The Great Book Giveaway Contest #2

It appears that Bulletproof Web Design is now available, and I’ve received a few reports that copies are starting to be spotted in stores and received via various online booksellers. To celebrate, I’m launching a little contest where you can win two books, a t-shirt, and some icons.

Like the original contest that was run last year, I’ll be gathering comments in which to randomly draw numbers from. Read on for the details.

How to Enter

Entering the contest is simple. Your comment number is your lottery ticket (1 comment per person, anonymous comments won’t be counted). So, the idea is simply to get a pool of comments in which to draw three winners from.

Your comment will attempt to answer the following question (brought on by a recent dinner conversation with friends): Who is the present-day equivalent to Huey Lewis? This isn’t a trick question, but rather an attempt to clarify whether Mr. Lewis was an anomaly. Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs? I dunno. Perhaps one exists, and perhaps one doesn’t. Feel free to look as deep into this question as you’d like. Have I lost my mind? Maybe. But remember, we just need a large pool of comments.

The Prize Packages

Three winners will each receive the following:

How to Win

I’ll draw two winners by randomly generating two numbers from the final comment pool. Additionally, I’ll pick one lucky winner based on the comment itself: the best, most creative answer.

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, August 17 at 3:00 PM, after which I’ll announce the winners. Good luck!

Update: We’ve reached the contest entry deadline, and comments have been closed. Thanks to the 713 people who commented! The winners will be drawn, chosen and announced within the next day or two.


  1. Liz Tracey says:

    I would venture that today’s (or perhaps yesterday’s) Huey Lewis is Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish. Catchy does not even begin to describe “I only wanna be with you”, and sports is covered in that very same video with the appearances of sports personalities and golfing blowfish. Indeed, the Blowfish themselves are reminiscent of “The News” — there’s a great deal of personality in the band with small frissons visible at times, but for the most part they are obscured by the charismatic Hootie/Huey.

  2. Maroon 5 of course: Cross-market psuedo rockers that ride on the success of insanely catchy hooks. All that’s missing is an episode of “Where are they now?”

  3. Peter G. says:

    I’d have to say that I don’t know who Huey Lewis is and I don’t care enough to read the long Wikipedia entry. But I should also say that I think this is a great contest, and I was just thinking about buying Bulletproof Web Design today.

  4. Well. I don’t know him, but I still want the book! ;)

  5. Jason Speck says:

    I agree with Ms. Tracey: Darius Rucker. (I can’t believe I know his name.)
    That said, why can’t Huey Lewis be the modern day equivalent of, um, himself? He’s still playing and whatnot. And he’s still goofy.

  6. Martin Alderson says:

    Steve Jobs, if you replace music with computers.
    (PS: This is my attempt at trying a thoughtful answer. It fails miserably but I’d like to win the prize so I thought it’s worth it for the lottery element.)

  7. Lemoentje says:

    I would go for Elvis Costello. To be truly honest, i just listened to some Huey on so i basically don’t know what i’m talking about. Every once in a while, on a depressing day, listening to Costello brings that smile back on my face, and i reck’n Huey does the same for you!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Dale Cruse says:

    Bob Mould.
    He’s middle aged.
    He’s awkwardly goofy. See his blog at for proof.
    He’s a sports lover – used to be a professional wrestling script writer.
    And he’s written undeniably catchy songs like, “See A Little Light” and “If I Can’t Change Your Mind.”
    And he’s coming to Boston soon and me and my girlfriend already have tix.

  9. I really have no idea! (No chance winning the best, most creative answer)

  10. Kevin says:

    This is a tough one, but it’s got to be Eels. May not be middle-aged, but he is goofy looking, and the music is extremely catchy.

  11. Chris Vannoy says:

    How about Smash Mouth?
    Kind of intentially goofy, song called “All-Star” (which pretty much covers the sports thing) and none of the band strikes me as being much below middle-aged. And as much as their songs start to grate on you after an entire summer of wall-to-wall radio play, I don’t think anyone can deny that their tunes and undeniably catchy.

  12. John says:

    I’m thinking it’s Blues Traveler: a little awkward, not really mainstream, they have the harmonica action goin’ on, catchy tunes (when they were still in the groove).
    Congrats on your new book – I’ll have a copy one way or another.

  13. Jim Dabell says:

    Hmm. Dunno about sports-loving, but Bob Geldof mostly matches the rest, although I don’t think his band’s that big on your side of the pond.

  14. I guess the problem is that answering this question would require listening to pop radio. Which I don’t really do much of, these days. Well, I suppose that the station I listen to the most *does* play some pop, but it’s not really a current-day Top 40 bastion.
    That said, I’ll go with John Mayer. Not that his tunes have the same general infectiousness and energy as Huey’s, but they are fairly catchy in their own right.

  15. Erin says:

    I’m not sure there is a 2005 equivalent of Huey Lewis… and here’s why: Music more than ever is all about image and style. I just don’t see anyone with Huey’s attitude and goofy personality surviving in this day and age.
    The music industry is so multi-dimentional — from clothing to music videos to endorsements and everything else in between, if it’s not cool (or can be cool), artists don’t want a part of it.
    Huey (and the News… don’t forget the News!) seemed like a guy who didn’t give a damn whether he was playing in front of a crowd of 20,000 at an arena or in the back corner of a bar with a lampshade on his head. It just so happened he wrote catchy stuff. :)

  16. Damn… Bob Mould was getting to the top of my mind! Way to go, Dale Cruise! 8)
    I’ll say it’s Robbie Williams, if you take the middle-aged part off: catchy songs, soccer addict.

  17. Scott says:

    Huey Lewis has no equal.

  18. Thierry says:

    Well I think this guy, Huey Lewis, is an anomaly. You can’t have a complete page for tou in wikipedia and be, let’s put it that way, “normal”.
    But, as far as I’m concerned, we’re better with people like him, and did I saw Steve Jobs somewhere on this page?, than with a world of straight and unfunny people.
    This is my opinion and, as a “not so famous” tv show host in here says, everybody have the right to ear my opinion. (As I have the right to take a chance at winning those two books ;) )

  19. leslie says:

    Hi Dan,
    this is a really easy question, at least compared to squashing evil, nasty, disgusting css bugs in the browser-that-shall-not-be-named.
    The answer, of course, is Sammy Hagar.
    Sammy is undeniably the best singer that Van Halen ever had. Davy was neat and a decent screamer, but Hagar owned the stage and the entire VH catalog. Dave fans with a dissenting opinion can speak out at
    Sammy started out as a boxer and owns a sports bar in Cabo San Lucas. There is nothing quite like watching a Super Bowl there, or so I’m told by people wealthy enough to afford Cabo San Lucas during the holiday season!
    Unlike Dave and Van Halen, Sammy is still rocking, still having fun, still writing catchy tunes in the prime of his middle-agedness. His solo albums are great and anybody that devoted to tequilla has to be goofy.
    Which brings me to the ultimate proof that Sammy is the new Huey (aside from the fact that their names rhyme of course). The hair.
    There is nothing quite so awkwardly goofy as a person with a ludicrous hair-style who wears it proudly. Sammy looks like he pokes his finger into an electrical outlet every morning to get the red-fro to match his Red Rocker Tequilla line “just right.” Huey looks like he does the same thing, but he doesn’t have Sammy’s fro so it just results in an 80′s style business cut that looks like something out of a bad Cyndi Lauper video.
    Throw in great, fun songs like “I Can’t Drive 55″ and “Mas Tequilla” and Sammy is the hands done, indisputable answer to your question.

  20. Jason TC says:

    I have no idea who the modern Huey Lewis is, but what’s up with Snoop dOg in the GM TV spots?!

  21. Lord Palf says:

    Couldn’t resist taking the chance to win this great book, though i have to admit it’s the first time i heard the guy’s name. Maybe i heard a couple of songs, not knowing it was his…
    Keep up the good work !!

  22. courtney says:

    What is this Bob Mould conspiracy? And besides, when was the last time you heard Bob Mould on the radio? Aha!
    My pick is John Mayer. Average guitar player, catchy tunes (if you listen to that kind of crap), but WAY WAY WAY too much hype. All these other modern little bands will only be around as long as it takes their iPod batteries to die for the first time.

  23. Eddie says:

    I’d say Randy Newman. Very awkward and very catchy songs. Does have the cheese factor that Huey had/has, but he’s still my answer.

  24. Dave Gregory says:

    I hafta agree with #17. There is no equal. Maybe someday there will be, but in this day and age.. it just wouldn’t pan out in the music industry.
    It was and always will be an 80′s thing I guess.

  25. JR Smith says:

    I don’t listen to enough pop music to even begin to have a suggestion. I think there are a LOT more younger artists out there making catchy, idiotic songs whose popularity defies belief. Any of the American Idol winners come to mind.
    You could also look to veteran rappers for a comparison. Most of their lyrics are terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I like rap when it’s poetic or funny. But I can’t listen to Snoop Dogg anymore. He’s become ridiculous, and is still somewhat popular. He’s relying more on catchy beats and hooks these days, and he’s older, so he might fit.

  26. Rob says:

    I don’t htink there is a Huey of the day

  27. Chris R says:

    Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs?
    I would say Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur)

  28. Tony says:

    Huey Lewis was in his 30s in the ’80s. I’m not sure I’d call that middle-aged. Still that’s older than someone like, say, John Mayer, who probably otherwise fits in that category (goofy rock star with catchy songs).

  29. Ed C. says:

    Vanilla Ice. He’s certainly awkwardly goofy, and wrote (unfortunately) catchy tunes. And he’s into sports, as proven by Fox’s Celebrity Boxing and his participation in motocross. Maybe not quite middle-aged, but close enough.

  30. Dale Cruse says:

    I just heard Bob Mould live on KEXP within the past week. I can’t believe my own girlfriend (#22) just tried to sabotage my answer!

  31. Jason says:

    Well, not sure if I should have unique submission or not, but I did agree with Hootie and Maroon 5. If I need a unique submission for more kudos, I’ll submit Jason Mraz. Definitely unique and somewhat goofy, and very catchy tunes.

  32. David says:

    Jack Johnson, perhaps? Hugely catchy, and seems to be really laid back and not overly concerned with anything. Not sure if he qualifies as goofy though…

  33. I’m gonna have to go with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. Talk about writing a catchy tune.

  34. Chris Detmer says:

    Ben Folds.
    He’s goofy, rather normal in appearance and writes undeniably catchy songs. He’s not middle-aged, but he’s not your typical barely-twenty pop star.
    Huey Lewis is a longtime favorite of mine. He’s on my iPod and in my heart. He is one of a kind.

  35. Matt says:

    I’d have to go with Cake. John McCrea is always doing his own thing and doesn’t exactly fit into the modren lexicon of music, but seems to keep having a hit or two with each album (except for the new one, which was a touch of a stinker). The band isn’t goofy in the awkward way Huey was, but they’re still goofballs who love the work-a-day fellow (check out their video for Short Skirt/Long Jacket).
    I admit, the fit isn’t perfect, but Huey really was his own man. Weird Al is also kinda close, but he’s much sillier and far less pedestrian.

  36. Clay Johnson says:

    What about Elvis Costello?
    He’s still old, and is still writing undeniably catchy songs…

  37. Nirav says:

    There is no equivalent to Huey Lewis for the year 2005 as yet.

  38. Hey Dan, thanks for your competition. Great idea. I already got (and read) Web Standards Solution, so letting me win your new book (or the t-shirt) would be greatly appreciated. :-)

  39. Clay Johnson says:

    Dave Matthews is also one that may fit.

  40. Blake says:

    as an answer to the question “Jack Johnson” — a little young though maybe.

  41. knome says:

    Huey, Dewey and Louie? :)

  42. aron says:

    he’d be Eric Hilton from Thievery Corporation

  43. Mark McGrath says:

    Didn’t know who he was, but anyone who has appeared in Back to the Future is pretty cool in my book. That didn’t answer the question at all, I realize.

  44. Kris says:

    What people are failing to see with their Bob Moulds and John Mayers is that Huey Lewis was the quintessential average Joe who wrote average rock songs about average subjects. And yet he was popular. That he transcended his absolute mediocrity is what made him special.
    Bob Mould is not a follower — he’s led an interesting life, maintains cult status as leader of one of the greatest rock bands of the 80s, and is a contemporary of Lewis’ (not a follower — and he’s gay, for whatever it’s worth). Same with Elvis Costello (except the gay thing). John Mayer: Berklee College of Music is far from average. Darius Rucker might be a closer bet . . . or maybe Jewel. Or Mark McGrath. Except that these three each have their own slightly interesting characteristics (black man leading a rock band, woman from Alaska, good-looking).
    There isn’t a Huey Lewis around right now. The marketing would be too difficult.

  45. Dave Mead says:

    I too was a big HL fan in the 80′s – I don’t know if there is a direct comparison but Bare Naked Ladies might come close to some of the criteria:
    Catchy tunes
    Kinda goofy (in a good way)
    Middle aged-ish
    Fingers crossed for me winning the book :-)

  46. Kerry says:

    I don’t think the Second Coming of Huey has happened yet. But you can bet I’m stockpiling canned goods and bottled water for when it does.

  47. Stuart says:

    I would put down Dave Matthews, he’s a bit goofy on occasions; listen to his pink panther impressions on the luther college cd.
    Also he has in common with Huey a couple of Film credits.

  48. Adam Reyher says:

    I’d have to agree with one of the above comments. Smashmouth has done some pretty catchy songs in recent history, and keeps coming out with more. Very interesting question, though. I love Huey Lewis.

  49. Bruno Figueiredo says:

    Why do we have to always label people and try to categorize them? Why this undeniable love with taxonomy? People are all unique. In time, someone manages to be loved by a very large group of people, attracted by its remarkable way to be. We should cherish and remember these people, not try to find their latest reincarnation.

  50. Cory says:

    The answer is, of course, Jack Black. He is 35 until august 28th, so that covers the middle aged. For awakwardly goofy (e.g. school of rock and/or live shows and itnerviews) and undenianly catchy songs (wonderboy, tribute, friendship, rock your socks, etc…) he is unbeaten. Sports loving is a little harder to prove here, but note that there is an easily observable spastic athleticism about him. PLUS you have the movie soundtrack connection. Huey had Back to the Future, Jack Balck had School of Rock. I think the choice is clear.

  51. Travis Chase says:

    I will have to go with Dave Matthews although he is more talented.

  52. Scott Limmer says:

    More parallel to Huey Lewis’ time rather than present day, it’d have to be Elvis Costello. Awkardly-goofy and eccentric with undeniably catchy songs, the similarities are more than there. Not to mention their shared passion for movie and television roles.

  53. Steve says:

    Jon BonJovi. He’ll tell you he’s an actor. He’s wrong.

  54. Göran says:

    I vote for swedish (middle-aged) rock star Mauro Scocco

  55. neil says:

    After some thought, I think the question is flawed: Huey Lewis himself would be the most appropriate answer to your question. I think the question should probably be “who will be the equivalent of Huey Lewis in 10 years?” – ie. who is or has written a bunch of catchy, throwaway tunes that will fade into obscurity in the near future?
    In that case, the answer is easy: Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray.

  56. I don’t know who he is – but I’d love to get a copy of your book!

  57. steveo says:

    Bob Mould? Come on, given Husker Du was big at the same time Huey Lewis was actually still huge, it just points out that Bob’s still relevant. Plus he totally changed directions when he went electronic, he’s still growing.
    But for my answer, music has changed alot since the 80′s. And so I think the best contemporary pop analogy is R. Kelly. He writes bland catchy stuff that sells well. And he’s a HUGE sports fan. There’s even widely distributed video of him involved in “sports”

  58. Rory Parle says:

    Well to me Huey Lewis is the guy playing Power of Love when Marty McFly is skating to school in the beginning of Back to the Future. That’s the only thing I know him for, besides a single throwaway line in an episode of Family Guy. So the modern day equivalent is whoever plays the catchiest tune in the modern day equivalent of Back to the Future.
    That’s where I’m stumped. I guess that moment is just too iconic for me to possibly consider that anything could be its equivalent. The answer has to be: The modern Huey Lewis is Huey Lewis, just as the modern Marty McFly is Marty McFly. You may as well try to replace Indiana Jones; it’s not going to happen.
    Then again you might get something more insightful from someone who knows more than one of the guy’s songs.

  59. Musicians trying to get into movies? DMX, Britney Spears? Nah! *g* And please don’t kill me for writing these two in one and the same sentence :)
    … why do I have to think about Wayne’s World now …. I honestly don’t know… music, movies.. arghh

  60. neil says:

    Cory said: “The answer is, of course, Jack Black. He is 35 until august 28th, so that covers the middle aged.
    Dear lord, man, if you think 35 is “middle aged”, then what the heck do you think 55 is?

  61. I think this is Billie Joe Armstrong from a Green Day maybe?

  62. Marcus says:

    I haven’t heard of Huey Lewis, but I have yet to hear soemone that has created undeniably catchy songs in recent years. As some others have suggested, perhaps Dave Matthews would be closer to that than anyone else I have heard.

  63. Dale Cruse says:

    Kris (#46) has some interesting comments. However, while Huey Lewis may have been the quintessence of “average,” “average” wasn’t part of the criteria outlined at the top of this post. The question asked was: “Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs?”
    The word “average” does not appear in that description and therefore is not a prerequisite, in my opinion.

  64. Summerville says:

    Huey Lewis on Broadway is the Huey Lewis of 2005.

  65. As a lot of people I don’t know Huey Lewis, but I’d propose Tom Barman from the wonderful Belgian band dEUS. He doesn’t perform in movies, he makes them. Actually, he has never learned to play music, he should not be in the studio making wonderful records but recording good Belgian movies, as they are quite rare.

  66. Michael Irwin says:

    Huey Lewis has no equivalent today.

  67. quis says:

    I’ll throw Black Francis/Frank Black into the mix, he has an antihero kind of charm and is responsible for music like “The Holiday Song”.

  68. Ron Green says:

    I really don’t think there is an equivalent to Huey. Huey just kind of did his own thing as far as music was concerned and didn’t really seem to care how many people were listening. I think the following article is quite interesting:

  69. Ryan Latham says:

    Bill Clinton…
    Middle aged: Well I guess 59 is pushing middle aged but he could live to be 120.
    Goofy looking: I think that McDonalds loving tubby was always goofy looking.
    Sports loving: He through some opening pitches.
    Rock star: He lived like one. Rocking out with his…
    Catchy song: He gave us such classics as “I did not have Sexual Relations with that Woman,” “Sucking ain’t ****ing,” and a remake of a Devo song “Whippit (out).”

  70. I’ve seen a couple of answers that I can agree with so far (Damon Albarn, Rivers Cuomo), but I also think that all three guys from Blink-182 fit the bill as well. They’re all in their 30s, have a penchant for sports (mostly skateboarding), and have an irreverent sense of humor.

  71. I am going to go with Bono of U2. I don’t know if he is a huge sports fan, but he sure does play at every major sporting event. And when it comes to goofy and middle-aged, Bono is it.

  72. Jeremy says:

    While I would like to put Bill Clinton or Hootie and the Blowfish.. I would have to say it’s Smash Mouth, because their song WAS in the Top Ten and “Shrek” would never be where it is without their songs.

  73. Dan Century says:

    Even if I don’t win I’m buying this book!

  74. Summerville says:

    Patrick Bateman: “Do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in ’83,I think they really came into their own, commercial and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consimante professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He’s been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far much more bitter, cynical sense of humour.”

  75. Erik says:

    hmmm…..In terms of sheer intelligence in his song writing, honestly, Marilyn Manson. Yes he does look a bit freaky but his songs are great for social/political commentary. He is by virtue of his interviews, a very down to earth, average guy who chooses to shock everyone by way of his appearance. Decidedly not pedestrian but worthy of listening to and ruminating on.

  76. Damon Seymour says:

    I honestly have no idea, simply because I never listen to much music. But I do like Switchfoot.
    Yeah, lame response.

  77. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Isaac Brock is my best guess, from Modest Mouse.
    I would love those icons…

  78. Simon says:

    Well, I see no reason why it has to be a male singer. I’m going with Gwen Stefani.

