Boston-Area Web Geeks Meetup

Continuing the tradition of past gatherings, Ethan and I are organizing a meetup for web geeks in Boston. This time, beer is involved to aid the flow of witty banter on the topics of CSS, why the definition list is underused, and other equally-crucial issues as well. So, I hope you’ll join us, where we’ll be celebrating the end of winter hibernation.

Thursday, April 28th @ 7:30PM
Boston Beer Works, 112 Canal Street. Conveniently, steps from the Boston Gahden and North Station.

Free temporary use of beer coasters to the person who comes up with a better name for “Boston-Area Web Geeks”. Also, leave a comment here or with Ethan at sidesh0w if you’re interested in attending… and we hope that you will.


  1. Peter says:

    There’s a pre-existing Boston Web Design Meetup Group… you might want to post about your event over there, or even consider a combined effort. There are also probably a number of other Boston Area Meetup Groups who might be interested, for example the Boston Weblogger Meetup (which I’m a regular participant in).

  2. Todd says:

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend, I’ll be moving back to the friendly confines of New England from sunny San Diego.
    Look forward to attending.

  3. Matt says:

    dude this sounds cool…Ill check with my roomate who also does web design (he is more design, i am more a programmer).
    At any rate, beer is beer.

  4. ~bc says:

    Whatever you call it, it might make sense to drop the “standards” into it so that it attracts people who won’t be all “yo spacer gifs are the bomb, and tables rock my world.” Because those people, well, if they exist, would scare me. Maybe something less vanilla than “Boston Metro Web Standards Meetup.” ?

  5. Rafi B. says:

    Wish you guys were down here in Dallas, Texas.
    Is there any web designers down here?

  6. Rafi, there is an existing group for Dallas. I live over in NE Fort Worth, so I’ll be attending the FW Group’s meetup tomorrow evening near downtown FW at 7pm.

  7. Dave M says:

    Oh goodie, beer and the web.. my two favorite(ish) things!
    Please save a seat for me. I’m sure once the beer starts flowing, so too will new ideas for the gathering.
    Until then, one (sober) entry:
    Bits n’ Beer

  8. Rob says:

    Nice. I was hoping there would be another one of these, since I found out about the last one the day after. Can’t wait.

  9. web says:

    Dan you know I’m in .. CSS and Beer ..
    Hopefully I’ll be bringing some fellow CSS dorks with me.
    All slick groups have acronyms .. we should be B.A.D (Beantown Area Dorks)
    I think I need to kick my own a$$ after that one.

  10. Calrion says:

    Rafi B. (#5): The always lovely Eris is in Dallas, she’s started Refresh Dallas for designers to talk to each other. I’m sure she’d be delighted to hear from you.
    Myself, I’m stuck Down Under, so will have to find my own thing.

  11. Jason Liske says:

    Dude, how can you drink a nice beer without TABLES.
    A must have platform for beer drinking web geeks. Large tables with lots of SPACErs. anyhow my 2 cents is if you don’t want to snob out and exclude, why don’t you approach and welcome what is scary and we can all come together. It can’t be any worse than 1st grade.

  12. Mark says:

    Here’s a name suggestion: Boston Mass HTML Coders or BMHC – it’s a play off of Boston Mass Hard Core (ah, miss-spent youth of the 80′s…)

  13. Jeff says:

    This sounds good, but I’m only 18, and I can’t even get in. hah

  14. Antibland says:

    3 Possibles…
    1) Bits n’ Giggles
    2) The Boston Division
    3) Divided We Sit
    - Antibland

  15. Ethan says:

    Never, ever say “Bits ‘n’ Giggles” again. Ever.
    I’m going to go cry now.

  16. Antibland says:

    “Never, ever say “Bits ‘n’ Giggles” again. Ever.”
    Were you attacked by snatches of laughter as a child? I don’t get it.

  17. alan taylor says:

    I will definitely try to make it. Enjoyed the first one a while back. And for what it’s worth, I’m fine with BAWG or BAWD (Boston Area Web Geeks/Dorks).

  18. ron says:

    I’ll probably be there if i can get away from my girlfriends family obligations.
    I’d say lets meetup at Trident Cafe on Newbury street. It has:
    - Wireless
    - not too loud (good for talking)
    - good food
    - beers
    - and a space defined specifically for meetups.

  19. papio says:

    how about “beeks”?

  20. Bryan Veloso says:

    Count me in! If it’s right near North Station then I can take the bus from Providence up there. Hopefully after having a few beers I can find my way back home.

  21. Dave M says:

    yep, its about 50 yards from north station T :)

  22. Bryan Veloso says:

    But wait… I just realized that I arrive at South Station, not North Station. How far are they apart? Is a taxi worth it, or can somebody pick me up? Or something? ^_^

  23. Keri says:

    Bugger. That’s a bit of a long distance from New Zealand

  24. Andy Budd says:

    Damn, I’m in Brighton on Thursday! Maybe next time.

