Reasons I’ve Purchased a Gillette Fusion

  1. It has 5 blades.
  2. It has 5 +1 blades (not 6… 5+1. Never say that it has 6 blades. Ever.).
  3. The Fusion has more blades than any other razor, therefore it is superior.
  4. It works better than the previous 3-blade version.
  5. Because I knew it was inevitable.
  6. It gives me an interesting and riveting topic to write about.


  1. Andreas says:

    I hate how they say “less strokes, less skin irritation”, because there really is MORE skin irritation from five blades scraping than one blade being stroked twice or even trice.

  2. I still can’t believe that they actually went and made a 5(+1) blade razor. What’s the point? I mean, isn’t three good enough?
    Maybe I’m just being juvenile, but three blades is good enough for me.

  3. Jon Henshaw says:

    Since I cut my face with just 3 blades, any more would simple shave my skin off…ouch!

  4. Nick Harris says:

    hmmm… Mark True wrote something about the fusion a couple of days ago. He seems less than impressed!
    personally, I’m happy with my unshaven look… makes me look rugged… or something like that.

  5. Daniel Coble says:

    5+1…does this imply some sort of Surround Shaving, or am I thinking of something else?…

  6. AJP says:

    I still am holding out for my Mach 30, originally featured on SNL.
    But the fusion does rock. Shaving your legs for swim meets never got easier. Wait, you all probably shouldn’t know that.

  7. Mike Rundle says:

    Dan, I bought it too! I love that thing — way smoother!
    5 + 1 = crazy delicious!

  8. Drew says:

    I enjoyed the Chicago Tribune’s take on the Superbowl commercial:
    “The Gillette Fusion ad makes the product look like some kind of nuclear weapon rather than a razor, which demands the question whether a global regulatory agency should be brought in to limit the number of blades on a single device, battery-powered or no.”
    That said — the +1 does look kind of handy…

  9. Dylan says:

    The TV advertisement for that razor is hilariously stupid. Gilette’s razor ads are always incredibly stupid and overdone anyway. It’s a damn razor people!
    In the ad they say “before there was irritation (with only 3 blades) but now with our new 5 blade razor, that irritation is gone.” Uh, yeah…

  10. A.Fruit says:

    Rundle: Double True!
    5(+) blades is ridiculous. I’ve tried it, and for my purposes, it works much worse then a 3-blade model (I never tried 4). But the reason is simple, they neglect one key element that the ’3-bladers’ have: good amounts of space between the blades. This is important for the hair to escape once it’s severed from my face. Otherwise, the razor get all clogged up, and is hard to clean out.
    ok, ok, you got me. I tend to let a fairly significant shadow (beard) grow in between shaves. For that reason, for me, the 5 blade concept fails.

  11. I bought one, too. It’s very nice. I can typically go an extra day without shaving now. :)

  12. Stephen says:

    The qustion is, is it better then the same brand with only 3? Does it shave closer? does it work better? Mr. Bits needs to update us!

  13. Bryan Buchs says:

    The Mach 30 – featuring the phantom “7th blade”, invisible to the naked eye.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just one Razor makes me nervous. I’m just speaking from the guys point of view, but just think about it. Men around the world are sliding razors all over their face, and right over their jugular. Its a very dangerous daily ritual! Can you imagine the Quality Control that must go on to make sure there aren’t any defects? Now they have to keep 5 (+1) of those little things from causing damage (well, more damage than razor burn). No wonder those things are so expensive. Wow, thanks guys. I’m glad I could finally get that off my chest.

  15. A.Fruit says:

    The next Gillette razor will have 8 blades, be 1/3 the size of it’s predecessor, and hold 1000 MP3s on it.

  16. Jeff Croft says:

    I also bought it. It’s great, I really like it. it’s a definite improvement over the three-blade version, but probably not as big an improvement as three-blade is over a single-blader.
    Anyway, it’s a good razor. Sure, the one-upsmapnship is funny and sort of stupid, but the thing really does work well. Smooth, less irritation, close shave. I dig it.