  79. Caroline says:

    Well, I admittedly hadn’t heard of Huey Lewis before now, but judging by your description the group Bowling For Soup pops to my head first.
    Middle-aged? Thereabouts.
    Awkwardly goofy? Well, let’s just say that they are not by any means graceful.
    Sports loving? I honestly don’t really know, but in their “Almost” music video there was a lot of high-school/college age sports.
    Undeniably catchy songs? Well, as annoying as I think we all agree “1985″ and “Almost” can get, I’ve never listened to them without finishing without them stuck in my head.
    That’s my uber-novice take on this. =)

  80. Truly diabolical post, to put such an unforgiving earworm in my head this afternoon. I’m with Leslie, the Red Rocker springs to mind as a Huey Lewis type. You’re slightly embarrassed that you know those songs so well, and, yet, over the course of a few rounds, it seems not to matter.

  81. Emil says:

    I disagree with Göran about Mauro Scocco and vote for another Swedish rock star, namely Ebbot from The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

  82. Kyle Klaus says:

    Huey Lewis is a bit before my time … Hard for me to give any kind of an intelligent answer, so maybe an unintelligent one will do.
    Huey Lewis then == Me now

  83. Bill says:

    It’s gotta be either Jack Black or Dave Matthews. Maybe I’m focusing on awkward and goofy too much.

  84. Jason says:

    There will never be another Huey Lewis.

  85. Joe D'Andrea says:

    All of my picks except one have been voted for already: Ben Folds, Elvis Costello, Bob Mould, and Frank Black.
    My other – perhaps favorite – choice is Michael Penn (47).
    Note: I already have BWD (congrats Dan!) but wanted to add my $0.02 nonetheless.

  86. Cameron says:

    Beck. Is he into sports?

  87. Joe D'Andrea says:

    Oh! I completely forgot about Matthew Sweet (42 in October). OK, that’ll do …

  88. Taylor says:

    It’s Stephen Malkmus. Perhaps you haven’t heard of him… but then, perhaps you should check him out. He’s one of my current favorites.
    On to the evidence:
    * He’s middle aged, or at least that’s my belief; he’s been around for a while (used to be the guitarist for Pavement) and he LOOKS middle aged in many of the photos on his (unfortunately Flash) website. I couldn’t see his face very well when I saw him live.
    * He’s AWKWARD. I don’t know how anyone who hasn’t seen his band, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, can possibly relate to this. But he is undeniably awkward onstage. He’s tall, sort of lanky, and just looks out of place. But the music rocks, of course.
    * His songs are terribly catchy. Check out Pig Lib. I get one of those songs stuck in my head every time I listen to the album.
    * Sports fan? Clearly. On his personal bio page on his site (he is the bottom left guy on the “Bios” page–poor usability ahem ahem), it says that he “Feels most at home around darts”. Additionally, there is a picture of a jockey (as in horse racing) on the “Media” page. Plus I saw him wearing sweatbands onstage. What more evidence do you need?

  89. Steve says:

    Neil Finn, formerly of Crowded House.

  90. Bruce Springsteen or Bryan Adams.

  91. Well, most of my initial choices for the modern-day Huey role have already been mentioned in previous comments (Mark McGrath, Jon Bon Jovi, Darius Rucker), so I’ll have to tread the WTF path and say Will Ferrell.
    Think about it: he is middle aged, he is most certainly goofy, as far as I know he’s into sports, and even if he’s not a rock star per se, he can certainly sing and he played one hell of a rock musician (complete with long, greasy hair and bare midriff) in the ubiquitous “Cowbell” sketch.

  92. Andreas says:

    I have to say Jay-Z.
    He’s a part owner of New Jersey Nets, and has released “catchy” hits like H to the izzo and Encore.
    And he’s definitely goofy, at least when he is standing next to Beyonce :)

  93. Arthur Case says:

    Bryan Adams? Although he’s not that goofy and I don’t know about his level of interest in sports. Approaching middle age though.

  94. Rusty Shackelford

  95. Wow, that’s a tough one Dan. I’ve already pre-ordered the book, but I love *trying* to win stuff.
    Rather than rack my brain for hours trying to figure out the perfect modern day Huey Lewis (which I don’t think exists), I’ll just spout off the first band that comes to mind:
    Catchy lyrics, really dorky (although not goofy) and a lot of people love them (including me and I also liked Huey Lewis when I was a kid).

  96. Chris Garver says:

    Id have to say that Delmore Pilcrow is the next Huey Lewis.

  97. Kristof Rutten says:

    Don’t you throw the book at me, Mr. Police Officer.
    You can just mail it to my homeaddress

  98. Dave S. says:

    Free book to the hundredth caller? Yes please!

  99. Ben Ward says:

    I will also have to admit to being a little out-of-touch with Huey Lewis himself, I claim ‘youth’ as my excuse.
    However, based on the summaries of his character above, ish, I’ll nominate Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. Jarvis is a bit of a weirdo, wrote insightful, clever and sometimes perverted lyrics and with Pulp created some of the greatest pop songs of the mid-nineties. ‘Different Class’ was an absolutely outstanding. His contributions to the ‘All Seeing I’ dance project.
    He also made an all time great appearance on ‘Shooting Stars’, where he was (if I remember rightly) branded ‘the weed in tweed’ and for the final challenge had to throw fruit ‘in the style of a girl’. Class.

  100. Mike says:

    “Who is the present-day equivalent to Huey Lewis?” … thankfully there isn’t one!
    “Have I lost my mind?” … Yes.

  101. bcooke says:

    Beck or Jay-Z

  102. Ward says:

    Ben Folds

  103. I don’t know who the present day Huey Lewis would be, but I do miss the old one. I received Sports with my first “ghetto blaster” as a birthday present when I was a kid. With only one tape to play I listened to it over and over. *SIGH* the good ol’ days.

  104. Tom Oakes says:

    This is so simple – it’s obviously Zach de la Rocha, formerly of Rage Against the Machine. Rage’s catchy, upbeat pop grooves were…oh wait, that can’t be right.
    I hated Huey Lewis – I just want a copy of the new book. I already own the icons, and the old book.
    I must say I’m sad to see Bob Mould’s name appear in this list…

  105. James Asher says:

    I was kind of thinking of Will Smith. He’s getting closer to middle aged – 37, 38 somewhere in there. He’s not as awkward as he once was, but at one point in time he was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He’s had lots of catchy songs – the song Switch, which is getting old, fast and the ever so annoying Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It. *gag* As for being sporty, he’s been in sporty movies, at least – Ali and The legend of Bagger Vance. Which also ties into the whole movie thing – he’s done tons of them.
    That’s about all I’ve got.

  106. Ken Meyers says:

    Dave Matthews.

  107. Diogo Chaves says:

    Felipe Dilon, for sure :p

  108. Rob Weychert says:

    The first answer that popped into my head startled me with its peculiarity: Today’s Huey Lewis might be formed in the synthesis of Andrew W.K. and the Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt. I don’t think I care to contemplate it further.

  109. I’d have to go with Macho Man Randy Savage…not only is he middle-aged, but he’s also released his own rap album entitled “Be a Man”, with the single “Hit the Floor” (featuring DJ Kool) being surprisingly catchy!
    On top of that, Huey Lewis wrote “Hip to be Square”, and Macho Man Randy Savage often finds himself insided the squared circle. Coincidence? I think not…
    No, Macho Man Randy Savage doesn’t have The News to back him up, but he did play Bonesaw in Spiderman, a movie that often made the news.
    Unlike Huey, MMRS may not be willing to climb Jacob’s Ladder, but I’m sure he’d bash someone over the head with it if he had the chance. The similarities are mind boggling…Ohhh Yeah!

  110. Todd says:

    It’s been beaten to death above, but I have to go with “Hootie” and his gang.
    While he’s somewhat goofy to be sure, and the Blowfishs’ songs were catchy they also have the same “friendly pleasantness” that overshadows their music.
    They’re (were) hip. But harmless. Just like Huey’s bunch.

  111. Camila Malaman says:

    My boss Fernando Chamis.

  112. jeremy says:

    Are there really that many people that don’t know who Huey Lewis is? He co-starred in a film with Gwynneth Paltrow, fer crissakes.

  113. Geoff says:

    Definitely Dave Matthews.
    Yes, he’s sold a bazillion more albums than Huey Lewis, but his voice has always been quirky and his tunes memorable. And, he came to fame in midlife and appeals to a broad range of people. Old, young, hip, professional.

  114. Scott says:

    A no brainer. It has to be Benjamin Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie.

  115. omit says:

    I would have to say Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie and Postal Service. He’s a little young (28?), but he is unabashedly soft rock for now people. Watch this video. Read this comment: “As it turns out, I had mistaken Gibbard’s relative genericness for outright mediocrity. Though much of his catalog does not do much for me, he is capable of periodic flashes of low-key brilliance, particularly when he is in his comfort zone of creating a vaguely arty version of soft rock. He’s famous for covering Phil Collins, and judging by his best songs, doing that was never an ironic or kitschy gesture.”

  116. omit says:

    Damn…beat by one post.

  117. Alex says:

    I’d never heard of Huey Lewis before this blog entry so I can’t really compare him to anybody I’ve heard of but I’ll have a go anyway.
    Elton John? He’s a bit passed middle aged but could be classed as slightly goofy, and slightly rockstar-ish in some ways and has created some catchy music in his career. Thats the best suggestion I can think of at the moment.
    Good luck everybody in the contest! :)

  118. Gordon says:

    Marilyn Manson.
    Don’t laugh, you’ll look back on this in a few years and agree.
    Or not.
    Phil Collins?

  119. juque says:

    “awkwardly goofy”?..mhhhh George W Bush

  120. Sam says:

    iTunes listeners recommend Jimmy Buffet, Quiet Riot and Rod Stewart.. I’ll go with one of those!

  121. Chris Clark says:

    definitely Trey Anastasio.

  122. Neil says:

    How about Will Smith? I think he fits pretty well if you just consider his music career.

  123. Jeremy says:

    Like most the people who have commented, I really don’t know who Huey Lewis is, but if you drop rock-star off the list of characteristics, you’ve got Tom Arnold.

  124. Matt says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring with Ben Folds. Catchy as anything and he’s definitely got the goofy thing down.

  125. This is a really tough one. To compete with Huey’s look, well…
    I would pick Edwin McCain, though there are better ones in some aspects such as goofiness… but Edwin’s overall performance in the required aspects (though I do not know about sports, actually) let him stand out. Oh, and I like his music and wanted to promote him too. ;) And of course, get the chance to win signed copies of your books. By the way… do you sign t-shirts? :)

  126. Chris Griego says:

    Not Rock, but I’d have to say the equivalent is Petula Clark.

  127. Alanis Morissette – If she’s not middle-aged, awkward and goofy, I don’t know who is.
    Second choice, Dave Matthews…

  128. Eugene Chan says:

    Paul McCartney. He did play the Superbowl.

  129. As you’re humming Wicked Game…
    The world was on fire no-one could save me but you…
    Strange what desire will make foolish people do…
    I never dreamed that I could win a book like this…
    I never dreamed that I’d write a comment like this

    No, I don’t wanna learn css from someone else
    (this game is only gonna break my heart)
    No, I don’t wanna build tables again
    (ie browsers are only gonna break my heart)
    With you (Bulletproof Web Design Book)

    What a wicked game to play, to make me write this way…
    What a wicked thing to do, to make someones dream not come true…
    What a wicked thing to say, a book has never made me feel this way
    What a wicked thing to do, to make my dreams not come true

    No, I don’t wanna lose this game (this css world is only gonna break my heart)
    So, I guess I would have to say Chris Isaak.

  130. Winston says:

    This one is easy. The modern-day Huey Lewis has to be Diogo Chaves, my friend and co-worker.
    Seriously, I couldn’t take the right time to get to know Mr. Lewis from his Wikipedia page. But Diogo here, *huge* fan of your books went berserk and asked everybody he could think of to answer your contest.
    Great writer you must be, says this Yoda. And good luck to Mr. Diogo “Huey” Chaves.

  131. Michele says:

    There is and always will be only one Huey Lewis.
    HOWEVER, if you had to compare him to ONE singer of the present day, it would have to be Tim McGraw. Hands down.
    -Both experimented with musical crossover – Tim, hip hop and country; Huey, blues and rock.
    -Both are much smarter than they look. Huey attended Cornell University; Tim was his high school salutatorian (Don’t believe me? Visit
    -Both successfully crossed over to film. Tim, of course, in the SPORTS movie Friday Night Lights; Huey, most notably, in Duets and Short Cuts.
    -Sex appeal. The ladies love(d) ‘em.
    Most importantly, their fan base is EXACTLY THE SAME: Beer drinkin’, middle american, male sports fans.

  132. Mike Rundle says:

    I will second the notion that Ben Folds is the new-age Huey. Give me that book!

  133. Kris says:

    Tim McGraw. Now that’s an answer I can get behind.

  134. feaverish says:


  135. Fernando Chamis says:

    George Bush! He sings in accordance with the song that are being plaing.

  136. My pick would be the lead singer from Bare Naked Ladies.

  137. Hey…I like giveaways!
    As for the question…I don’t think there is a Huey Lewis-like performer today.

  138. Huey who?
    Never heard of him and Wikipedia page doesn’t make him any more familiar…

  139. John Kopanas says:

    Dr. Dre
    Hey… you said modern day didn’t you! :-p

  140. Anders Sondergaard says:

    I would have to say Tue West, but that’s mostly because I hope none of you know who he is and therefore won’t guess that I have no answer to the question, but just want a chance to win the book.

  141. Brad Smith says:

    William Shatner

  142. Penar says:

    No Clue…can I get the book now?

  143. Phil Balchin says:

    OK, hows a bout someone like Chris Martin of Coldpay fame? Different type of music i know, but he has definied the music of a generation, and know else has chosen him yet

  144. Matt Massey says:

    Ted Nugent :)

  145. Noah Brier says:

    Hmmm . . . my first response was to answer simply with “who cares.” However, after some more thought, I believe there are two major issues here.
    1. What current popular musician will turn into a middle-aged “awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star”?
    If Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie can be considered a “popular musician” I am fairly certain he would eventually turn into an “awkwardly goofy” middle-aged man. However, based on the emotion in Gibbard’s songs I would have to believe he does not like sports (there’s simply not enough testosterone in there. Seriously, is there any question Kid Rock is a sports fan? How easy is it to imagine him on his couch on Sunday’s scratching his balls, eating Cheetos and rooting on the Lions? Very easy, but I digress.). That is, of course, unless Gibbard is a Chicago Bears fan, in which case he, like I, is only emotional because of the years of misery the team has put him through. However, that still leaves us with a major hole . . .
    2. What singer writes “undeniably catchy songs”?
    While Gibbard may write some catchy songs, I have trouble imagining there’s anyone that would call anything he’s written “undeniably catchy.” However, I would also argue that you would be hard-pressed to find very many songs written in the last five years that have been “undeniably catchy.” Justin Timberlake and Usher both seem to be spot on (if anyone here claims they haven’t had either “Cry Me a River” or “Yeah” stuck in their heads they’re full of shit). Usher owns a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he’s probably a sports fan.
    However, both those answers leave us with the issue of becoming awkward at middle aged. They both are smooth . . . maybe too smooth. It is quite possible that as they age all that machismo will slowly transform to awkwardness as they attempt to relive their days of dating supermodels while they sport pot-bellies and half a head of hair. Unfortunately, no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise, it’s a hard story to buy.
    That leaves me with two possible answers. One is to return to my original thought, which is the answer of, simply, “who cares.” However, this is important, so I’ll continue. I conclude by offering up a singer/songwriter who defies nearly every norm. He’s a pop artist who writes explicitly sexual songs, including a 12-minute song called “Sex Me.” He’s a man who was caught on tape urinating on an underage woman, yet remains free and popular (although there was backlash, it has since passed).
    That’s right ladies and gentleman, I am arguing R. Kelly is the modern-day Huey Lewis. “Ignition (Remix)” is an “undeniably catchy song.” I think we can assume he’s a sports fan, since he was in his 20′s an living in Chicago during Michael Jordan’s run and I doubt anyone who went through that isn’t a Bulls fan.
    Which leaves us with one last criteria: Will R. Kelly be “awkwardly goofy” when he’s middle aged? That seems easy, just imagine your kid comes home from school and everyone’s talking about the tape where daddy is peeing on the little girl. Enough said.

  146. Carol says:

    It has to be Bono.

  147. Waylon says:

    Though a bit past middle-aged, I’d venture to say Van Morrison holds the card. His songs are still rather popular (especially “Brown-Eyed Girl”). To say nothing of the fact that he is an avid soccer lover and from what I’ve read, very goofy indeed.

  148. I would have to say that the modern day Huey Lewis is none other than (drumroll please)… Neil Young! Well, maybe he’s a little older than middle aged, but he sure as hell knows how to rock and has written some pretty darn catchy songs. The thing about Neil is that the older he gets, the cooler he is. You gotta love Canadian rockers!

  149. Mike Hendry says:

    I would have to go with Hootie as well, but he isn’t exactly current anymore, (unless you count the Burger King commercials).

  150. Red Wolf says:

    I don’t know that there is a parallel to Huey Lewis. Anyone who had any chance of getting where he was has been stepped over in favour of mindless teenagers who are easier to control by record companies.
    That said, I’m going with Pinky Beecroft of Machine Gun Fellatio.

  151. Ben says:

    Hey Dan
    First I would like to say that I received my copy of Bulletproof Web Design that I preordered from So far it looks great, and I wanted to say how much I love how you not only give answers to better improve methods of web design, but also show the other possible ways and then prove how the methods you chose are better. It is a great way of learning the content by seeing “why” it is better, not just being given the answers.
    Now onto the question at hand. My choice would have to be Counting Crows. Not only does the guy look goofy, but has some of the catchiest songs out there. He was off the map for a few years, then when Shrek 2 came out and his song was featured in the movie “Accidently in Love”, which alone has a goofy title. I think there is no other choice!

  152. Bryan Haggerty says:

    I’m with Ben Folds on this one. Much like Huey, Ben Folds put his own name in the band’s name as well.

  153. Simone Merli says:

    I say The Who the best band in the world (in 60′s/70′s) and the best prehistoric band at live8 (pink floyd who??)

  154. Sean says:

    Ted Leo. It’s gotta be Ted Leo.

  155. Silvia says:


  156. TW says:

    I immediately thought Scoble but I saw the question asked for musician. Uncle Cracker. That darn song gets stuck in my head. But really, one has to really consider whether the definition of rock star would include Scoble…he meets the awkwardly goofy fan stuff really well.

  157. Corey says:

    There will never be another Huey. The heart of rock & roll is still beatin’…

  158. MJ says:

    Noah’s (#147) argument for R. Kelley is strong. But maybe he had it at Kid Rock: Goofy-cool. Raspy voice. Middle-agey. Catchy tunewriter. And an avid sports fan.

  159. Keith says:

    I’m gonna go with Noel Gallagher (from Oasis).
    He’s middle-aged. Well, nearly!
    He’s goofy. I’m sure most girls would attest to that.
    He’s a huge Manchester City fan.
    And he has written some of the best music/songs of the last 10 years.

  160. Someone has already mentioned his greatest song, namely “It’s Hip To Be Square”. Anyone unfamiliar with it you will find it in American Psycho during the ‘axe scene’.
    Anyways with a song like that the only possible selection could be Mr. Square (Mr and Little Miss Series of boxs –
    Aside from his square body he is indeed a square, look at his bio: “Mr Strong is so strong he can lift entire buildings. If you need something lifting, Mr Strong is the one to call! He eats a lot of eggs, too, to keep his strength up.”
    Thanks Dan for the chance of the book, I wouldnt mind kicking back in a T-shirt reading, sitting bulletproof next to web standards solutions or idley staring at your lovely icons – *ass kiss over*

  161. Bryan Buchs says:

    Another vote for Ben Folds, although if he were a bit older I’d say John Mayer (goofy, catchy hit songs)

  162. My votes goes to U2′s Bono. He is a classic figure and artist by all means.

  163. Chase says:

    Is he related to Richard Lewis? Book me Dano!

  164. Tony says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read through all the comments, but how about someone by the name of Dan Cederholm.

  165. ~bc says:

    I’d like to reply directly to Ms comment #22. Clearly you haven’t listened to enough John Mayer. Awkward perhaps, but he is actually a phenomenal guitar player and writer. If you don’t believe me, ask John Scofield or Herbie Hancock, both who asked John to be on their recent albums… they don’t just pick players cause the ladies think he’s cute. I don’t listen to pop anything, but I do listen to JM.
    To answer Dan, I will have to say there is no current Huey. The best answer here thus far has been Hootie… but Huey had staying power and had many more hits.

