Four Things

I’ve been meme-tagged by Ethan, and now I must comply by revealing four things for every cleverly-devised question. A warning: the answers are incredibly interesting.

Four jobs I’ve had:
  1. Pizza Maker
  2. Sexton
  3. Tape Duplicator
  4. Record Company Warehouse Nobody
Four movies I can watch over and over:
  1. The Big Lebowski
  2. Office Space
  3. Rushmore
  4. Army of Darkness
Four places I’ve lived:
  1. White River Jct., VT
  2. Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas
  3. Allston, MA
  4. Salem, MA
Four TV shows I love:
  1. The Office (both)
  2. Good Eats
  3. Lost
  4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
Four places I’ve vacationed:
  1. Stockholm
  2. Kiawah Island, SC
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. Las Vegas, NV
Four of my favorite dishes:
  1. Satellite
  2. Soap
  3. (Oops.)
  4. Anything that accompanies a glass of wine.
Four sites I visit daily:
  1. Flickr
  2. Chuck Norris Facts
  3. A few URLs I can’t reveal yet.
Four places I would rather be right now:
  1. Home with Kerry and Jack
  2. Gamla Stan, Stockholm
  3. The Mountain Top Inn, Vermont
  4. Hawaii (never been, but why not?)
Four bloggers I am tagging:

I think this meme has made sufficient rounds.


  1. Robert Nyman says:

    Oh my, we posted at the same time with the same title…
    Anyway, next time you go to Stockholm, make sure to let me know and I’ll treat you to a good time here! :-)

  2. Steve says:

    Man, I’m so glad someone on this silly meme list has been watching the office. ‘Bout time.

  3. Edward J. S. Atkinson says:

    Oh Dan, I don’t know if you’ve heard the wretched news, but the American “The Office” is being stopped after this season. Steve Carrel is off to make a movie or something. They said it might come back but there are no guarantees :-(
    ‘Tis terrible news for such a marvelous show.

  4. Oh no. I’d be terribly bummed if the Office stopped. Then again, the UK version was short-lived as well.

  5. Ethan says:

    “Army of Darkness”? Oh, HELL yes.
    Of course, now I need to go back and re-do my list. Dammit.

  6. David says:

    Ricky Gervais (The Office UK) is currently doing a podcast that is hilarious.

  7. jpep says:

    “Kiawah Island, NC”
    I think this is SC.

  8. jpep – Oops. Thanks for catching.

  9. Martin S. says:

    Dan, you really must love Gamla stan! Sure it is beautiful.. And as a swede I must feel it’s honoring you’ve named one of your icon sets “Stockholm”.
    By the way, I’ve guarded the royal castle more than once and that sucks. What I got out most of it? Hoist and haul the main flag on top of it. What a view it is..
    Cheers, from a Stockholm dude :-)

  10. Martin S. says:

    Ok, i did really not mean haul the flag. I meant lower the flag, of course.
    To haul the country flag doesn’t exist in my actions. ;)

  11. Pete says:

    Ahhh, Stockholm.
    Did you get one of the guards at the Palace to shout at you in Swedish and stick his rifle in your face.
    All you have to do is step over that painted line a few times.
    I did, it’s a hoot.
    I especially loved the guard’s beer bottle bottom glasses!
    But you’re right, Stockholm is beautiful and I can’t wait to go back there.

  12. Kurt Lach says:

    Brother sexton! As we used to say, “See ya in the hole!”

  13. Martin S. says:

    Pete: nah, that’s a funny trick to step over that line. ;-) Pisses the guards off like nothing else. It’s fun. :-D

  14. Jörg says:

    Hi Dan
    I can find 2 ‘Office Space’ Film on – which one to you mean. The Animated Film 1991 or the one with Jeniffer Ansiston 1999 ? Good Idea would be a direkt Link to the MoviePage like
    Greets from Austria

  15. Ronaldus says:

    this afternoon I’m going to buy all movies with Chuck Norris in it, so I don’t get roundhouse kicked in the face!!

  16. Ben says:

    It’s a shame the American Office isn’t continuing, but although I’m a huge Steve Carell fan, it’s never quite lived up to the sheer brilliance of the UK version.
    Dan, have you ever seen Extras? or hasn’t it made its way across the Atlantic yet?
    If you like Gervais or the Office (probably both, surely!), you should definitely take a look.

  17. Sugar says:

    Chuck Norris facts *giggle*
    I love those.

  18. Charles Kihe says:

    Remember, if you come down here to Hawaii, the beaches from around Ala Moana to Waikiki just aren’t the nicest – take a cruise up the east through north shores to see the nice ones :)
    And maybe you can get used to some excellent ukulele skills here as well.

  19. wslaat says:

    this afternoon I’m going to buy all movies with Chuck Norris in it, so I don’t get roundhouse kicked in the face!!

  20. KP says:

    Interesting list… “The Office” however, is indeed returning as NBC just picked it up for 22 new episodes for 2006-07.,1002,271|99665|1|,00.html
    By the way… belated congratulations.

  21. Scott says:

    Alton Brown’s Good Eats? Awesome show. As is the Office (British).
    I’m very curious about those URLs you can’t reveal… yet.

  22. Noah says:

    Can’t go wrong with Good Eats. Such a great, genre-defying show.

  23. matt says:

    crazy. i was just actually looking into getting a ukelele. even though i don’t currently play guitar, i dig the sound a lot.

  24. korea says:

    I don’t know this post is what means…
    need more study english…

  25. JaX says:

    Hey I’m looking foreward to seeing you at @media 2006 =)

  26. Andrew says:

    Born and raised in Rutland, Vermont :)
    VT Pride.

  27. fotiboss says:

    Dan haha Army of Darkness (“L’armata delle Tenebre” in italian) it’s also one of my favorites!
    from Rome

  28. Jauhari says:

    Four sites I visit daily:
    1. Flickr
    2. Chuck Norris Facts
    3. A few URLs I can’t reveal yet

    Thats three, not four ;)

  29. Chris says:

    Thank you for that Chuck Norris Facts page. I bought a T-Shirt from them!
    - Chris Marsh
    Charlotte Wedding Photography

  30. Arthur Lawry says:

    Mountain Top Inn as in Killington? I used to live just outside of Rutland. Grew up skiing on that mountain. Now I live in Beverly, MA and I understand you’re in Salem? I think I may have to make your next Web Developer meet-up.
    P.S. Try the fried pickles at the Beer Works if you haven’t yet.

  31. Patrick says:

    “I think this meme has made sufficient rounds.”
    Thank you.

  32. Sarah says:

    Hello :/P New here, not really preapared to comment fully yet because I have yet to read the whole page. But so far, so good! Thanks!

  33. Andrew says:

    “Army of Darkness” : gimme some sugar baby!

  34. This is a great meme.

  35. Nir Ben-Dor says:

    I hit this blog accidently and found that since the baby was born (contgats) Dec 20 there were no posts until Jan 23.
    Then it hit me ! This explains why I get all the viagra ads to my email. It’s competitive bloggers trying to retire me from blogging.
    Nir Ben-Dor
    I write for Linkadelic Magazine, you can too

  36. Fenna says:

    What were you doing in WRJ? I live in Wilder, VT, just up the road.

  37. era says:

    Good thing nobody cares about me, I would have had to reply “No I don’t” to several of the questions.