  17. Rob Crowther says:

    These things are quite evil. The 6 (oh dear, I’ve gone and broken a cardinal rule.) bladed razor is excessive. Requires far too much effort to keep unclogged. Whatever happened to the straight razor?
    For my effort, I’d rather get The Perfect Shave.
    There used to be a better page at ShaveWell but.. oh well.

  18. Matthom says:

    How much are refill blades for Fusion? $40? It’s unbelievable. It’s like printer ink.

  19. Sean S says:

    This is crazy-talk.
    I was *just* thinking about blogging about this today! Among the comments I was going to make:
    * Their Superbowl ad actually worked — and therefore probably deserves more credit than it got
    * The Fusion really does provide a nicer, closer shave
    I can’t believe you posted this today. Weird.

  20. andrew says:

    I guess their outlook has changed since this article was written:

  21. The competition has been out there for a while. The first four samples are the Gillette Nueve.

  22. VovaDic says:

  23. Arthur Lawry says:

    don’t worry… they’ll come out with a 7-blade razor that makes this one obsolete while people are still waiting for their 5(+1)-blade razors to ship…
    at least, I like to think so, so that others can experience the pain I went through with my G5 iMac… *grumble*

  24. brian Warren says:

    When the fusion came out, I decided to buck the trend entirely and go for a single blade razor, all old school style. The refills are cheap at .20 each or less, and they last a long time. I’ve been going a good 6 weeks or so on the blade I have now. The shave I get with it is amazing, much better than I was with the mach 3. Check the post linked up there to see a pic of it too.

  25. Steve Inskeep of NPR tried it out on the air with a Gillette VIP with him. If I remember correctly even the Gillette guy admits there’s no scientific evidence that more blades == better shave. It really is one-upsmanship.

  26. Well, i come from a different line of thought, since I’m a girl and don’t shave my face (well, I shave my eyebrows, which I suppose technically is “face” hair)… but I have to say that after trying my roommate’s new OMFGWTFBBQ 5+1 BLADED WONDER RAZOR (or, the Gilette Fusion), it was “okay.”
    Be warned – this contains what may be too much information about my body-hair habits. Let me preface it by saying that I shave off all my body hair for aesthetic reasons, not because i’m some sort of hairy Sasquatch ;)
    I used the +1 blade (what a gamer-y term!) to “shape” my eyebrows, and it worked fine. No big difference than when I was shaving them off entirely except that it was negligbly easier to maneuver for “shaping” purposes.
    It’s performance at bikini-line shaving (if you don’t know what it means, google it. I’m not going to explain) without irritation was good, but it was a new razor and the difference wasn’t all THAT huge. I did like how well I was able to shave my legs with it.
    Performance? Okay. Would I buy one? Probably not. The performance versus a traditional three-bladed razor was not incredible or noticiable enough to warrant the purchase.
    On the other hand, while I’d in principle love to use a one-bladed razor, it’s just too hard to shave anything that’s not your face with one. Sure, I could learn, but… Well, I have stuff to do like update my website, or go to my job. So I’ll have to stick with the 3-bladed one – non battery powered, thanks. Geez, who needs a vibrating razor? Freaky.
    So there’s a female perspective.
    In short? Meh. It’s not bad but it’s certainly not anything to get excited over.
    –Kristin Wenzel

  27. eric says:

    I saw the superbowl ad and guessed it was for a razor before they said anything at all of the sort. Everyone else was pretty impressed that I called it.
    Last year I actually reverted from a Mach 3 down to the old two-blade Sensor Excel, and I’ve not looked back. It’s a better shave and the blades are half the price.

  28. I just have a humble Mach 3. But it vibrates! I wonder how they could one-up that? Maybe a fuel-injected vibrating razor.

  29. Ian Adams says:

    3 blades is traditional? I’ll stick with my trusty 50 year old Gillette double-edged safey razor, thankyouverymuch.

  30. Pete says:

    Is that like the amps in Spinal Tap?

  31. David says:

    I received a free Gillete Fusion in the mail and tried it out. I agree that it does well, but not noticably better than the Mach 3. I actually felt it was more awkward to use because of the large surface for all the blades. I’ve also been nervous about nicking an ear or something with that +1 blade while using the other side. My thoughts are that they can get a higher markup by increasing the blade count, and the batteries that some use are only there because Duracell is owned by Gillette and Energizer owns Schick.