  166. Chris says:

    I immediately thought of Noel Gallagher but, since that one’s taken, how about Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins

  167. I’d have to go with Moby, he’s pretty goofy, getting to be middle aged, not sure about the sports lover though.

  168. Jason says:

    Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs?
    Sheryl Crow is obviously the only possible answer to this question.

  169. kartooner says:

    William “Bill” Shatner, or Beck. Can you imagine a combined concert with those two? Yeah, a barrel full of chuckles.

  170. Joel says:

    I agree, it’s Ben Folds

  171. andy jensen says:

    I think it would have to be the guy from Weezer. Awkward, but dang catchy stuff. Or maybe the dude from Cake.

  172. pacey says:

    i have two suggestions:
    chris isaak
    lyle lovett

  173. Keri Henare says:

    There is only one Huey Lewis and he’s still making catchy songs.
    “You’re gonna fly away, Glad you’re going my way. I love it when we’re cruisin’ together. Music is played for love, Cruisin’ it made for love. I love it when we’re cruisin’ together!”

  174. Tim says:

    Hum, “middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs” sure sounds like Mick Jagger to me. Well, I think he’s awkwardly goofy…

  175. Nicole Sharp says:

    Middle-aged and awkwardly goofy? That’s a tough call. They’re not middle-aged by any stretch of the imagination, but The Minimum Requirements are definitely awkwardly goofy and catchy.

  176. Brian DeWitt says:

    I don’t believe that anyone in 2005 could be equal to Huey Lewis.
    I do feel that maybe Brother Love ( is influenced by Huey at least a little.
    Check out his songs “Summertime” and “Push.” Both really catchy.

  177. I think Huey was an anomaly, but in the spirit of the competition and after much deliberation and research I passed on Moby and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) to settle for
    Jarvis Cocker of Pulp.
    He’s a middle aged, super-goofy rock star and Sheffield Wednesday (soccer) supporter who writes undeniably catchy songs – remember Common People? He’s not in the public eye as I write, but check out his Wiki entry if you need more proof – hilarious!
    looking forward to the book Dan, won or purchased :)

  178. Jeremy Curry says:

    I have absolutely NO clue who that is… But none the less, I’d love to get a book!

  179. Carla says:

    Undeniably Hootie and the Blowfish, or, Darius “My name’s not ‘Hootie’” Rucker. Catchy songs that you like even though you don’t like them…and, well, then there’s the lyrics “the [Miami] Dolphins make me cry”. :D

  180. matt says:

    My vote would have to be for Bare Naked Ladies. They have catchy songs, they’re fitting into that middle aged / not known for their looks genre and they definately have a goofy side to them. It’s evident in their videos and if you have ever seen them live.
    With all that being said, this question really doesn’t have a good answer. It’s kind of like saying who is the modern day Cher? Huey was an original. As is Cher, the Boss, Neil Diamond and Elvis. I don’t know if Huey ever got to be a huge icon. But almost everyone knows the lyrics to at least part of one of his songs.

  181. well, I grew up listening to and watching Huey on MTV (back when it was really a music channel) so I’m dating myself here. really, for me, nobody comes close. Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t really work because he came on the scene shortly after Huey. Hootie doesn’t work for me either. Too cheesy. And the phonemic similarity between the names really doesn’t help that vote either. I would vote sheryl crow. She’s good but not truly credible. she’s sexy as huey was handsome. she rides the line between original and pop plasticity. yup, she’s Huey in a skirt.

  182. Nick says:

    “Summer, summer, summertime”… Talk about a catchy song… The awkwardly goofy Will Smith is the one I think best matches the criteria, although it was my girlfriend who came up with him as an answer (so she should get the prices ;) ). What makes him goofy in the first place, is the fact that he wore his hat backwards/sidewards with DJ Jazzy Jeff in the early 90′s, and still does it nowadays. Sports loving? Hell yes! Like Robert de Niro was able to gain 20 kilo’s of weight for the movie ‘Raging Bull’, Smith also managed to do this for ‘Ali’, and lost it again within a couple of weeks! And with his 37th birthday coming up next month, the words ‘middle-aged’ will be written all over him real soon… ;)

  183. Blair says:

    Ready for this — Moby. Middle aged? Check. Goofy-lookin’? Check. Catchy songs? Check (I remember reading that every single song on one of his more recent albums had been licensed for use in commercials, movies, etc., so obviously many someone’s think he’s one catchy dude). Sports nut? Not sure, but he’s a vegetarian… does that count? (I’d say not, but what the hey).
    Can you tell I know nothing of Huey Lewis? Good, I’m glad.

  184. tirin says:

    it’s a moose

  185. Chris says:

    Well me of course, just minus the popularity.
    a middle-aged….yup
    awkwardly goofy…yup
    rock star….in my own eyes
    who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs….sure thing, my mind comes up with some funny stuff sometimes

  186. J.F. says:

    Lars Ulrich of Metallica. What a dweeb.

  187. dan t. says:

    Perhaps… Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters. He’s a wacky guy with catchy tunes.

  188. One possible answer – Jack Johnson. I like him and I want the book.
    Thanks for writing excellent books(although I only know for sure that your first book is excellent, I own it, but I assume your new book is fabulous too.)

  189. Trev says:

    I have to go with the Huey as an anomaly camp . . . the biggest thing I remember about Huey was seeing his face regularly on MTV in music videos (remember those?) It’s just not easy to find actual videos these days!

  190. Chris Huff says:

    I’m going to say a name that not many of you have probably heard of unless you’re into Christian rap: KJ-52. Catchy songs, very goofy, sings about how awkward he was in high school.
    Gimme the books!

  191. brian says:

    Jack (and Meg) White? Probably 10 years shy of being middle aged, but they did show up in a movie (Coffee and Cigarettes) and their work is very catchy.
    Yeah, awkwardly goofy too. I don’t know that Bono is goofy.
    Hmm… speaking of goofy, how about moby? He’s all serious and goofy at the same time. And his stuff from Play is very catchy.

  192. hank says:

    Har Mar Superstar is the new Huey Lewis. Even kinda looks like him.

  193. Huey who? If I win I promise I’ll find out who he is :-)

  194. Matt Wilson says:

    My vote would go to William Shatner.
    - He’s middle-aged (and some)
    - pretty goofy (he was James T. Kirk, after all)
    - and boy does he write some catchy tunes. Also, his cover of Pulp’s “Common People” is magnificent.
    Yay for comment lottery!

  195. Not to pile on, but Ben Folds gets my vote. He’s a different kind of goofy, but he shares Huey Lewis’s DNA.

  196. jordan says:

    i have to throw my hat in for ben folds. A dag, but undeniably catchy

  197. DD says:

    I would have to say that the present day equivalent to Huey Lewis would have to be Maroon 5.

  198. Mike Mills, REM bass player. Arguable how much he contributes to the “catchy” part, but loves sports and is/was pretty dorky. He doesn’t look the part as much anymore, but when he was younger, he did. And REM’s songs are top notch and catchy.
    Arguable vote, but he’s my vote!

  199. Matt Hampel says:

    I’d have to say Community High alum Andrew W.K.

  200. I have to agree with whoever said Randy Newman, that’s genius. I’d love to win your book but I’m not sure I can wait that long to have it. I may have to buy it before the contest is officially over…but I’d still love the t-shirt and icons!

  201. Jeff Hartman says:

    - Moby
    - Ben Folds
    - Courtney Love
    - My mom
    - Kurt Cobain (did you hear he died?)
    - Twisted Sister
    - Lisa Marie Presley
    - Aaron Neville
    - Belinda Carlisle

  202. Modern day huh? Well, today’s modern day changes almost every week – so, if you’re going to pick an equivalent it’d have to be from the large pool of hip-hop artists, and without getting into too much detail I’m gonna just say it out loud: 50 Cent!

  203. Hm… Chris Norman?
    And maybe Oasis, no so middle aged tho

  204. Courtney says:

    #169, I didn’t say anything about his playing; I do however think his songwriting’s shite, and besides, he’s too young to have a Martin signature guitar yet.
    He can play with Herbie and Scofield all he wants, and have a good time doing it.

  205. Chris Carter says:

    Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I take your question to mean who plays the same kind of iconic weirdo we all love to rock out to. Which in the case of many people I know, is Flea – certainly one of the goofiest rockers out there.
    Oh, and I love your previous book!

  206. David Martin says:

    Several people have mentioned him above, but I think Will Smith may be pretty close. He has an uncanny ability to write catchy innocent songs that will last forever.

  207. Anonymous says:

    mysql> SELECT * FROM pop_artists WHERE age > 30
         > AND age < 50 AND awk_goofy = 'TRUE' and sports_fan = 'TRUE';

    mysql> 0 rows returned.
    I really don’t think anyone could be considered a modern day equivalent to Huey Lewis. Least of all because Huey Lewis is still around.
    If I had to pick someone though, I’d probably pick Moby. He’s got a very large collection of Simpson’s toys and ‘Play’ was the most commercialized album when it came out (which seems like it would count as “undeniably catchy”). He’s not much of a rock star, though, and I’m not sure any of his songs would have been used in any of the ‘Back To The Future’ movies.

  208. michael says:

    mysql> SELECT * FROM pop_artists WHERE age > 30
         > AND age < 50 AND awk_goofy = 'TRUE' and sports_fan = 'TRUE';

    mysql> 0 rows returned.
    I really don’t think anyone could be considered a modern day equivalent to Huey Lewis. Least of all because Huey Lewis is still around.
    If I had to pick someone though, I’d probably pick Moby. He’s got a very large collection of Simpson’s toys and ‘Play’ was the most commercialized album when it came out (which seems like it would count as “undeniably catchy”). He’s not much of a rock star, though, and I’m not sure any of his songs would have been used in any of the ‘Back To The Future’ movies.

  209. Robb says:

    Uhm… Clay Aiken?
    LOL… just kidding. Actually, I don’t believe Huey Lewis has an equal in 2005, but Lyle Lovett, Ben Folds and Paul Anka might be distant runners-up.

  210. ~pl says:

    +1 for Dave Matthews.

  211. Ben C. says:

    umm maybe dave matthews?? he’s pretty goofy in a crazy kinda way… and his old stuff was definitely heaps catchy… WOOO

  212. Mark says:

    Another vote for Gwen Stefani. Can’t stand her either…

  213. Derek Nelson says:

    Willy Williamson

  214. Michael says:

    I’d have to say Aaron Carter would be the equivalent to all good artists, because he himself is a stunning musician.

  215. george says:

    The easy answer is that Huey Lewis is the new Huey Lewis. He never went away. I just saw him on the WB’s “One Tree Hill.” Seemed like he was playing himself, but that was fine by me.
    But I will say Rivers Cuomo. Let’s go back in time to 1994, the year of the Blue Album. Right away with their debut album, filled with geek anthems fueled by the power of love, Rivers and Weezer made it hip to be square. Never one to rest upon his rock ‘n’ roll laurels, Rivers dropped from the scene to attend college in case he needed to one day find himself workin’ for a livin’. But he was soon back with Weezer for a few more straight-up-Rock albums, if for no other reason, to prove that the heart of rock & roll was indeed still beating – bringing back heavy metal sounds much as Huey brought back doo-wop and blues into his music.
    Many, though, have dismissed weezer’s latest effort with the words bad is bad.
    I expect Rivers to follow in Huey’s footsteps soon enough and give the music a rest and give in to the acting bug. I also expect it to be so bad that audiences everywhere will be saying i want a new drug to fend off the nausea.
    Will we remember Rivers or Huey 100 years from now? Only time will tell. But these two old men at heart certainly do have much in common.

  216. Justin says:

    Yay for free books for poor kids!
    I haven’t read any previous comments so as not to be tainted, but here goes…
    I think the current equivalent is Bill Gates. Both didn’t finish college to tackle their dreams. These dreams lead them to places that were yet uncharted by both them and anyone they knew. Although their arts were different in practice, they both shared their expertise with the world: gates with windows, huey with his music. I think it would also fit to say that they were influential of others attempting similar endeavors.
    Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

  217. Eric says:

    I would say David Hasselhoff. 53 years old, his recent release Night Rocker is definitely catchy, he is into beach sports and is often seen wearing a speedo, and his acting is awkwardly goofy.

  218. SK says:

    Beg, Bag, Beck!

  219. Dante says:

    That’s a hard question. I’d be inclined to say maybe Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s songwriting partner). He’s about the same age as Huey, has a ranch in California, and co-wrote 12 new songs last year for Elton.

  220. Nick says:

    Mr. David Grohl

  221. John A says:

    Maybe I’m too young, but I don’t know who Huey Lewis is!
    So, I guess I’m just hoping you pick #226 :)

  222. Joe Casabona says:

    Meat Loaf. Seriously- who doesn’t know paradise by the dashboard lights and bat out of hell? Plus- Rocky Horror and Fight Club??

  223. Lex Friedman says:

    I second the “Weird Al” Yankovic nomination.
    But I raise it John Linnell, of They Might Be Giants.

  224. J Maxfield says:

    If the answer to a question can be found in the question itself, then it is only fair to examine the antithesis of Huey Lewis: Clay Aiken.
    Huey Lewis: middle-aged
    Clay Aiken: isn’t he about 12?
    Huey Lewis: awkwardly goofy
    Clay Aiken: oh so suave. I mean, look at the boy!
    Huey Lewis: sports-loving
    Clay Aiken: softer hands there never where
    Huey Lewis: rock star
    Clay Aiken: opera, anyone?
    Huey Lewis: wrote undeniably catchy songs
    Clay Aiken: Clay, I’m afraid, has never -NEVER- been accused of such frivolity.
    Clearly, base on this semi-circular non-sequitur-esque thinking, the only logical answer to your posed question is indeed Clay Aiken.
    I hate myself.

  225. Bill says:

    Lots of creative answers here (this one not included). Thanks for giving the boring people a chance to win, too! :)

  226. My first thought was Dave Matthews, but I don’t like Dave Matthews.
    Barenaked Ladies are the present-day equivalent to Huey Lewis. They’re extremely creative, original, humorous and fun.
    Maybe better than Huey. ;-)

  227. dru says:

    Jack Black +1 for men
    Courtney Love +1 for women
    Man I was going to try to read this thread and attempt to leave a unique answer but I am not sure that is possible.
    Keep up the good work.

  228. Scott Meinzer says:

    I really don’t know; but I am all about free books. :)

  229. Jeff Adams says:

    Mark McGrath

  230. S. Lilburn says:

    Chris Issak; he sticks out in my mind for some not-really-grounded-too-much-in-logic-or-coherency reason.

  231. Harry Connick, Jr

  232. Jaro says:

    The equivalent does not exist.
    I couldn’t come up with anything smarter.

  233. Yes he was/is a anomaly. There is an will be no other Huey Lewis. That’s it Thank you.

  234. Allan says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great repository of musicians which this has become. As far as an answer to the question, I like #17′s.

  235. othree says:

    This is a hard question to me. Because I never heared her music.

  236. David says:

    Duh. Never heard of that guy. Sorry :|

  237. Joel says:

    I would have to say Jeff Tweety. Wilco has seemed to spring forth with massive popularity despite the goofy looking, middle age look of the entire band. In fact, I would say there are many of these “anomalies” that carry throughout music.
    Also, when you really think about it, Hughy Lewis and the News were not that strange in their time. No music was. It all was from a different direction. I mean, what about Rick Ashley. Where is he now. Or flock of seagulls?
    At least Hughey had real R&B vocals. For record companies that is solid gold. Look at Elvis, they used his voice to create a super star. I actually don’t think Lewis was ugly either. He appealed to the sports fan, family man, working man. Seems like an easy sell to me. If you ask me, he is not unlike Billy Ocean or other artist of that time.
    In our time, we have fallin for many other artist like Clay Akin who win us over with vocals and their goofy looks. No one cares as long as it sounds good. Anyway, thats my 2 cents.

  238. porti says:

    The first person that came into my mind was Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty. Then I thought also about Hootie and the Blowfish. But finally I think that there is nobody that you can compare with Huey Lewis.
    Maybe there is someone around that is the “modern Huey Lewis” but as I am not so into the charts anymore and don’t listen as much to the radio as in the 80s it’s hard to find someone that fits in here.
    But now I will get out my old Huey Lewis and the News vynils and will listen if the heart of rock’n roll is still beating!

  239. Anonymous says:

    Huey Lewis is of course… well you Dan.
    You got an awkward sense of humour, remember your armrest post?.
    Your middle aged in CSS years.
    You are a veteran at the best sport of all, computing.
    Last but not least you design undeniably catchy and attractive websites.
    You are my web design huey Lewis, plus we share a rock-star name. Dan.

  240. The modern equiv to huey lewis? umm i don’t think there is nor could there be in mainstream music…corporate music industry won’t push a dorky middle aged guy to the heights achieved by old huey will they? but since “punk” rock is basically all jocks now, choose blink 182 or any of those other bands that sound alot more like “pop” rock…or possibly one of those “new” country guys? alan jackson? can any of them write a catchy tune?

  241. JBagley says:

    Never heard of Huey Lewis before…. So, by the sounds of things, he must be a legend. Therefore, there is no modern day equivalant. Legends stay legends, and should never be compared. (Cool, now I’m in the lottery too!)

  242. Andy B says:

    There are several people saying this already, and I tend to agree.
    There is no equivalent for Huey Lewis.
    Fingers crossed!

  243. valentin says:

    How about… me ?
    I don’t know who is Huey Lewis.
    In this case, I think there’s no equivalent…

  244. nortypig says:

    I’m old enough to remember Huey Lewis and there have been some other ones I’d ship in as anomylously good – Joe Jackson for one, depending on taste. I don’t think now has one, its more about marketing to a demographic, pull them in pump them for a CD and market market market then ditch their young spent bums onto the sidewalk without a cent…
    That’s the post millenium star…
    We need another Huey…

  245. Well, I don’t see any good applicant for succeeding Huey Lewis. Who would be able to sing the power of love with the same force and enthusiasm ? Nobody, I’m afraid…

  246. oVan says:

    That must be Moby then…not exactly middle-aged, but that’s the best I can come up with ;-)

  247. D Trent says:

    Since we’re pulling a guy out of a group:
    Eddie Vetter
    Although not as light-hearted, he’s goofy, loves basketball, not too old (but not young either), and I can’t stop myself from mumbling along with his incomprehensible catchy lyrics (ever heard Yellow Ledbetter?)…

  248. Ladislav Martincik says:

    I don’t care about Huey Lewis. I’m techno fun!

  249. David Elstob says:

    Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook.
    Former House Martin. Been in the music industry for two decades under a number of different guises. Avid Brighton fan (his label Skint records sponsors the team) and most importantly he is the creator of some of the most toe tapping tracks you will hear. Also a collaberator with a wide range of industry people ranging from Spike Jonze to Macy Gray to Christopher “The Legend” Walken.
    He gets my vote.

  250. Look at all those cheapos wanting to get their hands on FREE books…no sir not me, I just want the T-Shirt…but don’t forget to sandwich the t-shirt between the books to stop it from getting creased ;o)
    Oh by the way I’ve never heard of that dude.

  251. Iain says:

    Fat Boy Slim for teh WIN!!11
    He’s middle-aged, balding, scrawny, awkward but busts out some toe-tapping gems.
    (P.S. Norman, if you’re reading this, no offence I just really want that book.)

  252. Maaike says:

    Hm… to be honest I’ve never heard of him either. I guess he’s most well-known in America, no?
    But from your description I’d say: Lou Barlow. Actually I don’t know if he’s into sports (in fact, I don’t think so), but when it comes to looking goofy and catchy tunes: yeah.

  253. Ben Barclay says:

    Never heard of the guy, but if he is being compared to Maroon 5, I am happy for it to stay that way.

  254. Tony Bittan says:

    Cliff Richard?

  255. Anelia Kostova says:

    As a former radio broadcaster and a big music fan, i was provoked to comment:
    Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Phill Collins are fighting in my thoughts for the first place in this contest…:-)))
    (maybe Tom Jones, too;-))
    Huey Lewis: middle-aged
    Huey Lewis: awkwardly goofy
    Huey Lewis: sports-loving
    Huey Lewis: rock star
    Huey Lewis: wrote undeniably catchy songs
    There are too many performers matching your short preferences, Dan…
    But if I seriously should compare Huey, i will refuse to do it.
    Because, in my opinion, every person is unique.
    Many people tried and will try to be “the new” Marilyn Monroe or James Dean, but won’t be.
    Maybe rock stars are similar sometimes, maybe they are trying to live with one “rock standard”, but anyway, they are not equal.
    I think there is no need of such a comparison at all.
    After years, every “New Dan Cederholm” will try to be a bit like you and will give us something new, bits from his own creative mind…;-)
    Despite, thanks for make my brain move in different direction this morning!