  25. Tally ho everyone! This ought to be a jolly good time of xthml and css nerdery. I think we should really develop some sort of hang out like the ninja turtles had. It would be a web design haven, a place where designers could go to escape the outside world and be at one with our web pages. I mean sometimes I just want to go where everybody knows my name…[sigh]
    Here’s my offer:
    New England Web Designers
    haha, get it? NEWD! Like naked? You know, where you don’t have any clothes on? Oh I just KILL myself.
    Alternate title:
    New England United Web Designers
    haha, get it? NEUWB! Like noob! You know, like newbie! Ok I’m gonna have a heart attack if I’m any funnier…

  26. Ricardo Henriques says:

    Hi!!! Just writing to tell, great site u’ve got here… Simple, tottaly funcional,good design, CSS based, loved to browse… Ciau!

  27. Daryl says:

    NEUWB = New England United Web Designers?
    Where’s the B derrived from?
    I do like NEWD though… you should roll with that.

  28. Sounds good – I’ll be there. However, if we could all please refrain from snickering and pointing at my über-newbness, I would appreciate it. ;)

  29. Scott says:

    @Daryl #27
    How about the “B” stands for “Builders”?

  30. jake says:

    After a little haggling by my compatriot Brian to get his shift moved it looks like we can both attend.
    How much of this place are we taking over? I didn’t read all the comments but there’s plenty of them. And no, I don’t have a name for it. And be glad Bri can go, otherwise I’d have to stay with one of you guys…

  31. Melissa says:

    Count me in! I am South of Boston and have been looking for a group but have yet to find one close enough. This is perfect!

  32. Peter Stringer says:

    Sounds good…looking forward to seeing what the group is all about…aside from beer, of course…

  33. Michael says:

    So close yet so far….stupid work.
    Design nerdery and beer are two of my favorite things. In fact, I am a designer at Sam Adams. I found out how to combine both!
    If I am not swamped with work I would love to attend.

  34. Brian says:

    I’ll try to pop my head in for a beeyah of course.

  35. Gabe says:

    Fellow salem resident-I have to say I’m jealous of your office space. I’ve been stealing your code for a while now, (built using your examples) should be cool to meet the man behind the bits.

  36. Excellent. Looks like we’ll have a good turnout. Gabe – I look forward to meeting another Salem web geek :-)

  37. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again. CSS and Beer – Combo of the day
    See you guys!

  38. I’ll definitely be there and may have a friend from CT in tow (or is that t0w, Ethan?). Been a while since the last get together, but I’m ok with that since we’ve gone from tea with balls to beers with balls. I’m talking about pool, you pervs!
    Oh yeah, and Salem web designers rock.

  39. Hey this sounds great! I am definitely going to make this one.
    and to Bryan, you can get there by T (take the Red line from South Sta. to Park St. and then the Green line to North Sta.)

  40. Bryan Veloso says:

    Great Erik! Thanks! I really think I can make it up there!

  41. Eileen says:

    Again this year, I won’t be making the trek from the Cape. April/May finds me swamped with work & life.
    But, Summer is coming. Any chance of combining sun, sand and sea breezes with a “Boston Area Web Geeks Meet-up by the Sea”?
    Have a great time on the 28th.

  42. Aron says:

    The Boston WebSocks

  43. paulT says:

    I’ll try to make it.
    Tables rock my world.

  44. Brett says:

    sounds great, I’ll try to make it.

  45. Vince says:

    Wish I could make it, unfortunately I have something else scheduled that night. Hopefully there’ll be another one.

  46. beer during passover? i’ll try and make the next one.

  47. I’m in Boston often and would love to meet up…is this still taking place?

  48. Drew says:

    Nice! About three months ago I got tuned in to the power of CSS, and I’ve been swimming in books ever since. I’d love to hear from people who know what they’re doing with it (or at least fake it well). I’ll be the one at Beer Works looking vaguely lost.

  49. Amitabh Handa says:

    Sorry I can’t make this one, Dan; it seems like every time you put one of these things together, I’m busy. BTW, watch out for that Pete Stringer guy (#32), he stays sober about as well as he codes webpages ;-)

  50. Designer says:

    this is an rsvp for one…
    see you then…

  51. Do you have room for one more, or are you reaching a critical mass of geek…

  52. Ron says:

    Well, i had a blast.
    thanks guys.

  53. web says:

    Yeah me too guys, always a good time. Such a great group of people, I’m sorta pissed we do it only once or twice a year. We should really setup a team N.E.W.D. Bowling league or something.
    Thanks Dan and Ethan for making this happen once again.
    Vive newdists!

  54. web says:

    Oh yeah, Dan .. the golden girls box set is fantastic BTW.

  55. Kristin says:

    Had a great time last night getting to mix and mingle with everyone. I am having a pretty slow start to my day this morning though. Since we are in New England, we could be a NEWDist colony. Hmmmmm.

  56. Erik – looks like your NEWD idea is sticking :-)
    Thanks to all that came out last night — was the best turnout yet, and it was great to meet/see you all. We’ll certainly have to do this again soon (and regularly).

  57. Marc says:

    Whoa, me too! When will the next meet be!?

  58. Melissa says:

    Thanks, I had a great time meeting everyone and hope that the group meets again. :) -m

  59. jake says:

    I’d have to concur it was fun. I’d love to see them more regular too, but not too regular… I don’t think I can take enough days days off from work to drive up there and join a newd bowling league. ;)

  60. I missed the event, but thanks for busting my chops in the comments, Amitabh! ;) (#49) Sadly, my problem is that I drink as fast as you move around Homesite with keyboard commands.
    I hope to make the next one.