I’m looking to the collective knowledge of my esteemed readers for some advice. Where might one go for high-quality, reasonably-priced, screen-printed stickers? You know, if say, one wanted to promote a web site or two out in the non-virtual world. Any tips would be much appreciated.


  1. Have you thought about little buttons? You could get them from the guys doing stuff over at busy beaver. They’re a small business here in Chicago.

  2. Joe Fritz says:

    Sticker Guy does stickers cheaply and well.

  3. I’ve just started looking into this myself, and was also going to suggest Busy Beaver Buttons. Sticker Guy’s cool for B&W, but has high minimum orders for color. Also look into Diesel Fuel Prints or PS Print (those are actually off-set, not screened) and I just found Sticker Robot via google.

  4. Andy Field says:

    Why not give Sticker Robot a try

  5. Thanks thus far, all. Something I like about Sticker Robot at first glance — they offer inexpensive printing on the back of the sticker (for additional info, web address, etc.).

  6. Matt LeVeque says:

    I’ve worked with Christen at busy Beaver and Stan at the Sticker Guy and highly recommend both. If you want samples of the goods I had made let me know.

  7. Matt LeVeque says:

    I’ve worked with Kristen at Busy Beaver and Stan at the Sticker Guy and highly recommend both. If you want samples of the goods I had made let me know.

  8. Almost every print shop does it, if you prefer local ones, try them. I’m having this stuff done pretty often for a few bucks at a local print shop with great services.

  9. marrije says:

    We love De Stickerkoning (‘the sticker king’), but they’re in Holland, which is not very useful for you…

  10. Matt says: Cheap, fast and plenty of options. Good luck!

  11. Patrick says:

    I do this kind of work all the time. I’d be happy to give you a free estimate. Just let me know what you need.

  12. Shahid says:

    I know that Acme Prints does stickers. I don’t know about the quality, but they seem like they’re good.

  13. Scott Beale says:

    I’ve been using Contagious Graphics for years to print our Laughing Squid stickers.

  14. schlarb says:

    I’ve used both and and both are high quality. however, stickerguy is mainly for one or two colour down and dirty sticker runs and stickerrobot does really nice full colour, die cut and, as you’d mentioned, back printing. clear vinyl stickers too…

  15. Krasi says:

    You can try FastSigns.

  16. Eric says:

    I’ve gotten two runs from Stickerguy, and they’re great. As another commenter noted, they do have a bit of a punk image (and they’re connected to a punk record label) but they do all types of printing. For small (under 1000) runs, they only do black/white or black/white/red, but for 1000+, they have colored vinyl (including clear and glow in the dark), can mix pantone colors, and do die cutting. The stickers are silkscreened vinyl, and the printing is crisp. I can vouch for the UV and weatherproof-ness of the stickers – we’ve got some Funkfoot bumper stickers that are going strong after a year in New England.
    The only downside I can think of for Stickerguy is that they’re usually so busy that it might be a couple of weeks before they can print the stickers (then again, I’ve only done small runs – larger runs take less time because your order takes up a whole printing sheet). They do offer rush processing of your order.

  17. I’ve heard good things about Diesel Fuel Prints.

  18. Hi Dan,
    If you want to keep it local, you could try Graphic Jam in Salem. They’ve moved a couple of times, but their current address should be on their site. Which, by the way, could probably use your help.
    Good luck!

  19. Mike Holley says:
    In the past the quality was excellent. They will send you a sample package if you need to see examples of there work.

  20. Carlos Porto says:

    You can also try He’s a small shop that has very reasonable (cheap) prices and the quality of his work is excellent. I’ve done some business and post cards with him before. They all came out great, did I mention cheap?! Just ask for Dean, he’s super helpful.

  21. Peter K. says:
    This place has some great stuff as far as promotional matierial goes. You can put your own graphics on Tees, Wall Clocks, Coffee Mugs, and a whole lot more.

  22. I recently needed logos printed for the glass doors to our office space. I walked into a SignsByTomorrow office, described my situation and they dropped everything to get them done in 30 minutes – just in time to stick on the doors before our important meeting. They really took care of us and I definitely recommend them for everything signage related.

  23. matthew says:

    Great option for you: sticker guy.
    Don’t be deterred by their ugly site.
    Remember: they’re sticker makers, not an internet company. They screen-print. They aren’t producing millions of low quality stickers. They’re an indie music institution.

  24. bruce wendell says:

    sticker robot blows doors on any sticker companies i’ve tried, althogh diesel fule has some cool stuff as well. robot does cmyk gang runs, so they are by far the cheapest for full color vinyl.
    most of the links above are label stock, which are cheaper but fade in weeks. gotta go vinyl silkscreen.

  25. Allan Aguirre says: Great guys, great prices, great work.

  26. Another vote for Diesel Fuel Prints. I’ve used them for my projects and those of clients for 6 years at least. Great quality, prices, and service!

  27. g-lo says:

    can you provide us a summary of your research, who you went with and what your experience was like?

  28. Chris says:

    Sticker robot are quite good,

  29. Josh Pigford says:

    Another vote for Sticker Robot…used them for various online promo stuff and the stickers were priced well and high quality.

  30. Again, thanks much for the suggestions fine people. Very helpful.
    @g-lo – I’ll certainly give a report back. I ordered with Sticker Robot, but apparently they only run clear vinyl once a month, so it’ll be a little while until I get my hands on the finished product. Stay tuned.

  31. Mike says:

    Try New York Label:

  32. TH says: Hands down! No hidden charges, fast turn-a-round. They do a great job for us consistantly!