  256. David Horn says:

    Huey was unique! There can’t be another … but, for sports obsessed (golf, in this case), goofy rock stars just on the wrong side of 50, how about Alice Cooper?!

  257. Dan,
    You haven’t lost your mind!
    But, in the first place: I wouldn’t compare! Every person is unique (that refers both to rockstars and webdesigners;-)
    I love Phil Collins. But does it mean that I would place it before Elton John for example (or Huey Lewis, for that matter;-)?? No, of course!
    And, in the second place: I like your style! Your design. Your way of expression – things, thoughts, pictures. Your way of writing. So, I would be very happy to receive a copy of your books, this is the truth :-P
    Besides, as I live ‘far, far away…’, it’s very difficult for me obtaining a copy of them in any other way…
    Have a nice day, Dan, keep writing and keep the good work!
    One big smile from me to you! :-)))

  258. Garth Oatley says:

    I think if I was ever to form a tribute band, it would be Luey Hewis does the Mews. The guy is a legend. With greats such as Hip to be Square and the unforgettable Power of Love I don’t think anyone could come close. But a modern day equivalent? I’d agree with some other posts, Fat Boy Slim or the guy (Steve?) who won the X-Factor in the UK last year ;)

  259. Noel Gallacher from Oasis. He almost bought a football (soccer) club at one time.

  260. Mark says:

    Oposing Leslie I would say David Lee Roth. He’s the best singer Van Halen had.

  261. Ant says:

    Well according to Google UK, it Basil Gabbidon!

  262. I for sure don’t know who the man is. Maybe it’s because I’m too young to know his music, or maybe is it just because I’m danish.
    Well, who cares about my knowledge anyway? Just want to participate in this great contest! Cheers.

  263. Justin Wignall says:

    I’d have to agree with Rivers Cuomo based on the “awkwardly goofy”, “rock star” and “wrote undeniably catchy songs?” but I have no real idea who Huey Lewis is so it’s not much help with your conundrum.

  264. Sergei says:

    I must confess that I too have absolutely no clue who Huey Lewis or his modern day equivalent is.

  265. Hi Dan,
    great idea, cool “contest”.
    I just ordered the book from, because the database of New Riders’ website doesn’t know Your name! And when I found it by ISBN…it’s currently not available.
    So, Huey Lewis and the News: Aaah, the eighties, blessed period of my life (born 1970)!
    “Power of love” from “Back to the future” was the intro to addiction. Of course I own the usual suspects “Sports (what a title for an album)” and “Fore”, even as LP (does anyone know, what a LP is? Noone?) and of course again as CD.
    When You mentioned the name yesterday, I just listened to both (just after I blew the dust from the cover) and I just had a good time.
    And: There’s no equivalent to him, uh, them, because they are still playing and they are still great.
    No comparison will match. It’s like Oasis and the Beatles: Laughter, uh, loud, hysteric laughter!
    If there had to be one, then I’d say: Robbie Williams (talented, goofy as hell and soccer addict).

  266. Alastair Rainsbury says:

    Rivers Cuomo (sp?) from Weezer. Undeniably catchy tunes in the shape of El Sorchio, The Sweater Song, and Say it ain’t So

  267. Johan says:

    OK. Many people mentioned it before: there is no equivalent of Huey Lewis.
    (hmm… sounds a bit like the catchphrase “there is no spoon”… nvm…)
    Thinking that there can’t be a present equivalent is not just a question of Huey Lewis being a unique person. The times have changed and so did the people. Both the ones who create and who consume music. Even if there is a person who can be considered the equivalent of Huey Lewis, he/she would have a very hard time to be just as recognized (and appreciated) by the masses.
    Although i would say that Norman Cook is very close. But so is Moby. Both already mentioned by various people above (lucky thing for me: I don’t have to explain the choice of those two).
    And finally… as of being a comment in the high 200s, I pay my respects for anybody who reads this comment. =)

  268. I doont know, but my neighbor looks like him… thats for sure.

  269. Mårten says:

    I have no idea, but really looking forward to getting my hands on this book.
    Your first was an instant classic.

  270. I’m not sure anyone comes close to the 1985 model of Huey Lewis. I enjoyed his cameo in Back To The Future (can’t remember which one though).
    But I’d have to say Moby on his current album, a bit average. And Gwen Stefani was a good suggestion someone made earlier, without some talented producers, she’d have plenty of free time on her hands!

  271. rbfigueira says:

    The answer is Sammy Hagar. ;)

  272. Teddy Zetterlund says:

    Seriously, I’m from Sweden and I don’t care about any New York singers (read the first line in the Wiki) but I would really like a signed copy of your books. Well I’ll buy them anyways so it doesn’t really mather… but I want it signed… dammit ;)

  273. jarek says:

    Not that I know the guy, but after Dan’s description I tend to agree with #15 that it’s rather difficult to find such a person in a music business today. Simply because the music is business nowadays and there’s little space for ‘not giving a s*** about where and for how much one plays’…
    Well, but if I were forced to give a name, it would be somebody like Damien Rice or maybe the Gallagher brothers (the first line about them on the page: ‘ Oasis have always been at their best when they didn’t give a f***’). Ain’t sure about the sport cars, but surely they don’t drive Rovers… Blur would also fit to this stretched list (or maybe it’s just that awesome typography of their logo :). Surely neither of them cares about all the fame and stuff, they just love music and deliver very, very well.

  274. timfm says:

    Why it’s obviously Michael Bolton. It’s hip to be cool, dontcha know.

  275. I’d say if you were German, then David Hasselhof. He certainly is an anomaly in that he does really really well in Germany. Krazy Krauts!

  276. Thijs says:

    It has to be famous Dutch singer Jannes.

  277. Ben Folds, particularly in his Ben Folds Five days. Now – give me prizes.

  278. Phil says:

    I’ve never heard of him before, but from what you describe I think it’d be very hard to find someone like him. Unique just doesn’t do him justice.

  279. Marcus Williams says:

    Well I just bought a copy but I thought I’d enter anyway (and donate my copy to local LUG or something if I win). Brian Wilson writes undeniably catchy tunes and is awkwardly goofy (plain wierd at points) but at risk of offending Huey Lewis fans is streets ahead in the talent stakes. Not that I’m a fan or anything. No siree. And I’m not bitter about missing the Smile concert either. Nope, not me.

  280. macgirlz says:

    Interesting question, being born in 1971 I enjoyed Huey Lewis & the News in the 80′s after the release of the original Back to the Future film (which had some great music) and I would think that someone like Bryan Adams is a modern day version of Mr. Lewis (no flames please :))

  281. Sorry, but I don’t know who Huey Lewis so I don’t have a suggestion, but I would love to still be in the draw.

  282. ramin says:

    First of all, I can’t believe someone’s never heard of Huey Lewis before… After all, who doesn’t know Back to the Future (and if you don’t read the end credits of a good movie, shame on you)?
    My first thought for an answer was Alice Cooper. I know, I’m weird. He is goofy, he might have shocked in the 60s/70s (he did my mom ;), but now the stage show is fun (and goofy). And the tunes are catchy – I’m at a stage in which I can’t get them out of my head. And AFAIK he enjoys sports since he’s started the Alice Cooperstown restaurants where rockers and jocks can meet. Alas, being in Finland visiting one is a bit of a chore…
    But I must agree with a lot of commenters, HL was quite unique and isn’t easily reproduced at least in the pop market. Luckily I don’t listen to pop…

  283. John Hancock says:

    I’d have to say woody allen, apart from the fact that the songs he writes are downright awful, rather than catchy :/. re #284, he’s about the same place in the talent stakes as huey!

  284. Matthew says:

    Kevin stole my idea in comment 10: E from Eels, though the style of music is usually very different, is the nearest equivalent I can think of. Compare “The Power of Love” with “Last Stop: This Town” by Eels – not much similarity but enough for me to draw a parallel.

  285. Karl says:

    Huey Lewis = Back to the Future and that’s about all I know of him. It’s not the same music genre but UK teen pop “sensation” Busted would probably fit the bill with their “never seen the sea” surf pop-rock. Annoying to catch your foot tapping along when you’re in your 30′s :p

  286. William Harrison says:

    I think the real issue has been skirted here. I think the question you _should_ be asking is, “Who is the Weird Al Yankovic of 2005?”

  287. Chriztian Steinmeier says:

    Whoah – book please. And T-shirt. yessss….
    The Huey Lewis of today (toyear/decade?) must be someone I haven’t heard of yet, as no-one pops into my brain as the obvious choice.
    Perhaps Jamie Oliver? :-)

  288. David says:

    I don’t know much about music artists and had never heard of Huey Lewis so I’m struggling to think of a modern day equivalent in the same arena. But, on reading the WP article the first thought that came into my head was Bill Gates (for mostly the same reasons that Justin mentioned in #221).

  289. Despite supporting Manchester Utd (the soccerbowl franchise owned by Malcolm Glazer) it has to be former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown.

  290. Mark Myers says:

    he’s the news

  291. Mark Myers says:

    but seriously, Bruce Dickenson who is a serious enough fencer (the sport) to own a fencing supply company

  292. lorissa says:

    i’ve already pre-ordered the book, but prizes are always fun!
    i can’t for the life of me think who would equate to huey lewis. i’d like to probably add another attribute of his that makes him different – his great sense of humour and willingness to make fun of himself and his industry (thinking back to the future here, and an episode of just shoot me)
    i think a lot of suggestions are close…but nothing that really fits the bill.

  293. Jason says:

    Today’s Huey Lewis? Easy – Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows! Their songs are catchy, often fun & funny, but also sometimes quite deep, a la HL&TN’s “Forest for the Trees”.
    So there you have it.

  294. I’d have to agree with leslie…Sammy Hagar is definently the modern day equivalent. His singing abilities remind me a lot of Huey.

  295. John Nick says:

    Stuart Murdoch from BELLE & SEBASTIAN
    1. He turns 37 on 25th August 2005 (that’s VERY middle-age for twee britpop),
    2. He writes catchy tunes (though his indie-god status hasn’t broached the American Top 40 with Huey’s frequency),
    3. He loves sports so much he wrote the song, “Piazza, New York Catcher.”
    Congrats on the book, Dan! You’re an inspiration and a priceless resource.

  296. The guys from Fountains of Wayne, perhaps. Or those guys from Barenaked Ladies. They both seem to toss out catchy tunes with weird themes.

  297. Jean “Toots” Thielemans is undeniably the latter day Huey Lewis.
    Jean has several songs to his name that could be justifiably called “legendary”. Of these, the most notable is the track “Sesame Street”, which is recognised the world over as the rock anthem of the century. Other similarities between Jean and Huey are remarkable: both love sports cars, and are male.
    Like Huey, Jean overcame many obstacles to reach these dizzy heights of success: as Huey is middle aged and goofy, so Jean is old and Belgian.
    And yet despite these undeniably restrictive forces both men have composed tunes that we have grown to know and love. This is probably due to some unknown power present in all harmonicas which numbs the mind to its usual ability to discern between the melodious and the cacophonic.
    Today’s competition entry was brought to you by the word “misinform” and the letter U.

  298. Zeerus says:

    I’d have to say Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. It may be an awkward comparison, but he fits the role. His middle aged, in his 40s or 50s now I belive. He’s written many catchy songs, and he’s very awkward guy. If you’ve seen him on a daily basis you can see that he stumbles a lot, makes a lot of jokes, and is just an all around goofy guy.
    Well, with over 300 comments I don’t think I’ll be winning this one.

  299. Scott says:

    Iron Maiden. Full of sports lovers, definitely middle-aged (to post-middle-aged,) and still rocking out. I consider them catchy, and as long as they keep putting on excellent concerts I consider them “current.”

  300. Robbie says:

    Abe Vigoda?

  301. Hans Nilsson says:

    I’ll just put a name in here for the h*ll of it.
    Robbie Williams.
    I saw a documentary where he and his tour crew spent a great amount of time playing UNO. That’s a sport, isn’t it? He has some catchy songs too (of which he has written some himself…), and well on his way to be middle-aged.

  302. Todd says:

    Style of Music – DMB (Dave Matthews has the horns)
    Clothing – X between Don Johnson and Weird Al
    Hair – Any 70′s porno dude
    Face – A Young Hulk Hogan. sans moustache in an odd way.
    But, as stated many times.. there can only be one highlander… err Huey Lewis.

  303. Jon says:

    I’m going outside the box on this one – Nelly. Before you say I’m insane, hear me out…
    Here are the requirements:
    1) Middle-Aged – Nelly is 31 which is about as middle-aged as you can get in the hip hop culture. Just ask Lil’ Romeo.
    2) Awkwardly Goofy – The dude performs with a bandage under his left eye for no reason…if that’s not awkwardly goofy I don’t know what is.
    3) Sports Loving – Part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and owner of roughly 432 basketball jerseys. I’m not even “kiddin’” like Jason on this one.
    4) Undeniable Catchy Songs – My wife was obssessed with “Hot in Here”…excuse me…”Herrrrrre” and her favorite band is frickin’ Poison. Along with “Air Force Ones” and “Shake Ya Tailfeather” Nelly has some of the dumbest yet most successful songs out there, topping the Billboard chart 3 times…the same number as Huey and the News.
    Toss in the fact that he marketed an energy drink called “Pimpjuice” and I think we have our winner folks.

  304. Alan says:

    Did someone say competition? I’m there

  305. damonp says:

    Moby. He isn’t the same as Huey but extrapolate the ’80′s to today and he comes close to the likable cheesiness of Mr. Lewis.

  306. Knut Karnapp says:

    Blink 182 altogether they are two middle age men !
    I like Huey Lewis and his Power of Love, though.
    Actually, I need a book right from the source they are not in stores here, yet :/

  307. David Brockman says:

    Dan Aykroyd
    Movies, SNL and The Blues Brothers. Isn’t he kind of goofy and weird?
    btw. Web Standards Solutions was really good.

  308. Karl says:

    I would have to say Darius Rucker.

  309. Lee says:

    I was going to say Moby myself if not for the fact that both had songs attached to large commercial endeavors…
    but as a St. Louis expatriot Im now sold on Nelly. Of course what I do is a Lou thang.

  310. Stephen says:

    John Bon Jovi. He owns the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League. If that’s not a sports fan rock star, I don’t know what is. :-)

  311. Sal Bass says:

    Delbert Mcclinton – He has a bit of a country thing going on, but is a total corny middle-aged average Joe making a good life in music…with a large following.

  312. Chris K says:

    I’m so out of touch with Top 40 that I don’t know if a 2000′s version of Heuy exists. I’d second the Jon Bon Jovi vote if he’s still putting out songs that do well in the pop charts.

  313. Tom Webster says:

    My vote: Jon Bon Jovi.
    Catchy songs–Check (50 Gigazillion fans can’t be wrong)
    Does some acting (as did Huey)
    Owns a sports team! (Arena Football) and was a frequent particpant in MTV’s Rock ‘n Jock Softball games.
    Bon Jovi is also in the same awkward spot that Huey Lewis settled into in the second half of his career–wasn’t writing “modern” pop songs (like Maroon 5) but also not yet ready for the Michael Bolton set. Continues to write anachronistic, catchy pop-rock that can’t get airtime on Top 40 stations anymore, but is not quite “easy listening” either. I think he is uniquely analogous to Huey.

  314. Matt Burden says:

    I have to agree, on some level, with the people who have mentioned Hootie AKA Darius Rucker as being the modern day Huey.
    However, I’m not really a fan of Hootie or the Blowfish so I can’t completely concur with that notion.
    Not having the luxury of time enough to read through all the entries, I don’t know if Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters has been mentioned, but I’m giving him my nomination.
    He’s definitely a goofy bastard. I don’t know if he likes sports or not, but I bet he would sign a football or wiffle ball or any kind of sports paraphernalia you would offer him.
    His lyrics definitely grab me, get in my head and stay there. Hopefully, after this, he can wrestle the Hooty and the Huey out of my cranium.

  315. Bob Sherron says:

    I noticed it got all the way down to #243 before someone chimed in with my response:
    Rob Thomas
    That guy is a class act. I would go so far as to say he is mystifyingly successful. Ted Leo and Ben Folds are two other excellent choices.

  316. Kalimati says:

    Frankly, never heard of this musician. The fact that you have devoted this discussion to him lead me to believe that he must be very intruiging.

  317. Zachary Schneider says:

    I would say Jack White (White stripes) not sure about sports but he sure is goofy and writes catchy songs.

  318. Kyle Posey says:

    I think it could be either John Mayer or Ben Folds. Ben Folds has the middle-aged man part down, and definately writes catchy songs, and even had his own band (Ben Folds Five) much like Lewis’s News. But John Mayer falls better into the awkward sports loving guy who writes incredibly catchy music.

  319. Kyle says:

    Like many many others have chimed in, my vote goes for Ben Folds.
    He’s 38, awkward, goofy, and super-talented. He writes catchy, fun, deep songs and is always just outside the mainstream.

  320. Who could replace Huey? … and if anyone out there is trying, please stop! Let’s not repeat that mistake in life.

  321. Eduardo says:

    No idea, but I go for the lottery process :)

  322. Ken Chase says:

    Gwen Stefani
    I don’t mean to disrespect Huey but she:
    1 – Dresses like she’s into sports
    2 – Must be somewhere around middle age
    3 – Is very, very goofy
    4 – Unlike Huey, she pays people to write very catchy songs for her or right out rips people off. The end result is… catchy songs
    The girl’s no Huey but she meets the criteria – No Doubt…
    (this is oh so very sad – I sincerely apologize to everyone)

  323. Phej says:

    I’d have to agree with Rodrigo, Robbie Williams is probably the modern day Huey Lewis. But I wish Huey was still on the radio!

  324. Dan says:

    It’s obviously Moby.

  325. Bernd says:

    Maybe it is the German “President” Gerhard Schröder. If you don’t believe look at this: he can sing (click on “Der Steuersong (Radio Version)”) and looks like Huey Lewis.

  326. Jorge Coelho says:

    Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner).
    Sports Connection
    Got his stage name from a soccer jersey he was wearing one day. One day Sting came to practice in a striped soccer jersey and the trombone player, Gordon Solomon, said that Sting looked like a bee. After that he was called Stinger and then eventually just Sting. He is obviously a soccer fan.
    Middle Aged
    He was born in the 50s.
    Catchy Songs
    Police years and Solo career with many Grammy Awards throughout with about 30 hit songs.
    Awkardly Goofy
    Definitely sticks out from a typical “rock star” with his interest in Hinduisum, variety in songs he produces, while still managing to be number 81 on the the Top 100 Worst Britons.
    Wikipedia Link

  327. Matthew says:

    Adjusting for changes in the musical landscape and popular culture, i would say Missy Elliott is the best match i could think of. I think the spirit of Huey is someone who can make it big despite appearing to be average.

  328. Reid says:

    good times

  329. David Hasselhoff. Lets go down the list:
    middle-aged: he’s getting up there but CHECK
    awkwardly goofy: CHECK
    sports-loving: Life guard is a sport right? CHECK
    rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs: most of the world besides the US would say CHECK

  330. Bob Sawyer says:

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but I keep seeing names like Frank Black, Bob Mould, etc. One thing people are forgetting is that Huey Lewis’ music had widespread appeal. My mother even liked Huey Lewis’ music. Frank Black, Bob Mould,, while popular in various circles, do not have the same level of popularity or name recognition as Huey.
    That being said, I cannot think of any performer today who I would or could consider a modern-day Huey Lewis.

  331. Justin says:

    I’m going with Kid Rock.

  332. Christopher says:

    Hi everybody -
    Not sure if bands count in this debate, but I’m going to nominate Blue Rodeo.
    As with most Canadians, they are HUGE hockey fans (each of the members actually play too). While the photos on their website paint them as no-good hippies, they are actually mild-mannered chaps who are great musical and cultural ambassadors for our (well, my) country.
    Their music is more than catchy – they’ve consistently had hit songs from pretty much every record since the 80′s. For those who aren’t familiar with the band, here are a few songs to look for in the iTMS:
    Lost Together
    Hasn’t Hit Me Yet
    Rose-Coloured Glasses
    Dark Angel
    Diamond Mine
    What Am I Doing Here

  333. Gavin says:

    Steve Jobs

  334. Eric Shiarla says:

    Definitely Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. How much more awkward can one get? He’s middle aged, rights incredibly catchy songs — Beverly Hills, Buddy Holly, and the likes — wears large, thick black glasses, and on their MTV Bio Page appears in full Soccer uniform.
    I think that solves it for me =)

  335. Curtis says:

    Paul Simon, post Simon & Garfunkel

  336. Dale Cruse says:

    Bob Sawyer (#355) has a good point about widespread appeal. I happen to think his statements are accurate. However, as I’ve said before, “widespread appeal” wasn’t part of the criteria outlined at the top of this post. The question asked was: “Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs?”
    The words “widespread appeal” does not appear in that description and therefore is not a prerequisite, in my opinion.
    I’m starting to feel like a broken record.

