Stockholm Icon Updates

Just before I headed down to SXSW, I completed a large update to the Stockholm royalty-free web icon set. Several new icons were added (including shopping cart, gear cog, check mark, refresh) as well as “add” and “delete” versions of previous document and folder icons.

Stockholm iconsThe price is remaining the same (still just $45 USD) and, as always, previous purchasers of Stockholm are entitled to getting a free upgrade. Just follow the instructions further along in this entry.

Also introduced today and included free as part of the larger Stockholm set, is Stockholm Mini — 36 miniature versions of popular icons from the main set. For those that just need tiny bits only, this little pack is also available as a standalone for just $18 USD.

How to retrieve your free upgrade

If you’ve purchased Stockholm in the past, you’re entitled to getting the entire updated set (including Stockholm Mini) for free. Just point yourself to the upgrade page. You’ll be asked for a username and password. Here’s how to find those:

  1. Open your existing Stockholm icon set.
  2. Look in any folder that contains the set and lists the GIF files alphabetically in one column.
  3. The username = the first five letters of the 3rd filename listed.
  4. The password = the first four letters of the 5th filename listed.

After entering the correct username and password, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the newly updated set. Any future updates will continue to be free for those that purchase the set.