  32. Mark says:

    Fortunately, less is truly more for me when it comes to razors. Too close a shave is a bad thing with a coarse beard. I stick with 4/$1 twin-blade BICs with moisture strip. And shave with the grain.

  33. Jared says:

    Razor commercials have always perplexed me. I fail to see to the correlation between keeping your face tidy and spaceships. In fact, when Gillette was running television ads for Fusion before they even revealed the company and product, I knew it had to be for some type of razor blade. Only one type of product could necessitate such outlandish commercials.

  34. $100 bet that after they’ve made the infinite-nano bladed razor, they’ll come out with ONE bladed vintage ‘barber razor’ for ‘ease of use’

  35. 3 blades is traditional? I’ll stick with my trusty 50 year old Gillette double-edged safey razor, thankyouverymuch.
    I suppose I should have said “Standard,” rather than “Traditional.” :)

  36. Stephen says:

    I showed my friend this post, and he made this:

  37. Dave says:

    Heh, can’t actually say i’ve seen the new gillette… Hmm maybe i’ve been under a rock

  38. Denny says:

    Now introducing… as never before seen (or even conceived in the mind of man)… a marvel so great that even Clark Kent would be raging with epileptic fits of jealousy… a heroic triumph of scientific engineering genius… from the makers of the perfect product (TM), a product designed to quench the fiery thirst of your longing for ever more perfect productions, the product which is even more perfect than the perfect product (TM)… which is… the perfect product + 1 + infinity + infinity infinity + 1(TM)…. clearly, there is no competition.
    Sure, mundane, boring, smelly wildebeast sleepytime products, such as the infinity + infinity thingamabobber from nohype, make many fantastic and extraordinary claims, but how do they compare when it comes to the supple curves and euphoric bliss of the perfect product + 1 + infinity + infinity infinity + 1(TM)?
    9 out of 10 guinea pigs that survived the testing cycle agree with joyful squeakiness that the perfect product + 1 + infinity + infinity infinity + 1(TM) is indeed the winning stroke of pure genius!
    But wait! There’s more…
    Buy now and receive a free testimonial extractor advanced! This slim and sexy high-voltage electric doodad can pull praise from even the tiniest of land-based quadrupeds. Great for marketing departments, terrorist cells, organized crime families, and secret service agencies alike!

  39. ChadL says:

    I’m with Eric on this one; the trusty Sensor Excel still does it for me. I tried the Mach3 but found I had to take out a second mortgage to replace the blades. ;)
    Much like the inkjet market, the initial purchase is merely a small fraction of the cost to keep that razor of yours sharp.
    Ahhh, the simple pleasures of living in a disposable society. Sigh…

  40. Jeff L says:

    I agree about the Sensor Excel as well, I’ve never once thought that my Mach3 gave a better shave than the Sensor. In fact I’ve got some disposable two blade razors for when I travel that I even like more than my Mach3.
    Remember when disposable razors were all the rage?

  41. Lachlan Hunt says:

    Hmm. Interesting, I wondered when the marketing dept. would want to sell new razors with little benefit over its predecessors. I’m sure it still has one thing in common with all the rest: it’ll be just as painful to use. I’ll stick with my painless electric ‘Philishave’ shaver, that shaves just as well as any razor I’ve tried in the past (I’ve tried up to 4 blades).

  42. Alex Leonard says:

    Well, I solved the dilemma of whether you need 1,2,3,4,5 or 5+1 blades.
    The Solution to the Gillette Problem

  43. Matt Ramos says:

    I got one in the mail from Gilette for my birthday yesterday.
    Trying it out this morning.

  44. Wayne Godfrey says:

    Has anyone noticed that Ford also has released its own Fusion? Okay, it’s a car with, get this, a five-blade grille (three on top and two underneath). And they really look like shaving “blades.” I guess they could add one to the back spoiler for that 5 + 1 look!