  337. Ben Shoults says:


  338. Nick Toye says:

    Dan Cederholm…
    Or is that too cheeky to win?
    I’ve actually got the book on order from Amazon, but a signed copy would be nice.

  339. Diong says:

    I do not know about about music… but I’m still going to give an answer… Axl Rose :-)

  340. This is no current equivalent to Lewis. I still remember the cover of “Sports,” with that too-close show of Lewis and his cleft chin, jacket over his shoulder. You can’t beat that today. Hell, you can’t even match it today.

  341. Olly says:

    Dave Scunthorpe.

  342. I saw Mr. Lewis at the Indian Casino last night and told him about your little contest. Needless to say, he is very insulted that someone would suggest that in his own time, not even he is as modern, nor as catchy as himself.

  343. Carlos Porto says:

    I’m with Garrett, Huey Lewis is definately an old gem. I think the closest person that comes to mind is Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band.

  344. Matt Ramos says:

    There is nobody close!
    Tim Armstrong of Rancid.

  345. Dave Grohl
    At 36, he’s the same age as Huey Lewis was at his pomp. Grohl is definitely a sporty fellow (I believe skateboarding is his bag). Goofy? Well he’s still pretty cool (much cooler than Lewis ever was) but probably old enough to put off the kids. And he’s definitely penned a few great tunes (All My Life is a seriously top tune).
    Foo Fighters aren’t exactly Huey Lewis & the News but they are one of those bands that it’s hard to get really excited about. Also pretty hard to dislike.
    Yeah, Dave Grohl is the new Huey Lewis.

  346. Also gonna go with Moby.

  347. Tom Quinn says:

    Gotta be William Shatner

  348. Claudia Klötzner says:

    Jon Bon Jovi seams about right.

  349. I’d have to go with Hootie. (From my infinitely uninformed, slender connection to popular music, of course!)

  350. melanie says:

    Ok…I want signed copies…naturally…and whoever said Jon Bon Jovi is absolutely nuts. Bon Jovi still headlines shows worldwide 20+ years later, still looks as good, has written all their own material and has sold over 100 million records, there are not a lot of artists who can say that.
    Ok, my comparisons would be No Doubt, very catchy tunes that will stand the test of time- but the band itself may not…or even Alannis Morrisette, remember the whole Jagged Little Pill thing, again songs that will last but the artist may not.
    JBJ- for shame!!!!

  351. Anonymous says:

    Another vote for Ben Folds

  352. Sharaf says:

    John Mayer

  353. Nick Young says:

    Geez ask us a CSS question or something!? :)

  354. I believe Mr. Lewis to be completely orignal. yes, Darius Rucker seems to perform a similar function with his group “hootie and the blowfish”, and theres no denying the catchiness of “Smashmouth”‘s catalog, but I don’t see any group that combines these features along with more universal acceptance that Huey Lewis has / had.
    not to mention leaving comments for free swag seems like a good deal.

  355. Ivo Gomes says:

    I don’t know who Huey Lewis is and I think that most of us who live outside the US don’t know who that guy is.
    Nevertheless I would like to participate in this contest to win a signed book :D
    So I will just say a name… hmmm. let’s see…
    Michael Jackson?

  356. Brian Gilham says:

    I’m going to have to go with Weird Al Yankovic. I mean, you can’t get much more middle-aged or goofy than that. prances around on stages singing about churning butter and raising barns, for gosh sake! Yet, somehow, he was, and continues to be, insanely popular. Every once in a while, Weird Al just pops up again in pop culture.
    You just can’t get rid of him. When I think of a goofy, middle-aged “musician”, I think of him.
    As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain
    I take a look at my wife and realize she’s very plain
    But that’s just perfect for an Amish like me
    You know, I shun fancy things like electricity
    At 4:30 in the morning I’m milkin’ cows
    Jebediah feeds the chickens and Jacob plows… fool
    And I’ve been milkin’ and plowin’ so long that
    Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone
    I’m a man of the land, I’m into discipline
    Got a Bible in my hand and a beard on my chin
    But if I finish all of my chores and you finish thine
    Then tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1699
    We been spending most our lives
    Living in an Amish paradise
    I’ve churned butter once or twice
    Living in an Amish paradise
    It’s hard work and sacrifice
    Living in an Amish paradise
    We sell quilts at discount price
    Living in an Amish paradise
    A local boy kicked me in the butt last week
    I just smiled at him and turned the other cheek
    I really don’t care, in fact I wish him well
    ‘Cause I’ll be laughing my head off when he’s burning in hell
    But I ain’t never punched a tourist even if he deserved it
    An Amish with a ‘tude? You know that’s unheard of
    I never wear buttons but I got a cool hat
    And my homies all I agree I look good in black… fool
    If you come to visit, you’ll be bored to tears
    We haven’t even paid the phone bill in 300 years
    But we ain’t really quaint, so please don’t point and stare
    We’re just technologically impaired
    There’s no phone, no lights, no motorcar
    Not a single luxury
    Like Robinson Caruso
    It’s as primitave as can be
    We been spending most our lives
    Living in an Amish paradise
    We’re just plain and simple guys
    Living in an Amish paradise
    There’s no time for sin and vice
    Living in an Amish paradise
    We don’t fight, we all play nice
    Living in an Amish paradise
    Hitchin’ up the buggy, churnin’ lots of butter
    Raised a barn on Monday, soon I’ll raise another
    Think you’re really rightous? Think you’re pure in heart?
    Well, I know I’m a million times as humble as thou art
    I’m the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like
    On my knees day and night scorin’ points for the afterlife
    So don’t be vain and don’t be whiny
    Or else, my brother, I might just have to get medieval on your heinie
    We been spending most our lives
    Living in an Amish paradise
    We’re all crazy Mennonites
    Living in an Amish paradise
    There’s no cops or traffic lights
    Living in an Amish paradise
    But you’d probably think it bites
    Living in an Amish paradise

  357. Brian Gilham says:

    Don’t know how I did THAT. Sorry for the weird formatting.

  358. Sean says:

    So, I shouldn’t have read the first few comments, because now I’m biased. I think Hootie and the Blowfish is a good one, but I’m going to go with Weezer, or, if we just need one person, Rivers Cuomo.
    Their/his songs are catchy, poppy, and captivating, but, in 10 years, will anyone otherwise remember Rivers Cuomo except as the apprently crazy guy he is?
    So, there’s my vote. Now I’ll go read comments 3 through 352.

  359. Jason says:

    Definitely Beastie Boys
    1. Middle aged? All were born in the mid 60s. Couldn’t be closer to middle age
    2. Awkwardly goofy? Have you seen their videos?
    3. Sports loving? They play basketball, skateboard, snowboard…
    4. Catchy songs? (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party), Hey ladies, Sabotage, Ch-Check It Out…
    Great contest.

  360. I also don’t know Huey Lewis, but all I found out about Wikipedia got me suggesting the great great pop musician and singer “Bernd das Brot” :-D
    He is great, isn’t he? *lol*

  361. Matt T. says:

    +1 for Moby.

  362. my guess would be that guy from matchbox 20 who has that sappy single out…. i think i’m too young to know huey lewis.

  363. Huy Tong says:

    I’d put mine in. Adam Sandler, his songs are pretty catch and funny and there was even a song about a field goal kicker.

  364. Chad Smalley says:

    Come on y’all, it’s gotta be John Tesh!
    I still can’t believe they retired his NBA theme.

  365. Lasse says:

    Don’t know the guy and I’ve done enough Googling today – but I was just about to order your book.. Hoping to be the lucky bastard!
    That’s quite a bit of comments, huh!?

  366. Ryan Bowman says:

    Robert Smith (The Cure), he’s pretty strange and his songs are excellent. The CD they released last year has lots of great songs that probably aren’t ever on the radio – nothing good ever is – but that’s what mp3 players are for.

  367. Stacy says:

    I was a child of the 80s, and saw Huey Lewis and the News live on more than one occasion (is it safe to admit that?). From a sheer entertainment (catchiness) standpoint, I’d have to vote for the Barenaked Ladies. Any concert that has signs banning Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, along with video/audio recording devices has to have some entertainment value. And who hasn’t heard “One Week” or “If I had a Million Dollars”?
    And, well, I have to credit the Ladies with making the ultimate cosmic connection – a comment about them set the stage for me to meet my (now) husband.
    For pure goofiness or dorkiness, there aren’t any popular, mainstream bands that are allowed to show that image. The bands that are geeky, or dorky, are all alternative or college bands (Weezer, Blur). Huey had the advantage of a music industry that was still willing to take a risk, rather than just promote YAPTLB (yet another pop tart like Britney).

  368. Sean says:

    Dang! I wasn’t the first to say Rivers, and likely not the last. But in looking over other comments:
    How could I miss Weird Al?!
    I might say Ben Folds, but I have a feeling his songs will remain timeless. I just saw him the other night, and I think what momentum he has (though it’s light with the Top 40 crowd, his fans are ravenous) will stay strong.

  369. Chris B. says:

    Eminem. I mean, he isn’t right now, but if he wanted to, he could assume the persona.

  370. Byron Smith says:

    I know the name, I know the songs.
    but what I really do know,
    It’s hip to be square
    peace and love
    ps: cube.

  371. Jenna says:

    I’m gonna say Dave Matthews (primarily because I’ve been listening to him a lot lately and find a good number of the lyrics catchy). I don’t really know Huey Lewis, though, so I could be way off. :)

  372. Pedro Gomez says:

    It would be hard for me to say considering that I was born in the 80s. From reading some of the comments he seemed to be a little of an animated character. I may get shot but I would say maybe someone like Jason Mraz who seems to have fun with his lyrics from time to time and acts kind of goofie. I could be going in the wrong direction with this one.

  373. victor says:

    First post!

  374. Matt Wilcox says:

    I would have to say the Beastie Boys. They are getting well into middle age now. Plus they rocked.

  375. jekyll says:

    File under Genius:
    MySQL code
    Mark McGrath
    Har Mar Superstar
    Clay Aiken
    Many others
    File under My Input:
    Missy Elliott
    File under Complaints:
    Anybody else from the ’90s without a hit this millennium (you know it as present day) simply doesn’t cut it. So, Darius Rucker is about as relevant to present-day music as Huey Lewis is (which means present-day Huey Lewis should be the present-day equivalent in your world). And to those who suggested Elvis Costello? Clearly, you don’t know your pepperoni from your eggplant.

  376. reese says:

    john ondrasik, the main guy of Five for Fighting
    1. He LOVES sports (he may not have “the news” but his band was named after a hockey penalty and his latest “diary entry” on his site grumbles about hockey’s demise for the past year or so)
    2. He’s middle-aged, sweet and goofy, has a kid, and is incredibly ordinary and untormented (he took the time once to reply to an email of mine, and my guess is he does that with many people).
    3. He writes wonderfully catchy songs (“100 Years,” “Superman”, “Easy Tonight.”)
    4. Despite the laid-back nature of the above listed songs, his concerts actually ROCK. He has an incredible charisma with the audience. I loved (and still love) Huey, and I love John. Probably equally so :)

  377. Eddie Sowden says:

    I think Harry Potter could equal that if he tired.

  378. Tomas says:

    The Spice Girls
    Please note Sarcasm…….now!

  379. Dustin says:

    I don’t think he has an eqivalent today. The only one band I think of that can come close is the Killers. I never liked HL&TN all that much, so I don’t know that I really have a good answer.

  380. I really don’t think we have any Huey’s in our time. He was one of a kind.

  381. Noah says:

    I’d probably say Smash Mouth (or the lead singer). They write pretty catchy songs, which are by themselves somewhat goofy. I’m not sure if he would be considered a “rock star,” since I feel like that title shouldn’t be given just because you have a few hit songs.

  382. Rebecca says:

    Manu Chao

  383. Ben Folds is a good choice, although he’s not really one I’d think of when I think “sports.”
    Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields is also kinda goofy, middle aged, writes catchy tunes, but again, not athletic, and has never achieved the kind of commercial success that Huey Lewis has.
    What about Ted Nugent? He’s into bow hunting, middle aged, kinda goofy. He’s the Motor City Madman!

  384. Mister J says:

    Modern day Huey?
    That would be a joke. None of the self involved, whiny egotistical brats of today could ever hope to fill Mr Lewis’ shoes. And that is before even taking into account the ‘soul’ factor of Huey.
    Then, when you add in the fact that Huey had the News backing him up, you see the futility of any comparison. (Although those who put forth Hootie as a candidate may have a semblance of a case – He even has the blowfish to add to his cred. Although he does work for burger king now, so…)
    Long live Huey!

  385. Eric says:

    Don’t know anybody who is like Lewis…

  386. Bryan Davis says:

    How about Emilio Castillo of Tower of Power? Unbelieveably catchy songs for the most part and still banging them out after 30+ years. Sadly underrated too….

  387. Chip says:

    I know it’s been mentioned, but Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows will get my vote. I can see Dave and Gwen fitting in pretty well also. Eddie Vedder also has an interesting place, but not all people find Pearl Jam songs “catchy”.

  388. John B says:

    In the realm of comedy I’d say Drew Carey. The music I listen to doesn’t have anything in common with Mr. Lewis, so I’m not really in touch with most of the mainstream top 40 these days.

  389. Kim Siever says:

    My vote also goes to Barenaked Ladies. They even took over for HL in Canada, since they’ve been around here for almost 15 years.

  390. Here in Quebec we have J.F. Pauzé from Les Cowboys Fringants which does a pretty good job at catchy songs PLUS he drinks, smokes and loves the Hartford Whaler’s goaltender Mike Liut :-P

  391. Philipp Daun says:

    “Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs?”
    The answers is pretty simple: It’s you ;-)

  392. Hansv says:

    Well seeing as this year is the 20th anniversary of the Back to the Future trilogy it is a fitting question. Now for an answer I would wager the guys from coldplay. The answer should fit current times, I suppose?

  393. Erik Holmer says:

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  394. Krasimir says:

    The answer is so simple – Pete Townshend from “The Who”!

  395. Mark Wallis says:

    Two Words: Elton John, fits the description perfectly
    “middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs”

  396. Tony says:

    Gotta go with Dave Matthews (…and the News).

  397. Jeremy Weiskotten says:

    Fatboy Slim. Definitely Fatboy Slim!

  398. Adam Bullied says:

    No one could ever come close to matching the talent of Huey. He’s awesome, stands completely alone, and should be (if not already) in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.
    I mean, who could top his performance in Duets? The answer: nobody. Although, if I needed to make a guess, maybe, just maybe — it would be Axl Rose (pre-cornrows, of course).

  399. I’d have to say Jack Johnson.

  400. Chris Alexander says:

    Hmmmm…P. Diddy? But I don’t recall Huey Lewis throwing any lavish parties.
    Loved the first book Dan. Can’t wait to read the second.

  401. Jonathan says:

    I’ll have to say Dave Matthews. Huey was around for quite some time, and so is Dave. The following seems to be the same too.

  402. giuliano velli says:

    the italian pop’s singer Al Bano remind me Huey Lewis, and about the quality of his songs… uhm … michael jackson has stolen him once !

  403. Patrick says:

    I’ll have to add another vote to Fountains of Wayne.

  404. I preordered my copy about a month ago on

  405. Hmm… interesting question. If you go with the idea that Huey Lewis was the leader of a band that did nothing but rehash musical styles that other bands had certainly done better, and taking into account the general mood of the nation between then and now, I would venture to guess that the modern day equal to Huey would be Fred Durst. The front man of a band that while popular, certainly is not the epitome of the genre (if there can be an epitome to a genre as awful as rap-rock).
    A metoric rise to fame on a national level as compared to the local scene they came from, both Huey and Fred were marginal talents who very quickly jumped ship into alternate fields (acting, if you can call it that) when their respective bands started faltering.
    Plus I would have loved to have seen that overly hair moussed guitarist in The News who always had a cigarette dangling from his mouth, dressed up as the hell spawn rabbit from outer space on guitar in Limp Bizkit.
    Bury them all in sand like that one Huey and the News video, and just don’t stop when you get to the necks!

  406. JMc says:

    I agree with Jason’s comment (#86): There will never be another Huey Lewis!

  407. Luke K says:

    I don’t really know who the first guy was, nor would I know the second. I do know, however, that both of your books have rocked (got Bulletproof in the mail yesterday after pre-ordering forever ago) and I’m all about the free swag.

  408. Dann Ryan says:

    Even though I couldn’t make it through half the above comments, and I’m sure it’s been said a thousand times, my instant reaction is Dave Matthews… although I think there might be a little discrepancy on the “catchiness” of his songs compared to Huey Lewis.

  409. Shawn says:

    Undeniably catchy tunes? (approaching) middle age?
    Stuff I can listen to and hum at work(“Detroit..San Antone… and the Liberty town…” stuck in my head now)?
    Gotta be Fountains of Wayne.
    I don’t know if they like sports but they’re definitely goofy and approaching middle age. check out their new compilation, “Out of State Plates”.
    Back in the late nineties, I couldn’t get their songs out of my head. Of course, my music-snob friends called them “Fountains of Suck” but I didn’t care. Their stuff was fun to listen to.

  410. Chet says:

    The previous book was AMAZING! I hope to get my hands on this book asap…

  411. Sebastian says:

    Now, for this one I had to dig through my iTunes collection. But I think I may have found my answer: The Clash. Or at least I think so. Now one would say that goofy doesn’t quite fit, but then again what middle-aged person, hasn’t changed to much in their appearance or clothing style? I think thats oddly goofy.

  412. Morgan C says:

    I thought about it for awhile, but I can’t think of anyone that compares to Huey Lewis… However, I keep thinking about the entire chapter in American Psycho, by Brett Easton Ellis, in which the main character does a discography of Huey Lewis. Slightly disturbing….

  413. Beerzie Boy says:

    I have no idea, but I hope someone took the folks who suggested Elvis Costello to task (I don’t have time to read all 417 comments). Elvis Costello is a living legend; Huey Lewis just plain sucked.

  414. ryan romero says:

    I’ve googled my heart out and I don’t know much about good ol’ huey. But I’m going to guess that there is no other Huey Lewis.
    Everyone who’s in music can distinguish themselves with their own style and the way they perform. You mentioned the word “equivalent”, and there is no one equal to you or me because we’re all unique in one way or another.
    “When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness…unless you’re Huey Lewis.”

  415. spk says:

    Elton John of course!
    How’s that you say? Because the tediously ironic, hideously catchy, bizarrely popular Scissor Sisters are actually an Elton John coverband!

  416. Miko says:

    Too young to know Huey; but reading from the wiki I’d say the White Stripes.

  417. Chris Cahoon says:

    Ben Folds has to be the modern Huey Lewis, except with fewer movie appearances.

  418. Thomas says:

    Modern Day equivalent simply has to be Jack Black (as in Tenacious D). He is not exactly to my own taste but hes eccentric and over acts regularly.

  419. linda says:

    Beck – good music, awkward man, you all remember one of his songs or another – and he’s still going!

  420. Chester Bullock says:

    Any of the current crop of rap stars. Some of their tuners are catchy, and some of them appear in movies, but they have 0 staying power because there are so many others coming up behind them that the record companies are trying to cash in on.

  421. Timo Brimhall says:

    Napoleon Dynamite – not a lot of similarites but they do have some things in common, for instance looks. Though, Napoleon might be the better dancer.

  422. Ben Alpert says:

    He’s still alive!

  423. Marcus Mucha says:

    I’m so tardy here, but since Frank Black has been mentioned a couple of times already, I’m going with my kids second favorite, The Wiggles.

  424. Ben Smith says:

    Easy! Ice Cube is the modern day Huey Lewis. They’ve both appeared in movies and are successful musicians not to mention crazy about sports.

  425. Jack White? I don’t really think that Pop music exists in that naive way anymore (more’s the pity!)

  426. johnjohn says:

    Huey Lewis is still the man! He has no successor, no equal!

