Chameleon: a new icon set that changes color

figureI’m excited to finally announce a little something I’ve been working on for quite awhile. Chameleon is a unique stock icon set for the web that features simple, friendly, universal shapes designed and hand-crafted by SimpleBits. The set contains 70 royalty-free icons, each weighing in at a standard 16×16 size (perfect for favicons) in GIF format. Chameleon is unique in its ability to change color, allowing you to custom match the set to your own site’s color pallette.

Although the shapes are simple, the set has been a long time in the making. Inspired by non-language-specific signs found in the real world — think of Chameleon as international symbols for the web, squeezing as much detail as possible out of a small, two-color, 16×16 tile.
figureWhat makes Chameleon different from other stock icon sets, is that the customer has the ability to specify their own color, while at the same time instantly creating a custom set for them right on the spot. Special thanks to Norwegian developer, Kay Bærulfsen, for writing the little script that handles the conversion using ImageMagick, and the folks at e-junkie (highly recommended for merchants of downloadable goods) for making sure that only those that purchase the set receive a download link via email.
Offering one size, one format and two colors allows for a nice low price. I’m also offering a “Ready-Made Pack” of standard colors, including “silver”, which shows off the potential for modifying the set on your own, using gradients and other embellishments.
So have at it. And enjoy what is perhaps the most versatile icon set one could own. (Now didn’t that sound like it bounced right off a marketing firm’s shiny, conference room table? And I don’t even have a conference room.)