  45. Josh F. says:

    am I old school if I use only 2 blades? :P

  46. Adam Thody says:

    I stayed true to my 2 blade Sensor Excel until last Christmas when my girlfriend bought me a Mach III. If you shave on a regular basis it’s ok..nothing remarkable, but if you’re like me, and let the dense scruff grow in for a couple days then I’ve found it to be hellish.
    I REALLY want to start an underground old schoool single straight blade cult. How amazing must that be? No replacement blades, always sharp, and if you’ve ever been shaved by an old Italian barber, it’s the best shave you’ll ever experience. Now…to find a good razor…

  47. Nick says:

    Get yourself a nice double-edged safety razor (that’s ONE blade per side) and you’ll never go back!
    How to get that perfect shave.

  48. Dan says:

    Yes, I think the new craze is going to be going back to the basics: wet shaving with a feather razor and proper badger hair shaving brush that costs as much as a used Bently.
    In the meantime, I’ll continue to wake up late, rush to shower, then scrape my face with my beater of an electric razor before donning the monkey suit and tie for work each day. Sigh!

  49. andrew says:

    I think gilette likely planned for schick to do the four blade model. Five seems to be the maximum number of (normal) blades you can pull off so gilette will have the “lead” for the some time now.
    They have the market pretty well cornered with duracell for the stupid vibrating razors and braun for the electric folks.
    One thing I wonder is how much it costs gilette to manufacture the blade cartridges, seems like an incredible profit margin.

  50. Fred says:

    People still use razors?

  51. Mike Ward says:

    What got me was Gillette’s pre-release advertising. They actually said:
    “And the Future is About to Begin”
    If I don’t switch from my 4-blade will it effect my future?

  52. Reggy Tait says:

    I think the Gillette product development team have run out of ideas.

  53. luxuryluke says:

    I cut my sideburns off.
    …and my lips.
    …then my nose.
    on the fourth stroke, i lost my lower jaw.
    5+1, i hate you.

  54. Caleb says:

    HUGE GIMMICK!!! I bought the 3 blade vibrating pice of crap Gillete and it doesn’t do anything more than the regular 3 blade. I’m getting tired of having a 5 oclock shaddow all the time though, nothin gets close enough for me. Maybe a 30 blader might actually do the trick :)

  55. Kristin says:

    On behalf of my husband….After months and months of him bitching every time the twin swivel blades with a strip were “out of stock”; then having to go track someone down to unlock the Mach whatevers out of the vaults they are kept in; and the outrageous prices; I bought my husband one of these.
    After a little time getting used to it. He gets a great close shave that lasts and the blades stay very sharp. In the long run, it saves on plastic and money.

  56. gb says:

    I fully expected to see Vin Diesel blow something up during that SuperBowl commercial. Lo and behold… a razor?
    Having used the Frusion (oh wait… that’s a bottled smoothie thing), it seems marginally better, but the improvement in shaving experience is vastly outweighed by the price of refills. Seriously… I let an audible gasp when I saw the price of refill cartridges. And, strangely, the “turbo” or “power” or “electric shock” refills were even more. The powered razors confuse and somehow frighten me a bit… why on earth would you want a razor shaking and vibrating? Wouldn’t that make it harder to control?
    (could have made a comment about the pink vibrating women’s “Venus” razors… but for the sake of younger viewers, I decided against it)

  57. Greg says:

    I’d modify mine so that it had 5 handles and one blade. That way the whole family can enjoy the experience :)

  58. Rob Weychert says:

    Oh, you silly people that shave. :)

  59. Chuck Norris uses Gillette Fusion!

  60. Kim Mihaly says:

    Have to smile – its site did make Web Pages that Suck !

  61. motherduce says:

    I’ve been switching between all kinds of razors over the last 3 years since I had to go back to a “day” job. Currently I’m using a Mach 3, but I had to go buy cartridges again, and still was sticker-shocked by the price of these “old” razor blades.
    I have a nice wet-dry Norelco, that works well for me if I shave every other day. Shaving every day with it causes irritation, and anything over 2 days it just doesn’t do well with the longer scruff.
    Might go back to the 2-blade Excel – I think my face liked it the most. Who the heck knows. Whose idea was it we had to shave, anyways? Probably the same pissed-off wife who invented neckties. BAH!