    Now the old boy may be barely breathing
    But the heart of rock and roll is still beating


  427. Rebecca Yoo says:

    I agree with #57 and say Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray.

  428. Dave Lains says:

    How about Presidents Of The United States Of America… undeniably goofy and catchy tunes, although I couldn’t tell you the front mans name off the top of my head so maybe that is a disqualification.

  429. I don’t want to enter, but I got the book today via Amazon, just about to sit down and read it :D.

  430. Mark C. says:

    So i’am waiting for an email from my bookvendor that says me that the book is aviable in Belgium near me.
    I’am waiting….waiting…not yet….etc…

  431. melissa says:

    If you would like to see someone who physically resembles Huey Lewis it would definately be Jerry O’Connell on Crossing Jordan. Can he sing? I don’t know.
    Amazon said your new book is on its way, should have been here yesterday and your other book is dog earred right next to my monitor. A set of your icons would be lovely.

  432. Cindy says:

    There is no Huey Lewis for 2005.
    I just don’t see anyone that I listen to with that same kind of pop, happy, perky sound.
    Besides my tastes have changed and I no longer listen to this particular genre.

  433. Joe Clay says:

    Alrighty, I’m going to go way out on a limb for this one. I’m going to say Brandon Boyd from incubus. He keeps a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” handy, and he has a sock-puppet-like wash cloth. As far as the rest of the band goes they’re goofy, their songs are extremely catchy, and all of them like skateboarding and surfing—the usual Cali sports, lol. To further the goofy point, they put a reenactment of Brandon severing his Achilles tendon in a freak gardening accident on the DVD that came with the “a crow left of the murder…” CD. I mean even that CD title is clever and catchy. OK, I’ll stop rambling now, I’m just a big fan of incubus, ok? But the points are valid!

  434. JP says:

    The Huey Lewis of 2005 is PEOPLE!!! It’s people, I tell you!!!

  435. Chris says:

    There is no one currently in music who is the modern-day equivalent to Huey Lewis.
    The world awaits.

  436. Fallout75 says:

    I actually don’t pay attention to mainstream music in America but rather pay attention to European artists. Huey Lewis & The News was catching in the 80′s and will always be linked to the movie “Back to the Future”. There is no modern Huey Lewis. ;)

  437. Mary-Ann says:

    Well, I got far to impatient to read everything, but if I’m allowed to pick a band I would say Coldplay. No idea about sports but they just have the same synthetic MOR vibe for me. I now have “That’s just the way it is” stuck in my head. Thank you very much.

  438. Dan K. says:

    Wow, the first thing that popped into my brain was Sammy Hagar! Hats off to you Leslie. Yeah, Jack Black would be a good alternative too.
    Cool contest!

  439. Mark says:

    Is it too late to enter? Huey has no modern day rival (maybe Brian Setzer seven years ago?) when it comes to the everyman cranking out undeniably catchy tunes.
    What if we cross genres? Pop these days seems to be all about hip hop. Eminem or Ludacris may be candidates. Love them or hate them, their songs stick in your brain and they obviously don’t care at all what people think of them. ;-)

  440. Mark says:

    Is it too late to enter? Huey has no modern day rival (maybe Brian Setzer seven years ago?) when it comes to the everyman cranking out undeniably catchy tunes.
    What if we cross genres? Pop these days seems to be all about hip hop. Eminem or Ludacris may be candidates. Love them or hate them, their songs stick in your brain and their marketers obviously don’t care at all what people think of them. ;-)

  441. Neal Watkins says:

    The current Huey is Lenny Kravitz – a black Huey if you will – cheesy lyrics – minimal talent – but luckily (dumb luck i’m sure or he pays for it) finds a cool riff and exploits the hell out of it.

  442. Josh says:

    hmmmm, which ever artist has the most cheesiest songs out there, was ricky martin, today.. not sure, tomorrow we will wait and see (or hear).

  443. monkeyinabox says:

    Huey Lewis & The News… good 80′s stuff. Nothing from the 80′s really has an equal but I’ll say in the same spirit The Scissor Sisters.

  444. Emily says:

    Tim McGraw definitely has the basic requirements, but he is certainly trumped by Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines (and please no one tell my bf that I listen to country).
    The Simple Bits:
    Age: Garth/Chris is 43.
    Goofiness factor: please, Garth, a cowboy hat ALL the time? and for god’s sakes Chris, that soul patch on your first album cover – need I say more? Oh yeah, and the fact that Garth CREATED ANOTHER IDENTITY. Perhaps that goes straight past goofy and into requiring some time in therapy.
    Garth first:
    1)Went to Oklahoma State on a track scholarship as a javelin thrower. 2)Started Teammates For Kids Foundation which breaks down into three categories spanning three different sports: Touch ‘Em All Foundation – Baseball Division; Top Shelf – Hockey Division; and Touchdown – Football Division. The foundation enlists players to donate a predetermined sum of money depending on their game performance. 3)Participated in spring training for the San Diego Padres in 1998 and 1999; the New York Mets in 2000, and Kansas City Royals in 2004.
    Chris (according to Garth, of course):
    His mother was a former swimmer for the Australian Olympic team and Commonwealth Games medalist, and his father was a former swim coach for Long Beach State University as well as a former coach of both the U.S. and Australian Olympic swim teams. At the age of five, Chris and his family moved to Los Angeles, and already his parents had high expectations for him to become an Olympic swimmer.
    Music: He’s done the whole country/rock crossover thing. And if for nothing else, who doesn’t love having friends in low places (please, people, mind out of the gutter)?

  445. Lindsay says:

    Well, they aren’t really middle aged (or even sports loving, come to think of it), but my answer would be Frenzal Rhomb

  446. Ki says:

    Mark Mcgrath of Sugar Ray. He sings happy/fun music. Besides, he now hosts Entertainment Tonight. :|

  447. Tam says:

    I’m going to go with Me First & The Gimme Gimmes. They’re goofy, they’re into sports, and their songs are catchy. Granted they do mostly covers, but you just TRY to get “Sloop John B” or “Blowin’ In The Wind” out of your head.

  448. Cameron says:

    Does anyone “modern-day” still play the harmonica?

  449. Joe says:

    Who? I’ve never heard of Huey Lewis ;)

  450. So, I am the middle aged (okay, almost 50) mother of two teen-aged boys. I hear ALL kinds of music.
    My boys will listen to anything, classical, rap, jazz, rock, folk, blues, whatever. Really, it’s great that they are open to so much music. I am a trained (sounds like a monkey, hmmmm?) classical pianist so I love the fact that they listen to anything eagerly.
    Having said that, though, they sing to ….wait….yes, Bare Naked Ladies.
    It’s fun, campy and creative music. What’s more to like?
    That’s my vote and I’m sticking to it!
    Carole (aka middle-aged old fart)

  451. janasnyder says:

    Well, at *least* I know who Huey Lewis is. (And now you know about how old I am.) But I’m too out of the loop to know an equivalent in modern popdom. So I guess I’ll have to say, my husband. Middle-aged; yup. Goofy; yup (but I love’m!). Rock star; in his dreams! (Blues star, actually.)
    Send that book my way!

  452. Tim says:

    I have to admit, even as a non-Yankee fan, Derek Jeter may quite simply be one of the best shortstops of our time. He plays with his heart, not his wallet; makes some of the most impressive plays on the field, and is quite possibly an easy ticket on the Hall of Fame when he retires.

  453. Zach Blume says:

    Well, I don’t know if he likes Sports…but…Shaun Inman? Well, he plays guitar and he’s a web star…whattever I’m still allowed to win the lottery element :-p

  454. Zach Blume says:

    (Don’t count this comment)
    It’s funny how everyone is picking males, even though Dan didn’t specify that…*shrug*

  455. Alex Jonsson says:

    Hmmm.. tough one. We have an equevilent here in Sweden actually, named Magnus Uggla (that’s Magnus Owl, translated). Too bad all of his songs are in Swedish, would make it hard for you to get the catch of them ;). Even though you don’t understand the text though, download some songs and hopefully you’ll get my point.

  456. Nick drake all the way.

  457. Huey Lewis

  458. Derek Lucas says:

    Well, I was thinking Ben Folds.. But I guess that only counts if you consider photography to be a sport. Unless, of course, you are talking about goofy lyrics, in which case I’d stick with Alden Ginger from The Unicorns.
    Ok, well.. He claims to be 50..

  459. I was thinking Maroon 5 has the chops you are looking for, although really, Eve6 is the better choice, just based on clever word use, great melody, awesome catches and just a superb sound.
    And designing should always be like catchy music.

  460. Chris says:

    I’d have to say Dave Brockie, the lead singer of GWAR. I think he meets all the above criteria and more.

  461. Crud, I guess with almost 500 comments it’s inevitable that someone would guess my picks. Ben Folds has the right persona, John Mayer has the right popularity. So… Ben Mayer.

  462. Joel says:

    I don’t know who Huey Lewis was, but I’ll enter for the freebies :-)

  463. Andrew says:

    Perhaps Eddie Vedder, he’s not too goofy but once he starts drinking on stage he has some funny moments.
    In case that’s been said… Billy Corgan, Chris Cornell

  464. Mykal Smith says:

    I hadn’t even heard of Huey Lewis until now. Call me bird-brained or just a plain newbie but I guess he was before my youth. I do however know web standards and CSS and would love to own a copy of your new book since I already own your other one. This is my ticket in the hat.

  465. Jim says:

    I can’t believe the suggestions of parallels with the likes of Rivers Cuomo, Dave Grohl, and the great Elvis Costello. Sure Rivers and Elvis are definitely somewhat akward but they are very talented songwriters and musicians that have shown longevity. Dave Grohl was in a band that drastically changed the course and sound of music history and has since released 5(?) solid and increasingly successful albums. Huey was a flash in the pan who wrote 2 catchy songs in his entire life.
    I would have to reinforce the vote for Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish (*cringe*). The guy knows a few chords, wrote a couple decent songs (had a cover tune be one if his more successful songs; ‘I Go Blind’ originally by Canadian band 54-40) and is somewhat of a dufus.
    Sorry Huey and Darius, your 15 minutes each are up.

  466. Carlos says:

    Elvis Costello

  467. Christopher Bourque says:

    Ok, I have to second Jim. Darius Rucker of Hootie is it. I was a child of the 80′s and remember well that between Back to the Future and MTV everybody loved Huey Lewis and the News for about 2 years. Then they disappeared painfully slow. I can remember cheesy attempts at continued fame in the 90′s by HL. When I saw that Burger King commercial with Darius, my first thought was he has to be getting desperate. He had one thing HL didn’t though – at least you could order fries with that cheese.

  468. Ranjhith says:

    Who is that guy? Yet still I cudn’t resist commenting!

  469. Rose says:

    At first I thought you were talking about Jerry Lewis, the great comedian/actor/director. No idea who this Huey Lewis guy is. But hey, I still want the book!

  470. Ryan McBride says:

    Nickel Creek. They’ve bridged the gap between bluegrass and modern pop in their newest album, Why Should the Fire Die. Named Time Magazine’s Top Musical Innovators of the 20th century. Their newest album is number one on iTunes and number 6 on Amazon at the time of this comment.
    - Ryan

  471. Amit says:

    I really have no idea, about Huey Lewis.
    But still I would like to have the book!
    Dan can you ship it to India :o)

  472. Tim says:

    I have no idea who that is or anything about him. Just hope I can get my hands on a free book!

  473. Lim Chee Aun says:

    Hmm.. Am I a little late here? The book sounds good to me…

  474. AJ says:

    Wow…..No idea!!

  475. Scott says:

    I hope 480 is a lucky number

  476. Greg says:

    definitely neil diamond

  477. keroro says:

    I like simple design. It’s beautiful and fascinating.

  478. aba says:

    I wrote a whole comment here about Jerry Lee Lewis and see now that it’s Huey Lewis you’re talking about.
    Guess it’s too early. Need more coffee. Coffee.

  479. gurechan says:

    I don’t think there is a current day Hewie Lewis, as I feel that the modern day music isn’t “catchy” like the stuff from the mid eighties.
    There seem to be a lot of popstars/actors that could come close though. Will Smith for example…

  480. Jason says:

    I’m hip to be square.
    How about Shakin’ Stevens?
    Could the answer be found behind the green door perhaps?

  481. Richard says:

    Små grodorna!
    Come on, randomized numbers!

  482. Ivar van Duuren says:

    No clue whatsoever! I’d love to get those books though ;-)

  483. Homer Simpson, without a doubt.
    I’m too young and (more to the point) too musically illiterate to know who Huey Lewis is. But when I hear “middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star”, I instantly think “Homer”. Well, he was cut out to be a rock star, at any rate: just look at that Beatles hairdo he had when he first met Marge. And as for writing unbelievably catchy songs, the child of his flesh (Lisa) does a pretty good job of that at the start of each episode.

  484. Dextro says:

    I’ll vote for Rick de Leeuw ( ). He’s the singer of the Tröckener Kecks, and world famous in Holland and the Flemish part of Belgium.
    Nowadays he fills his days with poëtry and showing up in television programs.

  485. I agree there isn’t another Huey Lewis, but there is someone else who is remarkable. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre is now 80 years old but he’s still going strong, he’s wrote (among many) “Alley Cat” which I suppose you all know. He just launched a new set of records with some young wibes, imagine an 80-year old making some music that you dance to in your home?

  486. Sverrir says:

    I don’t think we can compare it.
    Different times, different people.

  487. Sjors says:

    I’d have to go with Sting

  488. ghani says:

    Robbie Williams — he’s a bit cooler than Huey, but still has that “i’m embarassed to like him, but i can’t help it, i really like this song” quality about him.

  489. alex saberi says:

    I would have to say Robbie Williams.Although maybe his stuff isnt so catchy.

  490. Clops says:

    Darius Rucker

  491. I reckon >> Chris Martin from coldplay
    has to be the 2005 equiv to Huey Lewis..
    Not only just he have only very basic knowledge of fashion, he admits to being goofy, and he has gone for the quiet life with Gwyneth and Apple.
    Good luck to the fella!

  492. J.D. says:

    Wow, Huey Lewis (and the News of course). Now that brings back some memories. Honestly, I don’t think there is an equivalent person today. You could have argued that from the same time period that Kenny Loggins was somewhat similar, but today … no one comes to mind.

  493. Fritsie says:

    Hmm, I actually don’t know the guy but doesn’t Disney’s Goofy play the harmonica as well?
    Yup, I’d go for Goofy!
    Did I win?

  494. Shane says:

    Elton John -
    Middle-aged – check
    Goofy – strange glasses and a dodgy hairstyle.
    Sports – Once chairman of Watford FC (soccer) in England, and would also compete, surely, for the British team if shopping became an olympic sport.

  495. Nick Toye says:

    I can’t think of anyone who fits your criteria. I think the music industry has moved on and is no longer in a state of disarray -
    Check out Joyce!
    But if I would have to pick someone I would have to say Elton John. He likes Football(english), he’s middle aged, he always looks goofy but his songs are catchy, and the fact that he is dueting with a dead rapper shows that he still wants to get down with the kids. Go Elton

  496. Nick Toye says:

    Thats freaked me out, 499 must have wrote the comment at the same time as mine at 500. Weird, don’t know why the link aint working.

  497. Sturts says:

    Elvis Costello, no further explanation is really needed. Not entirely sure about the sports-loving bit though.

  498. Ian says:

    I personally don’t think that there is a modern day equivalent. I’m leaning more toward the “anomoly” or “singularity” theory.
    My friend and coworker suggested Willian Shatner, but he was born in ’80 and probably doesn’t remember Huey. . .

  499. Steve says:

    I believe I will agree with the person who suggested Jimmy Buffet. He has been making catchy tunes for some years now, and although I do not know his exact age, he appears to be middle-aged. He makes fun music, collaborates with other contemporaries, and in general makes people happy when they listen.
    Wearing hawaiian shirts seems like pretty goofy behavior to me, no matter your age. While I do not know his affinity for sports, I can’t imagine that someone who collaborates with a country singer would not like sports.
    I don’t know that he really matches Huey, but he does remind us all, that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

  500. Matts says:


  501. David says:

    I’d have to go with either Smashmouth or Adam Sandler.

  502. Molly C. says:

    It’s so funny that you brought this up because Huey Lewis’s songs still run through my head to this day. And I probably haven’t heard them for at least 10 years. I just can’t think of who would be the modern-day Huey. I think the 80s was an anomaly in terms of catchy songs and goofiness. It all comes from those awful commercials.. some of which are still on repeat play in my head. Songs like “my bologna has a first name, it’s OSCAR, my bologna has a second name, it’s MAYER… Holy crap. And the Velveeta song.. “There’s no single cheese like Velveeta, cause Velveeta is more than one single cheese…” it starts out.. then the emotion builds.. “Vel-vee-ta processed cheese spread, it’s so much fun, lots of natural (snort) cheeses are better than one..” It is not a pretty scene inside my head sometimes.
    Anyway I digress… In the 80s there was the Outfield, a band that was all about playing ball.. but they were more rocky than poppy. Turn on the radio today, and it’s a totally different world, one where dance tunes and indie rock tunes take the place catchy jingles in commercials, one not well suited for artists like Huey. I agree with others that Huey stands alone, apart from others in his middle aged goofiness. And ability to write an extremely catchy tune that stands the test of time every bit as well as Velveeta.
    Congrats on your new book!

  503. My vote is for Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish.

  504. Dean says:

    I’m not sure a “Huey Lewis-like” person exists today. But then maybe I don’t listen to the right radio stations?
    It would be interesting to know if there were a popular rapper that might fit the bill?
    Anyway – it’d be nice to win the swag!
    Thanks Dan!

  505. Mats Lindblad says:

    Robbie Williams of course. :)

  506. Alex says:

    This is a silly question – no offence intended.
    To back up my point up I asked Google, AskJeeves, Altavista and MSN Search – ‘Who is the modern-day equivalent of Huey Lewis?’. They all thought it was such a stupid question, they ignored it and tried and sell me things instead. You can’t argue when these guys are on my side.

  507. Definitely an anomaly! There’s no equivalent of Huey!

  508. Lisa says:

    No one can replace Huey, no one!

  509. shelbybark says:

    I don’t listen to very much radio. However, I don’t think there will ever be another Huey Lewis (thankfully).

  510. Huey Lewis & The News, FORE! was the first cassette tape I ever bought. On the first day, I dropped it and broke the case. I switched it with my parents Peter, Paul, & Mary case and never told a soul…
    I’m stealing the answer, but I’m going with Ben Folds, despite his un-middle-agedness.

  511. It’d have to be Graham Coxon, ex-blur guitarist.
    There’s no possible successor to Huey but Graham’s goofiness alone should qualify him. Not sure if he’s a sports fan though. :-s
    The Power of Love will prevail… ahem.

  512. Kevin Tamura says:

    I’m going with Dave Mathews.

  513. Ted Drake says:

    Huey Lewis!?!
    He was the anti-christ of American music. Phil Collins was his English equivalent. Two men that created the most banal, pop-friendly music to turn people into quivering lumps of jello.
    So, Jessica Simpson would be the new anti-christ.

  514. Dave Lowe says:

    A lot of people are voting for Darius Rucker, but I’m not sure if he counts anymore now that he’s left pop music for R&B.
    Anyway, my vote is for Billy Joel. Middle-aged, somewhat goofy, pretty sure I’ve seen him at a Lakers game or something… The only thing is now he’s writing original classical piano pieces, so I don’t know where to go with that…. but he’s my vote nonetheless.

  515. PNII says:

    Huey Who?
    Seriously though, I do know who he is but what has this got to do with CSS and the great book (I hope to win) dedicated to it? I was going to look into the lead singer for Bare Naked Ladies, Steven Page FWIW, as he certainly seems to be ahhh, eccentric.
    Come on, Bulletproof Web Design, nobody needs it more than I :)


  516. John Collins says:

    I vote Michael MacDonald. Just look at him…lol

  517. Frank says:

    Middle aged, goofy, and she’s managed to come up with some catchy songs. Not sure if she’s into sports, but she sure loves Kabbalah, which kinda sounds sporty.

