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The Penny

Earlier today, I purchased a one-gallon jug of spring water from a local convenience store. The total came to $1.29. I handed over $1.30, then silently waited for my single penny to be returned. It never came. Apparently the clerk was unaware of the optional “courtesy thank you” that a customer can say that means “keep the change”. I didn’t give the “courtesy thank you” on this particular visit, and it took me a minute to realize that I wasn’t getting my penny back. And that was OK. I turned and walked out with my jug of water that I had just paid $1.30 for.


Chameleon: a new icon set that changes color

figureI’m excited to finally announce a little something I’ve been working on for quite awhile. Chameleon is a unique stock icon set for the web that features simple, friendly, universal shapes designed and hand-crafted by SimpleBits. The set contains 70 royalty-free icons, each weighing in at a standard 16×16 size (perfect for favicons) in GIF format. Chameleon is unique in its ability to change color, allowing you to custom match the set to your own site’s color pallette.


Embrace the Scroll

Derek Powazek on his newly redesigned site (which is quite nice, and spotted via Cameron):

Page bottoms are the most valuable screen real estate there is. You read that right. All that nonsense about people not reading and not scrolling is complete bullshit.

Right on. I tend to (unscientifically) agree that people don’t mind scrolling — and, like Derek goes on to say, the people that do scroll are the ones that are truly interested in what’s on the page. It’s interesting food for thought.


1/2 of a Two-Way Conversation

Overheard at the post office today while passing a man in his mid-thirties on a mobile phone:

Hmm… oh, you mean the ‘sugar-in-your-soda’ guy?

Now, I’d love to hypothesize the flip-side of that conversation, but I’m more interested in what you think was on the other end. Maybe sugar-in-your-soda guy is a movie character reference that I missed, or maybe it’s code for something, or maybe it’s you?

Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog

I’ve been working with colleague and Slidell, Louisiana resident, Brian Oberkirch over the past few weeks on several web-related projects. To help gather information on what’s happening in his town, he’s set up a weblog to help people post and query on what’s happening in an area that’s been hit hard by Katrina. Brian’s proven that a weblog can be a helpful tool, and is looking for help regarding ideas to make it even more useful. Have an idea? Lend a hand if you can.

Evidence that you visit Starbucks too much

About an hour ago, you were walking down the sidewalk (on the way to Starbucks, of course). From a passing Jeep on the opposite side of the street you hear a shout, “get your mocha!”. You look up and over and recognize the friendly barista that often serves your favorite beverage driving by, smiling and waving. It’s then that you almost decide to turn around. But no — you’re hooked.

Photoshop Automation Inquiry

I’m working on a new icon set titled “Chameleon”. The style of each icon will enable the entire set to easily change color, based on the owner’s needs. For example, a single click of the paint bucket tool in Photoshop would color a background “tile” that is shared by the entire set of icons (which are really each in their own separate PS layer). I’m being a bit vague here, as I’m not quite ready to release ‘em.


Contest Winners

First things first, a big thanks to everyone who entered the contest. A whopping 713 entries far exceeded my expectations — and it’s excellent that so many weighed in with genuinely thoughtful comments regarding Huey Lewis’ modern day equivalent.