  62. samu says:

    heh the fusion is sweet only thing sweeter was that during the superbowl events here in Detroit they had a tend with super sweet chairs for you to sit in while 2 super hot chicks gave you a shave with it !

  63. LOL – This reminds me of the ’7 minute abs’ scene in Something about Mary…

  64. Chris says:

    Anyone remember the SNL skit with Will Ferrell where they made fun of these things…
    “But that’s not all… a 17th even closer blade…”

  65. Marc Luzietti says:

    I still use a twin blade.

  66. Jauhari says:

    What is “Gillette Fusion”?

  67. Jun says:

    FUSION ?

  68. Tazz says:

    Man, they keep coming up with more blades, though nothing works as good as a Gillette. Have you come across the one that vibrates for a better shave?… A gimmick by Gillette?! Donno, maybe it works.

  69. Andres says:

    And i still do it with my 1 blade razor :(

  70. Chubby Cox says:

    I had to train with a Jedi Master for two weeks before I could use the damn thing.

  71. awedsa says:

    i use a sharp rock..

  72. Jon Williams says:

    It dawned on me as I saw the ad again… the ‘+1′ is a normal, old-fashioned razor. Remember the good ol’ days when a raazor was only a single blade? Well they’re back. It’s just that now my razor has grown a mutant 5-bladed monster on its back.

  73. Cliftonite says:

    I took a chunk out of my chin this morning with one of those bad boys. Bad combination: clumsy shaver + sharp razor. Yowsa.

  74. mbkooper says:

    You must be an Apprentice fan.

  75. Elliott Back says:

    Dude–6 is a perfect number: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Why not call it the perfectly bladed razor with 6 blades?

  76. Justin says:

    I’ve recently switched over from the Mach3 to a double-edged safety razor. The DE is a much better product. Shaves that are as close as the Mach 3(or even better) but more comfortable by far. The price is much more affordable too at 20 cents per blade. I just bought a two-year supply for $20.

  77. John C. Aldrich says:

    I just graduated from Basic Training for the US Army and I’ve been using the Fusion Power for almost a month. I used the Mach 3 prior to switching to the Fusion Power. About three times a week the Drill Seargents would do a “shave check” on the platoon, and I was usually one of the individuals that got harrassed ( up until I switched to the Fusion ). I’m my mind it’s simply the better shaver.

  78. Zachary Jones says:

    The commercials also seem to try to convince you that if you use their razor, attractive women will appear out of nowhere and have an infatuation with trying to touch your face.

  79. Phil G says:

    hmmm 5 + 1 to do the job that just one used to do. Are blades becoming lazier?

  80. Gunnar says:

    A Moore’s law for razors?
    Read this!

  81. Griff says:

    I must say, I think this is out of hand. I switched to a nice regular razor a few years ago. One blade (cost of $.15 – .34 ea, that is fifteen to thirty-four CENTS) lasts me up to two weeks, shaving everyday. As opposed to the Gillette multi-blade razors (that cost $1.50 per blade) which only last me two days at best. And NO MORE Razor Burn!

  82. big dog says:

    Yup! Mach 30 as featured on SNL.. should be out soon!

  83. Brad says:

    I have significant more skin irritation (razor burn) with the Fusion. Anybody else cut themselves easier? More blades closer together is not an advantage. I’m going back to my M3. I drive one, might as well shave with one.
    There has to be an equilibrium between the amount of blades used and the best shave possible. The answer is no less than three and no more than four.

  84. martino says:

    mach 3 is good enough for a good shave and it does feel a bit sharp while using it, cant imagine wht a 5 blade razor would feel like, this is the funny part plus 1, he he

  85. Da Rude says:

    First the mach 3. That was pretty nice. Then the quattro. Ouch, not made by gillette means no good I assumed after trying the quatro, so i went back to the mach 3. Now the fusion, even bigger ouch. I think its made for shaving legs, not faces. Anyways from my experiences the more blades, the more pain.

  86. Welt-Blick says:

    I think 3 blades are more than enough.