  518. Dave Keighan says:

    I’ll go with Steve Page of Bare Naked Ladies as well :)

  519. Andrew M says:

    As humorous and simple as this question may seem on some level it is as complex and difficult as comparing two athletes or presidents from two time periods.
    Huey Lewis was pure pop-music and rode the 80′s music video wave. He has a unique voice and very catchy tunes. He also jumped into a few movies
    and appeared at sporting events. He’s likeable and didn’t do anything to tarnish his career. He could come out with another decent album that wouldn’t be a #1 hit because times have changed but it would be respectable.
    I’m going to make a case for Gwen Stefani. Her voice is timeless. She good with No Doubt or solo or with Moby. She’s been in films but isn’t really an actress. She’s in the middle of her career and will be on the music scene for 30 years plus.
    The real test is when you mention either name a song pops in your head immediately! No for many names mentioned above.
    Others mentioned above (such as Dave Matthews, Snoop, Alanis, Hootie) are out because of one or more of the following: they haven’t been around long enough (min 10 years), they push the sex angle too much, they can’t really sing, they’re more a band with no charismatic lead singer, they’re not pop but some other genre which isn’t mainstream, they’ve never appeared in a film, they promote drugs and violence, they don’t have a timeless voice or they have nothing to do with music.
    I can go on…

  520. I’ll go for Neil Hannon from “the Divine Comedy”. He writes very catchy songs about kinda nerdy things. And he is tiny, with a ridiculously deep voice.
    Come home billy bird.

  521. Adam van den Hoven says:

    I also want to vote for Bare Naked Ladies. An iconic Canadian band. Gotta love them.
    Crash Test Dummies, especially the Superman song.

  522. Jack Johnson is the modern day equivalent of Huey Lewis.
    Before his breakout 2002 album Brushfire Fairytales, Johnson was a professional surfer. He’s mid 30s, and he sings 3 undeniably catchy songs:
    Flake, Good People, and Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

  523. Argent says:

    I would say it’s U2… they broke free from what a traditional rock band should be…challenging lyrics, original sounds, recognizable upon the 1st beat of the song… more than that- they are a great support for charitable events…
    “can’t wait for the free stuff…if i don’t win.. i’ll buy your book anyway…
    - peace

  524. jimmyd says:

    huey lewis can never be duplicated. if that happened, kiss the universe adios.

  525. Shawn Mole says:

    After much thought and research: Jaret or Chris from Bowling for Soup.
    They actually are close to HL&TN’s age at the time of Sports, they are goofy, and they are into today’s equivalent of sports, sports video games. (Chris claims he wanted to be a ball player when he was a kid, at least). I would add that their catchy songs are in the HL&TN tradition of taking an older set of sounds and ideas about pop music and “updating” them (ie, BfS is pop-ifying metal).
    I think the current musical scene works against the kind of commercial success that HL&TN saw; everybody does music for movies now. If a band did music for a video game, though …
    Also, people arguing that people who were playing at the same time as HL&TN (ie, Elvis Costello) or were breaking out in the 90s (ie, Mark McGrath) strike me as off in the “today” department. Todays’ HL&TN would just be in the middle of their Sports success, which, given the way singles and albums are treated now, wouldn’t be as dominating as Sports was in its day.
    A Hangover You Don’t Deserve sort of came and went, but it is oddly comparable to Sports in a particular context.
    I just wanted a lotto number. But I tried. I did research.

  526. Phil M says:

    From my limited knowledge of Huey Lewis, my answer would be the frontman for the Barnaked Ladies or Blues Travler, both of which were previously mentioned. Probably the most exposure I have to Huey is from the Movie Duets with Gwyneth Paltrow.
    So is that answer good enough for free stuff?

  527. x5 says:

    I don’t know many foreign rock stars(I’m Chinese),I guess it’s Robbie Williams.

  528. John says:

    Well I’m pretty much middle-aged, definitely awkwardly goofy, sports-loving and my Mum used to say I sang well when I was a kid…. No, there’ll never be another Huey Lewis!

  529. Matt M. says:

    I’d venture out on on a limb and say John Mayer. While he doesn’t have the same gusto as Huey, he’s sort of an adult-contemporary crooner that keeps his image clean, dresses sorta preppie, and isn’t afraid to write the occational luvvie-dubbie song.

  530. Noah Tye says:

    I hypothesize that there is no equivalent today, but that a awkwardly goofy, middle aged, sports-loving music star comes along every x years, makes songs, gets famous (to a degree), then dies.

  531. Nils says:

    I agree with Jorge Coelho; it has to be Sting.

  532. Jordan Roher says:

    I’ll go with Wierd Al Yankovic… for no real reason.

  533. Paul Yasi says:

    I’ll vote for Jack Johnson too, though that might be because I listened to Rodeo Clowns on the ride into work today.

  534. Michael K says:

    I think that earlier comments of Steve Page of Bare Naked Ladies is probably the way to go. Although, Huey can never be truly be duplicated.

  535. Ryan Hayes says:

    I’d have to say the French-Canadian pianist Marc-André Hamelin. His razorsharp technique, stunning spectacles (both the things he does, and the things he wears), and unmatched geekiness at the keyboard combine together in the ultimate juxtaposition of post-Lewis awkward charm. I’m not sure if Marc is a fan of sports, but in a recent interview Hamelin expressed an interest in “avant-garde jazz” and “experimental noise” … take that Lang Lang!

  536. Juding from Heuy Lewis’s partial success from songs featured in movies, that worked well in clubs(or dance halls at the time) – I would have to say OutKast is the choice, if you need a specific person andre3000, just because I can’t remember the name of the other guy.
    Outkast has just enough of a strange, off-beat nature mixed with true artistic tallent for creating songs that, although catchy, don’t require many higher brain functions to listen to or understand.
    So shake it like a poloroid picture and give me a book!

  537. Alexandra says:

    When I think Huey Lewis, I think Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future, etc, so I’m looking for someone who has written theme songs for movies. I’m at a loss – maybe Phil Collins? Perhaps Power of Love is incomparable?
    I can’t wait to get the new book, as Web Standards Solutions was invaluable. Great contest!

  538. Ed O. says:

    I agree with 228. Linell from They Might Be Giants fits the requirements.

  539. Paul McCartney gets my vote.

  540. Sunshine says:

    Hugh Louis a.k.a Noodles McFarland,
    He’s the Huey Lewis clone that The Government has hiding in a facility somewhere in Jersey. They are training him to be a circus clown (thus the Noodles bit) as an enhancement to the characteristics of the original Huey and are just waiting for the right time to unleash him on the world. Why you ask? I don’t actually know that. I just work here.

  541. Reg Tait says:

    Tim Smith, from Cardiacs, by a mile. Cardiacs make astonishing music and have been very influential. They’ve been going forever, yet have been deliberately ignored by mainstream music press. They’re great, and Tim Smith is an unlikely but hugely admired hero to many.

  542. Jacob Ham says:

    It was hard chosing a Huey Lewis of today. Why? Because I haven’t really heard much of this guy. I know _of_ him, but it seems I am too young to be engaged with his music/antics. I know Huey, Dewy, and Louie from Duck Tails, the crazy kids of Donald Duck, who would always end up getting their hands (webbed feet?) into trouble!

  543. Brian says:

    How about someone like Billy Idol, lol. A bit annoying, but with a cult following, though he only really had a few hits.

  544. Meme says:

    Is Chris Isaak too good-looking to qualify?

  545. John says:

    Robbie Williams? Ha ha hahaha

  546. Alex says:

    I grew up listening to Huey Lewis on the radio, I don’t think there is anyone quite like him in the music biz anymore. Someone suggested Chris Isaak, but I’m going to go with someone a little younger and more off the wall, Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth. Not as goofy or gangly as Huey, but the band has those unmistakeable catchy riffs. And they just cut loose and have a blast in concert, just like Huey would.

  547. Brent F says:

    The only person that might be comparable to Huey is Ashton Kutcher. I know he’s not a artist of the tunes, but hey…

  548. Dave says:

    I vaguely remember Huey Lewis and the News, although remembering anything from 10+ years ago is a stretch for me sometimes.
    I’m going with Eminem on this one, because his name is easy to spell, and also because he will likely be considered symbolic from this era..
    Gimme that book! Dan, I can drive up to Salem and pick it up.. no shipping costs for you, holla!

  549. Paul Lloyd says:

    Robbie Williams
    (Not really, but I’m guessing nobody else has mentioned him as a suggestion in their comment, and to have just put “I don’t know” would have seemed liked cheating the competition/draw somehow. And now, by explaining my choice, which is purely a name picked from thin air, I believe I have earnt entry into this competition more so than if I had written “I don’t know”. Although in truth, that is my answer… okay, I’ll stop now!)

  550. alain says:

    Alanis Morrisette (if Canadians count) – KIDDING! No, really. Do they? ‘Cause Bryan Adams was my second choice…

  551. theanomaly says:

    I’ve been waiting to get this book for ages, so how can I resist entering this contest!
    This may sound totally wacky, but my choice would have to be Bjork! Now, how am I going to explain this?
    For starters, I’d say both are anomaly’s in their own right. Awkwardly goofy goes without saying. When it comes to her music, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but all of her songs are undeniably catchy if you take the time to listen to them.
    And where you have “Huey Lewis and the News“, she was originally “Bjork and the Sugarcubes“.

  552. Jesse Engle says:

    john [cougar] melloncamp.
    not fond of his music, but seems like a good choice, i suppose.

  553. Noel Perlas says:

    Seal. Just because he is the one playing in my head right now. and just because I want your book.

  554. Matt Thomas says:

    Mike Doughty. You may ask why? He’s a singer/singwriter who hasn’t hit the popularity Huey Lewis has and his music sounds completely different. Here’s why: You can tell Mike Doughty loves his music by the way he sings it. Much the same way Huey Lewis does.

  555. Mike Haska says:

    It’s got to be Ryan Stiles.
    &radic middle-aged
    &radic &radic awkwardly goofy
    While I can’t say for certain that he’s a “sports-loving rock star,” the fact that he improvises his “undeniably catchy songs” on the fly makes up for this!

  556. Well, I can always give it a try. I bought your first book and it made me better. I am pretty sure the second one will make me even better.

  557. Daniel F says:

    I gave it some serious thought and I’m coming up blank. So I guess I’ll just have to rely on lady luck to make my number pop up :)
    [Deliberately didn't read the other comments yet, wanted to see if the ol brain could synthesise an original thought. Sadly not it seems]

  558. Matthew Silas says:

    I would have to say that Jack Johnson is a Huey Lewis equivalent because, while I don’t know that he’s a sports fanatic, he IS a crazy surfer and surfing lover, which is an early 21st century equivalent to 80s sports fan, and he does write really catchy songs and cheesy songs (“Banana Pancakes”, anyone?). I don’t know how old he is, certainly not middle aged but he is in his mid-30s, which is probably not far off from Huey Lewis circa Back to the Future.

  559. Surely it’s Noel Gallagher from Oasis..

  560. I would say Jack Johnson is kinda fitting into that goofy little song category. Although Huey Lewis was a one of a kind..

  561. Nick Kenyeres says:

    I’m not sure if its been said because I’m not about to read all of the 566 entries, but I would have to say that its Jack White of the White Stripes for sure.

  562. Jeff says:

    I agree with John Linnell of They Might be Giants.
    But Randy Newman is the king of quirky, offbeat songs (quirky but often with the bonus of a certain underlying truth as well).
    Oh, an #568 just happens to be my lucky number!

  563. Indranil says:

    Ummmm…. I do hope that you won’t take the answers seriously, or, read them even. But, if design was music, I’d say Zeldman, Jeff Zeldman.

  564. Jens Meiert says:

    Huey Lewis? Never heard, but nonetheless want to enter the contest. Nice idea.

  565. David Boyer says:

    I have to agree with the an above post about Sammy Hagar. Although, I’m not sure “modern day” works for Sammy. He hit his prime only slightly later than Huey. That being said I could also argue that the modern day Huey Lewis is Huey Lewis. He is still out there doing his thing albeit on a much smaller scale. Middle age, awkward and belting out the catchy pop songs. And now that I’ve starting thinking about them it’ll take me days to get “I want a new drug” out of my head. Dang it!

  566. Karsten says:

    Well, I don’t know.

  567. Josh says:

    Perhaps John Fogerty. He’s certainly a little awkward. Definitely middle aged. And, arguably, still creating catchy pop tunes. If not him, maybe Don Henley?

  568. Evan says:

    C’mon people, how can we forget the quintessential middle-aged goof ball of them all….A Mr. Steven Tyler, President and CEO of Aerosmith. He was goofy when he was young, goofed with age, and still rocks it out with insanely catchey tunes such as “I Don’t Want To Close My Eyes” and “Dude Looks Like A Lady” from the blockbuster movies “Armageddon” and “Mrs Doubtfire” respectively. (Not too mention the band’s 27 studio releases) He rocked the late 70′s, entire 80′s, most of the 90′s, even into today.
    Now he may not be a sports fanatic, but the man has had several wives (and consequently several divorces) and sired a slew of children; of which he could probably form his own cricket or foos-ball team. A Sexual Olympics if you will.
    He has also performed at Superbowl halftime show (possibly more than one?). That’s the pinnacle of sports right there!
    A son of Boston, Mass. You cant get any more average-joe than that.
    Numerous cameos in a wide range of stuff: movies, tv, radio, you name it. How about that awesome GAP commerical?
    Sammy Hagar my have his own Tequila and club in Cabo San Lucas, but you can’t mess with 50% of the Toxic Twins, Joe Perry being the other 50%.
    You’ve got my vote: Steven Tyler.

  569. Erik V. says:

    Jonathan Rundman. “Librarian” is one of the catchiest tunes ever. He’s not quite middle–aged but otherwise fits the bill!

  570. PB says:

    While I think that Darius Rucker is probably the best equivalent to Huey Lewis in terms of general popularity and accessibilty of songs, I’d like to throw out a dark horse for discussion.
    I would suggest that Colin Hay, former frontman for Men At Work should also be considered. He’s been making music as a solo act for quite a while and many of his songs qualify as “catchy”. Take a listen to the “Going Somewhere” CD and you’ll be singing many of those tunes for a long time.

  571. Wes says:

    Yes, that would be Bono.

  572. Jason Perry says:

    He’s still alive right?

  573. Barry Heath says:

    I would say that Huey Lewis was an anomaly, an isolated incident from a different time. The music scene today isn’t anywhere close the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky ways of the 80s.

  574. Hi!
    The answer is: Sting
    Greetings from Poland. It’s great that you have this contest. This sort of book you ain’t gonna buy in Polish bookstores. So…
    I hope I win ;-)
    Great web site, by the way.

  575. Edward Garvin says:

    The Rolling Stones -
    Jagger, Richards, Wood, and Watts are like the Justice League of music, simply amazing but their powers (like longevity) can be terrifying. And Mick Jagger is for sure making it into the Sex-a-holics Hall of Fame.
    Have you ever been to a Stones concert? It’s awesome! Even if you don’t like the music you should check out one of their shows. Who knows, you could actually be there when Mick keels over after running around for hours on end. Your friends would be like, “man did you hear about Mick Jagger?” And you could say, “dude, I got the golden ticket. I was there!”

  576. Richard Gowland says:

    An anomaly? Probably not… Huey Lewis had a couple of hits, but has now faded into music history books along with many others from that era. Nothing unique about that really.

  577. Phil Collins. Do I need to say any more?

  578. Doug H says:

    I would have to add a vote for Sting – although I guess you could say Huey was the Sting of the 80s – as Sting was kind of quiet immediately after The Police years.

  579. Stefan says:

    Maybe if Huey Lewis was born in the 80′s his band would be called Huey Lewis and the and he would be sending out podcasts and blog his way through life. I think Huey cannot be compared. Every period of time has it’s own musically talented persons and fans.

  580. hostyle says:

    Billy Ray Cyrus – whats he doing on TV anyway? While I’m by no means a fan, some of his music was very catchy – the sort of stuff you end up singing snippets of in the shower, and then – when you reach the chorus – you wonder what the hell you were doing.

  581. Ste Riley says:

    Liam Gallagher – of Oasis, simply the best modern day rock n roll star!

  582. This is a tough one because they don’t play “Huey Lewis” type music any more on pop radio.
    But, if you look at country music, there are two or three that fit the mold. The first two are Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith.
    But the prize has got to go to BRAD PAISLEY. He IS your average joe, sports loving, middle age guy. He has a number of catchy tunes like Alcohol, Celebrity, and I’m Gonna Miss Her (about fishing, of course) I had the chance to see him at the Houston Rodeo and he is an outstanding guitar player.

  583. Ben says:

    I hope 589 is the lucky number :) The book looks great.

  584. Surely Robbie Williams.

  585. Definitely Bono from U2.

  586. Dan says:

    Web Standards Solution – Excelent book!

  587. I know Huey Lewis he is the man in The Great Book Giveaway Contest #2 Question.

  588. Danny says:

    Crikey, now you’re taking me back. Tempted by the Wiki link, I was reminded of Clover, who I’d forgotten all about: I think that I’ve still got a copy of the self-titled album in a friend’s loft somewhere!
    Now you’ve sent me off on a tangent and all sorts of memories come flying back from that era: Zig-zag (UK pre-punk fanzine that mutated into maybe THE punk fanzine of the time here in the UK), and Pete Frame and his lovable Rock Family Trees…Whoa!
    Anyhow ~ sadly my knowledge of the current pop(ular) music scene is too limited to be able to offer a sound opinion on (if there is) a latter-day Huey Lewis, but I’m tempted to believe that he was definitely a man and muso of his era, not to be repeated.
    Uh-oh, other wistful (musical) memories are creeping back: Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen; Ace; The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. You gotta send me the books now ‘cos I’m just about to zip off to i-Tunes to spend all my cash on all this wonderful stuff that I haven’t heard in years!
    Thanks for reminding me: what a fantastic competition – Good Luck to the winner.

  589. My poppish vote could be a tie between Sting and Phil Collins. Alternatively Dave Grohl. Instead I throw in an whitish-blue wrench into the wildly spinning cogs by nominating Eric Clapton. Fingers crossed!

  590. I didn’t read through all 595(!) comments above mine, but I did read some of them. I’m of two minds:
    (a) we haven’t yet had the second coming of Huey Lewis, and it might night even be possible,
    (b) Hootie and the Blowfish, though they’re sorta 90s like Huey Lewis is 80s.

  591. Gregor says:

    I’ll join the Ben Folds group!
    I hope I’ll win “Bulletproof Web Design”, because it’s not out in Germany yet. Nice number of comments by the way :)

  592. While I agree that no one can really compare to Huey Lewis, my best analogy would be none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff.
    Think about it. Who’s goofier looking than this guy? Remember him on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? And he obviously loves sports (have a look at his The Magnificent album for confirmation). Catchy songs? Check. Middle aged? Check.
    The only thing that is questionable is his “rock star” status. But as far as I’m concerned, he could be considered a modern day rocker.

  593. Jim says:

    Dave Matthews from DMB!

  594. Ben Vaughan says:

    I’d have to say Barenaked Ladies gets my vote. Not quite middle aged, but definately goofy with catchy tunes.

  595. Will you just look at the crowd freebies bring…
    My answer? Purely based off of your “undeniably catchy” remark, I’d have to say Gwen Stefani.
    Hehe…now THAT’S creative.

  596. Nikita says:

    Have no idea who it is, but want the book badly :).

  597. not Mikko Alatalo says:

    Mikko Alatalo

  598. Andrew says:

    David Hasselhoff
    Well the Germans find his songs catchy anyway…
    You have to worry about someone who nominates Cliff Richard for anything! On behalf of all British citizens I can only apologise for allowing him to still release songs :)

  599. Wierd Al sings some catchy rip offs, I don’t get the competition, I am just posting to win the books, I have wanted them for so while but how can a 14yo afford them on a yearly salary of $0 :-(
    dear random selection scipt, I will reward you with a nice warm cup of css if you PICK ME!

  600. John K says:

    Matt Uelmen, for diablo music :)

  601. Carlos says:

    Jon Bon Jovi

  602. Liz says:

    Maybe there is no Huey …it was Randy Newman all along?


  603. Ken Miller says:

    Hey, sign me up! Your first book was very informative, and I’ll probably buy the second book even if I don’t win :D
    Wait – I wonder if I’ve just hooped my chances by saying I’ll buy the book regardless?
    Ah, whatever.

  604. Jason Powell says:

    I’m going to go with Barenaked Ladies.
    They’re the same age that HL was in his heyday.
    They write stupid, catchy songs (as well as great, introspective ones).
    They love hockey (ok, I’m stretching here).
    Anyway, that’s who I’d pick. Cheers!

  605. James Adams says:

    Hootie – aka Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish.

  606. Zach Smith says:

    I’m gonna have to say Blues Traveller.

