Recommended: Ben Sherman Sneakers

sneakerI often call myself “1/2 vegetarian”, as my wife is a full 100%. Meals at home are usually meat-free. But I can also claim that my feet are 100% vegan, thanks to a pair of Ben Sherman “Compton” sneakers from (I’m not getting paid to mention this).

It’s like a pair of suede Adidas, minus one stripe, and in (breathable) canvas. This particular pair has been nestled in the dark reaches of my closet for the past eight months or so — emerging last week for the summer season. Here’s to meat-free shoes.


  1. Hunox says:

    The link is bad. The session has expired. Please relink.

  2. Thanks, Hunox. Should be fixed now.

  3. Oliver Zheng says:

    This is the second or third post on shoes now, the previous one being something about shoelaces. You should start your own shoe shop.

  4. M.e. says:

    Exquisite yes, but have you seen these?

  5. jeff says:

    Forget meat free, I go the distance – cloth free shoes. Here’s a recent picture of me wearing my new shoes.

  6. Jason Cosper says:

    I have a pair of brick colored Comptons that I picked up at Macy’s for $35. Were I not deathly afraid of ruining the suede [I know, boo on my non-vegan feet] in the rain, I’d wear them all the time. They’re exceedingly comfy and the brick adds a shock of color to my wardrobe whenever I roll in all black.
    I’m thinking another pair is in order. If I were able to pull off blue and orange, I’d be all over the ones you just posted. Guess I’ll need to do some shopping.

  7. Sid says:

    Wow awesome. I am vegetarian, but my shoes are the total opposite. Puma RPT 2. I should get a pair of those Ben Shermans.

  8. Those look comfy, I’ll have to order a pair. Its good to see more people being aware of what they buy and use in our over materialized world. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1993 and have found it pretty easy get around leather and animal products.

  9. aidan says:

    Ooh! Vegan essentials! I got my bag from there – its the Hemp Courier thingy and it completely rules!
    Not sure about the colouring of those ones though… they look a bit errm, orange?

  10. Dave l says:

    Vegan shoes?! Whatever next?
    These look cool, you can run 20mph in them and jump 6ft in the air.

  11. Jens Meiert says:

    What’s going on, Froogle with a new layout? ;)

  12. Brandon S says:

    WOW — I know my wife would be impressed! I am in a similar situation where my wife is 100% vegetarian and I only eat meat when out on the road. Its a bit hard when my grandpa was a cattle rancher.
    I remember my first meal with her family – after the bowl of soup and salad I kindly asked, “I can’t wait for the main course!” I probably could have used that shoe at that specific moment to place in my mouth!

  13. Alistair says:

    Dan, you truely are a geek.

  14. Chris Adams says:

    How do you know? Maybe the cotton that is in the shoe laces, were grown with cows blood as fertilizer. Meaning that they had to kill the cows to grow the cotton that they used to put in your shoes.

  15. aidan says:

    Cows blood as fertiliser?

  16. Olle Jonsson says:

    Thanks, Dan! I’m a vegan as well as a web developer geek. Finding vegan footwear that doesn’t look awful, or torture your feet… that’s difficult. Now I know what to get, when my knock-off all-plastic yellow sneakers become too much of an embarrassment.
    (Be pragmatic about it: the first 80% of being vegetarian also count, even if you happen to wear a pair of leather sneakers. It’s not a competition. But, these sneakers, they constitute part of those difficult last 20%.)
    Ruk pointed your posting out to me, and for that I’m grateful.

  17. Rob Waring says:

    But what happens when your stuck halfway up a mountain with nothing to eat. Boiled boot is a well known survival technique, even if they are a bit chewy. However they are the best looking pair of veggie trainers I’ve seen.

  18. Tim says:

    My Vans Rowleys XLTs are vegan friendly.
    Seem lighter than leather ones too.

  19. Zack says:

    Vans, in fact, have a leather-free range of snowboard boots (all minus one I think) which all stem from Geoff Rowley’s vegan influences on the Rowley XLTs.
    Here’s to socially-concious companies.

  20. Bruno Girin says:

    Now, how would you explain this to my fellow countrymen? I am French and a large proportion of the French population (and in fact most countries around the Meditteranean sea) equates vegetarian with someone who doesn’t eat red meat. I have lived in England long enough to understand what the word means in the rest of the world but I do wonder how I’d explain this back home. Here’s an illustration of the problem.

  21. Andy says:

    Ooooh sorry, but those shoes are ugly.

  22. Aegir says:

    Bruno, what on earth are you on about? None of the French people I work with (of which there are a lot), or anyone they know, thinks vegetarian means anything different from ‘does not eat meat’.
    The waiter in the illustration sounds like he doesn’t *like* vegetarians…

  23. paul says:

    non-veg’s don’t seem to realize how hard it is to find good non-meat shoes. i’m definitely going to check these bad boys out, thank you.

  24. Daryl says:

    Those shoes match your SimpleBits shirt…
    Am I the first to point that out?

  25. Dave says:

    Hmm uglllly! Who would want anything resembling adidas shoes?

  26. Hmmm… Vegan Adidas shoes…

  27. Those things would go great with a pair of kneehigh tube-socks.

  28. jeremiah says:

    “Swank Kicks” ;) Too bad they don’t carry size 15 :(
    I finally get to give something back to someone I take so much from :)
    use code “VN” to get free shipping (up to $6.95) on your next (or first) order
    [via an ad in the back of VegNews Magazine]
    I did not get paid for this message… well ok, maybe karma points but that is it.

  29. melanie says:

    Dan-if us Kings could wear meat on our feet we would, just to aggravate the missus!!! :)

  30. VeganLosers says:

    I just cut holes directly in the backs of small animals and slide my feet right in.

  31. roberto says:

    those shoes are sweet

  32. GEorge Z says:

    Could be the ugliest shoes humanity has seen!

  33. kadavy says:

    VeganLosers gets funniest comment award.

  34. Joe Clark says:

    I tend not to worry that half my shoes are leather. Like Morrissey, I simply prefer to be ashamed.

  35. Rafi B. says:

    Dan – How are the insoles on this shoe? I’ve got plantar-fasciitis so I’m always on the hunt for shoes that are padded and feel good.

  36. JK says:

    Vegetarians should rule the world

  37. If you like Vegetarian shoes, you should really check out They have a huge selection, including canvas Comptons. And, their prices are better and they have the best service of any online store, hands down. Go there and search “vegan” or “vegetarian” and you’ll heart too.

  38. Alex says:

    Vegetarian shoes? I don’t get it. o.O

  39. Mary says:

    Vegetarians rocks! :)

  40. Karl says:

    Cranky, you start out looking for equal heights for and end up with vegan shoes.. nice! Nothing like being sidetracked. Thumbs up for vegan shoes, I’ve been wearing down a pair of Rowley Vans over the last year, but treated myself to some new ones at recently. All their shoes are vegan, no sweatshop labour, very decent quality. Perfect!
    Apart from your shoes, well done with all the helpful ideas for all us slightly CSS-challenged people Dan!

  41. VeganJenn says:

    I have a pair of the comptons from Veganessentials (blue). I love them. They are wearing out so I am actually looking into getting a new pair. I also love Montrail’s many vegan hiking shoes. I got my hikers through REI though.

  42. max says:

    guys i need to know what kind of shoes those are:
    i dont think theyr adidas…