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Four Things

I’ve been meme-tagged by Ethan, and now I must comply by revealing four things for every cleverly-devised question. A warning: the answers are incredibly interesting.


Reasons I’ve Purchased a Ukulele

  1. It’s compact, portable, and easy to play while holding a baby.
  2. Babies enjoy songs played on the yookalayli.
  3. It’s easy to spell.
  4. Hawaii.
  5. It’s snowing outside.
  6. It stays in tune.
  7. An electric guitar is heavy, too loud, and potentially dangerous to operate while holding a baby.
  8. It’s just like playing the guitar.
  9. It’s a fun, new instrument to learn.
  10. It supports CSS3.

For those now chomping at the bit to share in the excitement, I’ve found a relatively clear and concise beginner’s guide to the ukulele. Join the revolution.

Home. Finally.

Writing about anything else just doesn’t seem right (not to mention the lack of time), so bear with me here. We finally brought Jack home on New Year’s Eve day after 2 weeks in a special care nursery. He’s doing great, eating like a champ and packing on the pounds ounces. Our lives now get very interesting.

A huge “thank you” to all that have left congratulatory comments, emails, etc. It’s amazing to get such positive thoughts and similar stories from all over the globe. Jack loved it.

The biggest parenting lesson we’ve learned thus far is: don’t assume anything. All those pre-birth plans we’d made were completely thrown out the window when he arrived so early. Any choices that we were so adamant about were forgotten in favor of just getting the little guy to make it through his hospital stay so he could come home. What seemed important before he arrived quickly didn’t matter any more. He just needed to thrive.

We found out shortly after the birth that Jack has a heart defect that may need surgery in the coming months. We’re assured he’ll be perfectly fine, and that (amazingly) the correction, if necessary, is even considered routine at Children’s Hospital Boston. Again, all the dumb stuff we were worried about months ago just seems so ridiculous now.

Thank you once again for all the well wishes — I’ve always been horrible about returning emails, and even more so now. I’ll be back to the world of web design soon.