Odeo Opens its Doors

Discover, create, and subscribe to original audio content for your iPod or MP3 player. Earlier this month, Odeo opended its doors to the public, with a site design from SimpleBits.

The new company founded by Evan Williams and Noah Glass has finally pulled back the curtain, enabling the masses to discover and subscribe to audio content (or “podcasts”). Think of Odeo as the Flickr of podcasts. But going even further, Odeo will eventually have creation tools that will allow you to easily create your own shows (podcasts) in a variety of cool new ways (sort of like if Flickr also included the camera).
screen shotI had the pleasure of working with Noah and Ev in creating the visual design for the Odeo site, as well as the initial XHTML and CSS templates that were based on the three actions: Listen, Sync, Create. The Odeo team could take these designs, add to them, extend them, etc. within their fantastic Ruby on Rails framework. Dunstan Orchard also provided the excellent JavaScript and AJAX-y interface enhancements, as well as rewriting the CSS and improving the UI prior to launch. His scripting skills are unstoppable.
More important than the design though, is the the cool stuff that you can do with Odeo — making it easy to find interesting audio, sync it with your device, comment on channels and shows, etc. The application itself is quite impressive — cheers to rabble and the entire Odeo team.
Ironically absent, is a SimpleBits channel, which currently has 142 subscribers — but no audio. I’ll have to do something about that eventually. Now go make some noise.