New Feeds Available

In the spirit of Burger King, there now two three ways to “have it your way” in regards to SimpleBits feeds. A master feed, which contains a singular flow of both articles and QuickBit links (you need not change your subscription URL if you want this feed). Or, for those that are happier with fewer items in their aggregators, there are also “articles only” and “QuickBits only” versions. All three flavors come in RSS 2.0 or Atom formats:

I suppose I could also offer a “QuickBits only” version, but for simplicity’s sake, the master feed will give you all the updates in one place. And since I’m not writing 50 articles per day, I can’t see the occasional article here and there being a nuisance, but popular demand could sway me. There was really no reason not to offer this.

Update: I’ve updated the above list of feeds to also include a “QuickBits only” version. And the feed lovers rejoice!