and the battery lasts quite a while, even under heavy use. i’d consider something like this in the future for greater portability if the battery life is long.

  22. Crisp shots, but I think your lighting needs work That’s the problem with artificial light, unfortunately – that yellowish cast.

  23. Dustin says:

    I like the bowl shape. Also, nice camera, but no offense, you don’t need a 7.2 MP camera to take that picture.
    But I’m sure you have much bigger plans with your new digi cam.
    Candid shots are the best.

  24. Guys, I hate to burst your bubble, but black and white film photography beats digital any day!

  25. Ethan says:

    Dan, those photos are hot—lettuce never looked so sexy.
    Don’t judge me.

  26. Nick says:

    Those really are exceptional photos. I must try taking some pictures of food immediately!
    I bought the Canon EOS300D/Digital Rebel just before Christmas in time for a trip to Cambodia and must say I’m very happy with the quality and colour sensitivity of the photos.
    You can check out the results if you’re so inclined here

  27. Bruno Girin says:

    Cool pictures! And they go well with your new green menu bar :-) Which makes me think, I’ve got to try this cabbage soup diet that my uncle told me about at Christmas, it’s supposed to make you lose 2 to 3 kilogramms a day! Sounds impossible so I want proof. And cabbage can’t be bad for you anyway.

  28. #18 and #19 – Thanks! Really happy to hear that.

  29. M.e. says:

    Please consider the cabbage the next time you have the impulse to purchase styrofoam bowls.

  30. Dan, just very offtopic – what happened with your bike idea? Do you still ride it? Together with your wife? At least 50-100 miles per week? Because, you promised us, your faithful reades, that you’ll post an update on this matter! :-)
    Oherwise, yes, very nice pictures of a cabbage:)
    I’m some kind of an amateur in photography, and am quite happy (still) with my Pentax Optio S40… you can see one of my favourite shots or in macro mode, and also here.
    Keep shooting! You have an eye, and that’s the most important thing!
    (PS And don’t forget to post about the bikes again!;-)

  31. Egor Kloos says:

    I blame Jon Hicks. Another nut for leaves ;)

  32. Kenny F says:

    That’s so weird because my wife and I were cooking recently and we bought this strange vegetable at the organic market. So I took some pictures with my (not new) Nikon Coolpix 990.

  33. Jeff says:

    Why does everything you do have to be so beautiful?
    I just got my cyber-shot 5.1 mp and I can’t do anything like that.
    (I’m also amazingly happy with my SimpleBits t-shirt… I love it! My favorite shirt pitifully enough now…)

  34. javi says:

    I have a fk, hp 2.1 … :( see my pictures in the blog

  35. Andy Stones says:

    #32. Is that a Cauliflower?
    Finished the book Dan. I’ve got everyone else in the office reading it too.

  36. Ben Spicer says:

    Hi Dan,
    Nice photos, nice pics of the cabbage!
    Enjoyed the book tremendously, keep up the good work!

  37. Carol W says:

    Fabulous photos, and here I am with a tiny (given to me) 2MP camera. What is the “strange vegetable?? More great photos!
    I’m learning from absolute scratch to make myself a web site, and haven’t opened it yet, but there’s a fair bit there in progress, and visitors are welcome (more than half photos, mostly dogs. Are you in the Boston area? I’m originally from around there.
    Sun, 09 Jan 2005 15:16:15 (PST)
    Carol W

  38. Dalibor says:

    Did you at all enhance the photo in Photoshop? I ask because it looks stunning.

  39. Heh… Cabbage. Corn is better!

  40. dave says:

    Hey Dan, just wanted to comment on the Nikon 775. I have owned two of them now and love it more than the newer coolpix models. I even have the Canon Digital Rebel, yet still find the 775 an excellent (inexpensive) choice!
    Also, wonderful website design. Inspiring.

  41. Christian says:

    Never knew cabbage could look so tasty…

  42. #40 Dave – You’re right, the Nikon 775 is a great camera. I was always amazed by the quality that came out of it. I’m guessing the lens is what sets it apart? The lack of megapixels certainly doesn’t seem to hinder it.

  43. Nick Toye says:

    Cabbage??? I like the image, but it just puts this uuugghh feeling in my mind. I hate cabbage, if you snap a sprout then i’ll have to go, lol.
    Great book by the way, a constant reference for me, and a massive source of inspiration.

  44. The second picture reminds me a bit of the plant (Audrey II?) in the Little shop of horrors…I’ll get my coat

  45. crunchy says:

    that strange vegi is a romanesco broccoli-
    gaining popularity here in NYC- the new “hipster” broc (although the ‘rents have been growing it for years)
    …and, as always dan, nice changes to the site…
    in regards to the camera, i have been looking into cams from this pricerange… hows it play w/ os x?

  46. Peony says:

    Very professional effect camera. I have a Canon Powershot A85 ,I’ll give it to my brother. Then purchase a more professionaler camera for myself.

  47. Fionnuala says:

    You mentioned it would make a great bowl, try pouring some melted cooking chocolate inside and swirling it around until it covers the whole lot, cool and repeat.
    Then put it in the fridge for a while and then peel off the cabbage leaf, perfect chocolate bowl for a yummy desert.

  48. The comment about using the cabbage leaf for a mold was a great idea. I’m going to try it.
    The photos were absolutely beautiful. — D.H.

  49. Sprout says:

    leave my father out of it!