  607. Kaylee says:

    I couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

  608. dusoft says:

    He reminds me of Al Pacino…

  609. Tobi says:

    i love you ;)
    no, just a joke :D

  610. Corey says:

    it’s hard – most pop icons don’t write their own songs anymore. and anyone alternative isn’t as mainstream as huey was. i would say he was an anomaly.

  611. Well Dan, I think the answer to your question could be Dolf Jansen. Dolf who? Dolf Jansen, a very goofy and funny Dutch stand-up comedian, singer, songwriter and marathon-athlete. Once he made a Dutch translation of the infamous song I’m an asshole.
    Oops, but if that’s true the answer to your question could also be Denis Leary ;-)

  612. Matt Kallman says:

    huey is one of a kind

  613. Chris Kirk says:

    Whoa…did Huey die? I mean, that’s the only reason that we’d really need to go through this exercise, right?
    I don’t really think that “sports-loving” was a major part of Huey’s aura – when I think Huey Lewis, I don’t think of sports – so I’m leaving it out.
    So using middle-aged, goofy and performing REALLY catchy tunes, my modern day equivalent is:
    Steven Page, lead singer of Barnaked Ladies.

  614. Jorge Luna says:

    I don’t know if international “personalities” are good options. But if you want to a goofy and old-trying-to-be-young person we have quite a character here in Mexico: “Irma Serrano”.
    Who is she? What is she? As far as I can remember she has been in the public eye. She has been a “singer”, “actress” and lately “congresswoman” of which none she has been good at. In fact I’m very ashamed of saying that we have had congressmen (and women) like these.
    She is now around 80. And still she keeps making aparences in TV claiming that she is pregnant, that she lost her baby because of people’s “evil vibes”, that she’s having an affair with a 20-year old.
    The press loves her. She makes for comic news. Every time she’s on TV is even more sad.
    Anyway.. I hope I win one of the prizes (although the only time I have won something on a raffle was $5USD. I guess I used all my life-long luck in that one hehe)

  615. Ryan Miller says:

    I think he is pretty unique. It’s hard to get that same feeling now.
    What about Sheryl Crow?

  616. Carolyn says:

    I’m not sure if two people can be a substitute for one person, but if they can then I nominate The Proclaimers: goofy, approaching middle age and in possession of some extraordinarily catchy songs.

  617. Brig says:

    Dave Matthews gets my vote. He’s middle-aged, goofy, and I’m pretty sure he’s into sports, but you might be able to deny that he writes catchy songs I guess. There are quite a few of us out there though that find him pretty annoying and yet his songs will stick with us for a bit.

  618. Leita says:

    “Who, in 2005 is a middle-aged, awkwardly goofy, sports-loving rock star who, despite all that, wrote undeniably catchy songs?”
    I believe Huey remains the answer to the above question.

  619. Dan says:

    I must go with #219 and say Aaron Carter. Though only 17, this is middle-aged when you take into account the age of the acts being churned out by the pop music factories these days.

  620. Linda says:

    Dave Matthews, of course. I hope I win.

  621. jankowski says:

    James Lipton of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” fame is clearly the modern day Huey Lewis.

  622. J B says:

    Mark McGrath. Although his Scooby Doo cameo isn’t on par with Huey’s in Back To The Future.

  623. Brady Joslin says:

    Jon Bon Jovi

  624. Jon says:

    Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 fame

  625. matthew says:

    His unique blend of doofy innocence is not possible in blogged world.
    Since he’s clearly inconic, might as well take this opportunity to coin a word: Huey. An adjective. “My word, that’s so Huey!” Doofy innocence punctuated with a heart-felt soft-rock edge.

  626. Chad Lawson says:

    I thought I was going to be original and suggest “Barenaked Ladies” and then I did a search from the top. [sigh]
    I find their banter (in live concert recordings) amusing and humble, their songs catchy and witty, and their style clean and rare.
    While I might have never compared them to Huey Lewis on a normal day, the attributes you assigned to what made Huey unique, I would assign to them.
    Just my $0.02,
    Chad Lawson

  627. artmatter says:

    Hmmm. There is no equivalent to Huey Lewis except for maybe Kanye West.

  628. Michael Daines says:

    It appears Ted Leo has been mentioned already, but I’d like to second it, for he seems to fit many of the pieces of the criteria. Plus, “Ted Leo and the Pharmacists” satisfies the expression /.*? and the .*?s/.

  629. Chris Etling says:

    My pick is Blues Traveler Seems like they both have a handle on the old mouth harp.

  630. Peter Rick says:

    I would say Adam Sandler is the closest individual I can think of that fits the bill. Middle aged, goofy (its his trademark) and I would assume he has a like of sports playing a sports tragic in both “Big Daddy” and “The Waterboy”.
    Rock star? Well not in the calibre of Huey with tracks like “Power of Love”, but his love of cheesy 80s music is undeniable after watching his films (Styx/Billy Idol/etc…).
    Still Huey is a man to himself – but maybe I’m a bit biased since he not only provides the title track, but guest stars in one of my fave movies Back to the Future.
    That is all :)

  631. Kevin says:

    Bill Sherwood

  632. Chris Pugh says:

    Huey was cool in the day. As others have said, he was heavily promoted through the “Back to the Future” soundtracks. That’s how I remember him.
    Kudos to the commentator who quoted “American Psycho” – Price, you’re priceless.
    I don’t think there is a 2005 Huey Lewis per-se. But my closest guess from the little new music I listen to, would be “k-os”. Cool cats and slightly eccentric, who seem to be just having fun.

  633. luke crawford says:

    thought about it but really have no idea, i think he was kind of an anomaly.

  634. #640. Ah. The chances of winning your book is greater than winning a lottery. Not to mention a better prize as well. :)
    Huey Lewis? Er, Some sort of relative to Lewis Carol?

  635. Josh says:

    Sting. Go lucky #641!
    (or around there if anyone is commenting at the same time I am)

  636. Peter Mahnke says:

    I agree with #52… Jack Black is the new Huey Lewis

  637. Scott says:

    Ben Folds has my vote!

  638. Jan Korbel says:

    Limb by limb and tooth by tooth
    Tearing up inside of me
    Every day every hour
    I wish that I was bullet proof
    Wax me
    Mould me
    Heat the pins and stab them in
    You have turned me into this
    Just wish that it was bullet proof
    So pay the money and take a shot
    Leadfill the hole in me
    I could burst a million bubbles
    All surrogate and bullet proof
    And bullet proof
    And bullet proof
    And bullet proof
    Lyrics by Radiohead… just had to post it, didn’t I

  639. Current music generation is based on singles and tabloid scandals, compared to 80-90′s when success in music was a consequence of Actual music carreers, Fully Produced LP’s, creative videos and World Tours…
    Trying to find a “new” Huey is as hard as finding another David Gilmour, or Beatles, or Elton John, or Peter Gabriel, or Alan Parson, or Fleetwood Mac, or Robert Smith, or Morrisey…
    It could be easier to find a “new” Vanilla Ice, or Tiffany, or New Kids on the Block, or Baltimora, or Opus, or Ray Parker, or Ace of Base…
    And I don’t mean that no one could match his voice or his talent, the issue is that no one could match his carreer, attitude nor experience in such a short period of time… I mean the lifetime of today’s singers/musicians.

  640. Dulcepixels says:

    Huey, who? :)
    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other word would smell as sweet.”

  641. Darren Emory says:

    John Mayer is goofy, yet lovable. le sigh. Har!

  642. Alan Wallace says:

    I’m going with Jack Black as well…

  643. Peter says:

    Who’s the modern day Huey Lewis?
    No Idea
    Do I want the book?
    Hell yeah!

  644. JBR says:

    Shamelessly ripped quote from Aretha Franklin:
    “Soul is a constant. It’s cultural. It’s always going to be there, in different flavours and degrees”
    So.. Who is the new flavour of Huey Lewis?
    The answer is quite simple, MADONNA!
    Undeniably, although you wouldn’t know by simple visualization
    Awkwardly goofy:
    Yes, in a mental context
    Sports-loving rock star:
    With a body like that at her age, she just gotta love sports
    Undeniably catchy songs:
    Sometimes I feel like stabbing a sharp object through my brain to make them go away!
    Ohh, and I really would like to absorbe wisdom about designing sites the good way (as opposed to bad and ugly)

  645. Simon Davies says:

    Never heard of Huey Lewis until I clicked the wikipedia link. Don’t really like rock music much anyway.
    So… if I win with a pointless comment like this, it will be a shame, but hey, what do I care, I get a free book :)
    And yes, signed please, so that it will be worth some money in the future!

  646. easy: Dave Matthews Man!
    hey, i want my books signed please!

  647. Andy says:

    Who knows but it’s worth a comment to get a copy of the book ;-)

  648. It seems that Paul Anka is *trying* to be the new Huey.

  649. conspi says:

    It’s the first time i hear about Huey Lewis so answering the question is somehow difficult ..
    This commment is only here for the giveaway, sorry !

  650. Brenda Reische says:

    Without a doubt, Gwen Stefani. Gender aside, she’s got some of the catchiest songs since going solo, and has a unique style. She’s also mid to late 30′s, so I think she qualifies on all counts.

  651. Joel says:

    I don’t know about the Huey Lewis of *today* but I do know there were pleny of *those types* of guys in the 80′s.
    Phil Collins
    Rod Stewart
    the dude from Tommy Tutone with the creepy eyes

  652. Gaurav says:

    or atleast i like to think that ;)
    wish you had something for the last entry too

  653. Carol F says:

    It would be either Dave Lombard or Terry Robinson.

  654. Joel says:

    I vote for Meatloaf

  655. Carlos says:

    No such modern equivalent, I say.

  656. Marc says:

    Huey Lewis?! Such bad taste…

  657. Sammy says:

    Jon Spencer from the Blues Explosion

  658. Tasha says:

    I’d have to agree with an earlier vote for Bare Naked Ladies. Definitely goofy, don’t know about the sports loving or middle-aged part, though.

  659. My vote is for the Bare Naked Ladies, also…

  660. Troy Farrell says:

    Does Huey Lewis have an equal today? Bah. I can’t think of any.

  661. Thorger says:

    I don’t think that there is someone equal either. But Maybe it’s Adam Green.

  662. Christopher says:

    gotta be Noel from Oasis.

  663. Casey says:

    I’d say it is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith!

  664. George Anderson says:

    Hugh Anthony Cregg IV

  665. Kevin Leebroderick says:

    Being a 80′s kind of guy I am delighted with the question. Huey was a fun campy guy of the 80′s, providing the theme music to “Back to the Future” and singing songs like “I need a new drug…one that will keep me up all night, but won’t make me sick…” A song most believed was in reference to the cocaine craze of the 80′s, yet under Huey’s stylings a simple pop song for the kids. A man who at the time owned his own bar in San Francisco and when he wasn’t touring would have his band play there (no cover). And finally the famous Rock ‘n’ roll groupie Connie Hamzy told Spin magazine that Huey Lewis was among the best endowed musicians she ever knew.
    As far as goofy songs that are catchy, even when you don’t like them…maybe the Bare Naked Ladies… but as far as to the rest of what makes Huey, well so Huey… he stands alone.

  666. Lode says:

    Ben Folds comes to mind… A bit goofy, but oh so catching songs… ‘Annie waits’ is my favourite, haven’t been able to get it out of my head since the first time I heard it.

  667. curse says:

    I don’t know, but I would like a “Bulletproof..” book! (Already have the other one)

  668. Daniel Roberts says:

    I’ll go with Beyonce and Keith Urban

  669. Brian says:

    Mark McGrath from SugarRay

  670. Sue says:

    I was thinking that Jimmy Buffet kinda fits the middle-aged, “campy” theme epitomized by Huey. But there will never be another Huey Lewis (sighs, remembering the good ol’ days of college …)

  671. John Arthur says:

    Whoa, lots of entries, though I suppose that’s to be expected.
    Based on #46 (which is far as I cared to go), I’d say the Presidents of the United States of America. Average Joes (they can’t even afford a full set of strings ;), who wrote catchy songs about their average selves (see “We’re Not Going To Make It”), They should be middle-aged by now, if they’re still together (I think they are), and they *might* like sports?
    Also, Garth Brooks might fit as well. He’s pretty goofy, with alright songs. I’m not really into country, but he puts on a decent show.
    Meh, there’s my two pennies.

  672. Jesse says:

    The band: Cake.
    The sport and the song to prove it: Auto racing (He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed…)
    Well, here’s to hoping.

  673. Bud Parr says:

    Well, my copy of Web Standards Solutions is well worn so perhaps another one would be good.
    As far as Mr. Lewis goes, there is no one, but I think Will Farrell is going to play him in the movie version of his autobiography called, “it’s hip to be cool.”

  674. A T McMurray says:

    Adam Duritz of Counting Crows…

  675. mamuso says:

    wow… it’s posibly the easyest contest :D

  676. Jeff H. says:

    Regardless that I believe he has no modern equal, I think this entire discussion has been dreadfully disrespectful of Huey Lewis’ memory and all he did for the working man in this country … I still don’t know what all that “Black Power” stuff in the 60s was about, though.*
    (*see, I’m goofing on the youngsters here claiming to be too young to remember The News by confusing the singer’s identity with those of populist politician Huey Long, labor leader John L. Lewis, and Black Panther Huey Newton — all for questionably comedic effect. Then, if I win, I will not only be a lucky Cederholm reader, but a lucky tiresome-gasbag as well.)

  677. mamuso says:

    sooorry I’ve forgot the first part of the post .D
    My father has a LP of Clover (HL plays in it) but I don’t like the style so much.
    Anyway, It’s a really nice sound.

  678. Avinash Vora says:

    From Led Zeppelin and beyond, by far, in my opinion, the guy has gotta be Robert Plant.
    I find him very goofy, and awkward, through the interviews and the rumours of his strange sexuality. The songs he was part of defined a generation of music and created a genre, and his band (well, Page) basically started the revolution of complex multitrack recording (I know Les Paul was the father of multitrack, but Page was the special uncle).
    Plant is middle-aged, is a sports fan and writes catchy music….fits, right?

  679. Hilarie J. says:

    I’m gonna have to go with The Big “H” himself…Darrius Rucker. The first person to post nailed it. Come on #687!

  680. Bethany says:

    Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer.

  681. Lea says:

    This is sad – I don’t listen to enough music these days to have an opinion :(
    But I’d like a book! :)

  682. Asa says:

    One (or both) of the “Two Johns” of They Might Be Giants gets my vote, easy. Middle-aged? Yes awkwardly goofy? Yes (except for the #9 finish in the People online “most beautiful” poll, which was clearly swamped by nerdy college kids). Sports-loving? Unknown. Catchy songs? You betcha. “The Sun is a mass of incandecent gas…” :)

  683. What about Moby???

  684. Sam says:

    Although I haven’t read all 691 responses prior to mine, but I’d have to venture out a say that perhaps Canadian pop/rock band Sloan could be considered.
    Popular (as far as popularity can go in Canada), and they definity have that ‘unique’ personality displayed by The News.
    Maybe even the guys from the Barenaked Ladies, while I’m on a Canadian music kick. By now, they must be in their 40′s, and throughout a their long (albeit quite successful as far as their folkish type music goes). They all have somewhat unpredicable personalities, and have their own brand of catchy tunes. Tunes that you really can’t help but whistle after you’ve heard one.
    I mean, really, who hasn’t had “If I Had $1,000,000″ stuck in their head for an entire day.

  685. Brandon Eley says:

    Thanks for a great contest. I already have Web Standards Solutions but would definitely love a signed copy. And can’t wait to get my hands on Bulletproof Web Design also.
    About the question, I don’t really know which rock stars love sports so I’m not sure if I can answer. I think a lot of bands/musicians write great catchy songs.
    Doesn’t matter though, still entered to win the books :)

  686. Jeff says:

    I only scanned the first 100 entries or so – but I think it has to be someone who goes by name like Huey Lewis. I think Ben Folds would have to be my pick…
    though I do like the Sammy Hagar suggestion as well.

  687. Simon says:

    What a nice idea. Definitely has to be Ben Folds.

  688. Alex says:

    As most people, I’d love to win something.
    I won’t lie and pretend like I know who this guy was (I know, it’s very tragic), and I’m not very educated on the current music scene anyhow. I know lots of bands and musicians write catchy songs, but aside from that, I don’t know anything about the rock stars.
    In other words, I don’t have an answer. =)

  689. kevin says:

    it’s hip to be square!
    my entry, it’s gotta be vince neil
    where is old huey nowdays?

  690. That is simple, Hugh Cregg of course!

  691. Joshua Messer says:

    I’m so far out of the pop music scene now that I’m scared to even put down a name. The Hootie guy seems pretty safe although I don’t think he’s exactly middle aged.

  692. Mike D. says:

    Jack Johnson. Probably not the same, but I think he’s good.

  693. robout says:

    Must be Stu Ball
    Remember “4 in the morning and no place to go”?

  694. Travis says:

    Dave Grohl is the closest to being the Huey Lewis of 2005. I know others have listed this, but it is my pick anyway.
    Good luck to everyone in the contest. Either way, I’m picking up a copy of the book.

  695. I think Jára Cimrman…

  696. Maher says:


  697. Matt says:

    It’s gotta be 50 Cent.

  698. Jeremy says:

    Dislike the guy as I do, I’d have to say Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.
    The dude’s tried to look middle-aged from the onset, to pad his staying power. He’s got to be into sports… he’s into sports cars and they’ve had a presence on the pop charts and in preteen girls’ PortablePhonograph/Walkman/Discman/mp3-player/whatever since 1994 or so.
    If it’s not Rivers, it’s Lou Barlow… he does indeed like sports. Opening Day is baseball-related… He’s covered a song by Lewis’ contemporary, Bryan Adams. Is middle-aged, was in Dinosaur (Jr.), is incredible awkwardly goofy (Check out Loobiecore)
    Is that enough?

  699. Fiona M says:

    No mention that it had to be male..
    Why not Madonna!
    She’s certainly middle aged – whether she’d like to admit it or not.
    Definitely a sports lover – she’s a keen equestrian though the skill level is questionable if this week’s hospital bills are anything to go by.
    Catchy songs – she’s got a back catalogue that any artist half her age would sell a kidney for.
    Goofy – Guilt by association on this one – have you seen her husband – and those matching tracksuits – bleurrgh!
    Maybe 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

  700. jedaffra says:

    ‘It’s hip to be square’ was Heuy’s motto and a damn fine tune. I hope your book rocks as good as Heuy did.

  701. I’ve been looking for your new book at my local bookstores but haven’t seen it yet. This contest is a great idea. Thanks, Dan.

  702. Daniel E says:

    Definitely Phil Collins.
    What a lovely contest, I knew I wouldn’t regret the day a subscribed your feed :)
    I hope I win!

  703. Felipe Muzachi says:

    A great singer in my opinion is Betinho of the famous ENCHANTMENT GYPSY

  704. Janice says:

    Rush Limbaugh! He’s middle-aged, a rock star of sorts (you either love him or hate him), and I’m sure that he has an input in all those parodies that come from his show – some great songs about some great people! He would probably deny that though, but that’s what makes him such a loveable (and humble I must say), fuzzball! And he loves sports – especially football… can’t wait to receive those signed copies of your books!

  705. Chrystal A. Cain says:

    With all due respect, I think much of the real Huey Lewis has been disregarded. This contest has been waged on the idea of his “Catchiness” and “Goofyness”, which is perfectly fine. That’s what made him so attractive to most; however, aside from that, Huey Lewis was also attractive because he was a jack of all trades (not to sound overly cliche): he was a songwriter, a wonderful and catchy singer, and also, later ventured into acting. In my eyes, this has made it that much harder to pick someone. The easy answer, would be to agree with you and say he was an anomaly — yet, by definition this doesn’t mean he could never be recreated, but only a departure from normality (which I think has been another flaw in most answers) — so I imagine I can say this either way. ..But to play fairly, I will find someone in which to compare him. I would venture to say that Jonny Lang would be comparable. He is very goofy (especially to watch – many have to shut him off while he’s performing or close their eyes to enjoy the music, but this is NOT to say he hasn’t made very catchy songs!) Lie to Me was his first title track and his first album and they both skyrocketed – this is not to mention his album and hit Wander this World. He is not the best looking, but still is found strangely attractive by plenty of women. He enjoys writing songs which is very hard to find these days – a good songwriter as well as a good singer. He also ventured into film with Blues Brothers.