microformats.org Launched

Officially announced at Supernova2005 earlier this week, a new community-based site has been launched to be the official home for microformats — with a logo and simple site design from SimpleBits.

microformats screen shotmicroformats.org contains anything and everything you’d want to know about microformats, how to implement them, who’s involved, and how to join the conversation regarding a new way of thinking about meaningful markup.

To quote from the inaugural weblog post:

In the true spirit of the web, microformats are designed for humans first, taking advantage of what works today. Built on exisiting standards such as XML and XHTML, microformats are a new way of thinking about markup, exposing the visible data that’s already in page content.

Naturally, having thought a bit about meaningful markup in the past (1, 2) I’m an instant fan of the concept of microformats, and it’s exciting to now see it organized under one roof. Hopefully this organization will make it easier to reach the design and development masses.

microformats logoThe talents of many went into putting the site together, and it’ll be interesting to watch it grow. Part of the fun design process for the site involved creating a logo for microformats — one that embodied the “building smaller pieces on top of existing, larger standards”. The result we arrived on worked ideally with bright green at the top layer, signifying “new growth” — the same process that was happening with plants and trees at the time the logo was being designed.

As for the site design itself, it’s intent is to simply focus on content rather than ride the cutting edge of eye-popping visuals, or reinvent the wheel. That said, the subtle curved borders of boxes and navigation treatments are created with flexibility in mind, being able to accommodate varying text sizes and amounts.

My thanks go to Tantek Çelik for getting me involved, and to the folks at CommerceNet for sponsoring the design, as well as the team of contributors that worked hard to crank the site out in a short period of time.